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It's legit. I've won several times on here. If you sent your email to Cat then everything is good. IT takes a couple of weeks for all the paperwork to get done and cleared up, and the email you are waiting for comes right around the 19th. So you should have it well before Christmas. :)

Congrats on winning!

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Great job Val! I always love to read your stuff, and it's good to see you are rewarded for your excellence. :)

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If this is meant to be a news story, then put it in the news category, not the blog category.

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I put more thought into going to the bathroom than you apparently did on this blog. Please add some real content to it before it makes me go blind.

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I love reading your stuff, Val. It's so good to have you back with us. :)

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Zynga, Zinga...at least I don't false quote people and then not let people know I am doing it. Typos are far less costly than lawsuits.

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If we had more consoles in America to compete with Japan, export would help quite a bit. Japan, however, has us 2 to 1 on top selling consoles. They took a decent hit with the price of the PS3 when it came out, but I do not foresee them making the same mistake twice. Microsoft has been pretty good at keeping up with them, especially with big name exclusives like the Halo franchise, but with the economy the way it is and the hesitation to step into unknown territory for fear of a loss in profi...

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Of course you aren't my minion, lol! Sephris is a character, not me. If you would have read my works rather than just troll the boards looking to hate on me because of what I said on someone else's article you would know that. He's a bumbling, megalomaniac who fails in pretty much everything he does. His wife is the brains and beauty that keeps him going, and she isn't afraid to smack him up when he needs it. Like when his Kinect pwned him while he was wanking. Light-hearted h...

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What you said would be quite the interesting argument against me, Silent. But nowhere did I say I was quoting N4G rules. I was describing how blogs work in general, especially if you want to be known as good at writing them. But please, don't take my word for it, take the dictionary's word for "blog" :

: a Web site that contains an online personal journal with reflections, comments, and often hyperlinks provided by the writer; also : the contents of such a s...

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It is, Thorstein, it really, really is. But on a good note, at least you now know the one great regret you will have when you die. Most people don't have that opportunity. lol

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Actually, Nicaragua, I'm a moderator, not a dummy. I am a moderator because I know what is desired and required by N4G to have your blog on the public page. If I was just some stupid kid with a good blog or two under my belt, you would probably have a point. But I am not. Another word of advice to you, insulting people here is not a good way to get approvals. Insulting the moderators who know what they are talking about and have been put in the position they are to help others understand ...

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I'm not much of a wrestling fan, but you've made me excited about this one. I love it when the programmers think outside the box and offer something new to their audience. I can't wait to see the OMG moments in person.

Thanks for the great review! You have my approve on it. :)

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Bond games have always been plagued with problems, from clipping and graphics issues to strait up engine failures. I almost feel like buying up all the Bond games just so they have the extra cash to fix up all the issues. Maybe the Bond games are cursed. I have gypsy in my blood, I will talk to my grandmother about it. :)

This is a great review! But I have come to expect nothing but greatness from you, Val. And you keep delivering it every time. Super kudos to ya! Keep it com...

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Wow, a one sentence blog. I'm not sure if the writer is trying to be cutting edge and break the mold on blog writing, or just submitted it under the wrong category. While I am sure this has some very interesting content, nothing grabs my attention here. IT belongs in the news section. Blogs here are for your personal feelings on a game, or games in general. Blogs are where you get to say outrageous things that you couldn't in a review. For example "The prince of Persia looks like...

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The story was quite entertaining and it was a good read for sure. However, a blog is suppose to be about your feelings and thoughts on a subject, not someone else's. It's fine to quote from people in a blog, but it shouldn't be the main of it.

This would have been perfect for a news article, and what I would like to see is this put in the news, and then a blog about how you feel about what he said. Take his quotes and dissect them, tell me how you feel about them...

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I agree with you, at least on the console games. Borderlands 2 kicks some pretty sweet ass, (I was doing a review of it when my wide screen Vizio died. Fortunately it isn't a hard fix for the repair guys, just a long line to get the job done), but nothing really truly mind blowing is out there right now.

Hop on the PC, however, and that all changes. Guild Wars 2 has come out and it's shattered the norm for MMORPGs so hard even World of Warcraft, its biggest competito...

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Keep up the good work, Cam. I eagerly look forward to your next blog. :)

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By the way, it is the above mentioned way I got my first PlayStation. It works.

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If you are trying to play console games on something that is only slightly more powerful than my cell phone, you are an idiot. Go to Home Depot, wait outside until someone pulls up offering daily pay, work your ass off and buy yourself a real gaming console.

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The PS3 deeply underestimated what they had made with the blue ray disk capability. I know a good deal about how blue ray operates, and honestly they haven't come close to tapping it's potential.
I think the real reason they are going to be putting out new consoles soon isn't because they have maxed their playing capacity, or in the case of Xbox 360 the potential of the Kinect. It comes down to finances. When the PS3 came out, loyal Playstation fans across the globe ran o...

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