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PSN was up for a moment for me and then it went back down. Out of all the problems with this gaming generation, this one is the worst. If 2015 is plagued with ddos attacks on psn/xbox live i`ll be flipping sh**t.

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Bungie needs to increase the amount of vanguard points you get from doing strike missions. you put all that time and effort into 1 strike mission only to get 25 vanguard points, which is the same amount of point yo get from defeating a puny enemy in a patrol mission. we should be getting 50.

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Nintendo can update the OS so it can be used with just a pro controller.

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I don't see why making a bundle without the gamepad is a bad idea. If you want the gamepad, get the bundle with the gamepad. if you don't then buy the bundle with the pro controller. Give the consumer the OPTION.

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I find that this gen devs are primarily focusing on remastered versions more than newer content. Im not against remaking games but how many remastered games have been announced in comparison to new games?

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I think philips is confident since they won the case they`ll get their way with this demand. But this whole thing sounds like a revenge plot to me.

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Although sonys conference was better i was disappointed by the lack of jrpgs.

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wasn't 1080p 60fps done on the ps3? Also is this upscaled 1080p or native 1080p?

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I've notice that some of the 3rd party devs are saying "next gen starts here" or something like that when advertising their games and the platforms listed are ps4,xbox one and PC.I wonder if this is the point where devs are really dropping support for wii u?

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nintendo`s newest console for 99$?! Man anybody would jump on that.

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Well the fiscal year is over in japan so so wait until Nintendo announces its wii u sales for 2013 then we can all go crazy.

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shit man they got me

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Everybody who bought wii fit has no reason whatsoever to buy the wii fit U.

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Well said

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This is the price Nintendo pays for slacking on the technical specifications of their console just because its their belief that specs aren't important. Well specs are important to developers as it determines what they can or can't do when creating a game. I really hope nintendo's next console is well put together so that this stuff doesn't happen. I mean man, the wii u being excluded from all if not most of the big multiplat AAA games.

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Man this sucks, why is the Canadian dollar so weak anyways?

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Looks like Nintendo fans are getting mad since they can't play mgs5 ground zeroes next Tuesday.

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LMFAO so so hard!

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Nintendo hiring lots of employees,all this talk about "QOL". Okay this man is up to something.

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Its a special moment.

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