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The Division is not $10 on PS4

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Free?! hahaha "technically"... But its not like they are doing you a favor by sending them free, after all its to fix their (EVGAs) broken product... They did that to cut prices of production and now it backfired them.

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Until the street day yes they can, these dumb stores hurt some gamers from there, Chile is lately getting some games a after release because stores break street day so to counter this publishers are now shipping games to arrive on time but sometimes they arrive a day or two after official release.

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This; plus chocobos, moogles; names like cid, bidge, wedge, enemies stay alike and dont change at all in the way they battle and look like the Malboro, Tonberry, Cactuar and so on at the end of the day if just references through the series

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The picture of the free one says Episode 1 while the one thats $10 says complete season

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As much as the people who use Cindy (or the likes for that matter) as clickbait

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Huh where you live?
Someone can easily get new unopened/sealed i7 6700k a hyper 212 evo and a gtx 1070 for less than 800 ...

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Been a long time but the very old Castlevania games animations were like this, guess they tried as much as possible to stay true to the game

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I'm a native Spanish speaker so a translation goes as this
"The darkness devours the World
making the days shorter and shorter.
The dawn dissipates in the distant memories
caught in the eternal night.
Two men rise.
One suffered repudiates from the Gods.
The other was born to be a King.
Both of them face the fate of the World --- Note: The word "enfrentan" means face as "to face something", but...

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The irony, Digital Homicide commited digital homicide...

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Yea but its not like it has been trying to be achieved on 4k... A Titan X is way stronger than a xbox scorpio, and that has not even released, thats why the game need more optimization, if it can run on xbox one it should be able to run on a titan x without problems, heck a 1070 should have no problem... and SLI doesn't work on many games, where you turn it on and frames gets below 20fps, SLI and Crossfire is getting better as times go though

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"Ultra is not meant for the every day PC"
1070 & 1080 are not everyday PCs, those cards should be able to handle this game easily, yet they don't. It's a problem of optimization even the $1000+ GPU Titan X drops in frame when msaa is turned on which is just sad...

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"Legal contracts stopped the devs from making the game the way it was meant to be played"
It just limited their vision that happens all the time where developers can't achive their vision or what they want be it for contracts, time, power of the system they are working with and so on.
But the way a game is meant to be played is the way it was released to the market nobody will change that .... Even if a remaster edition is released it wont change the way the or...

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Edit: wrong post

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Same here but it throwed me an error at between 8% to 11%... I was on phone for like 1 hr or even more granted part of it was my fault cause I'm not a native english speaker. Guy was friendly and dealed with my english in slow pace, I was also refunded.
But I'm still a bit salty tbh, I was gonna sell my PC to a friend w/o the psu since it was not working. I'll be building new one from the ground but I'm waiting for Zen CPU if its dissapointing I'll just go Intel ...

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"Maybe you should educate yourself on how to build and maintain your own PC"
smh you seems to be the one who maybe has to educate yourself...
Don't you see that its not just how people people build their PC, their store is so broken to the point the OS had to be updated so it worked for some more people (because it is still not working for many more) ... Suggesting the causes have to do on how people build and maintain their system is just plain stupid, even i...

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So what if it has only been a week?
The ppl who think like you are the one who has us with day one 10GB+ patches and stuff.
A game should release with no issue, granted that games on PC are harder to optimize for everybody but it have so many different issues from person to person its not even funny ... Even the OS side has issues and needed to be updated, No download, No preorder car, no early access to ppl that paid more to stuff related to the mainstream g...

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If we were going by that then 4k 144fps...
But I'm just trying to say that the way they are meant to be played is the way they were made in the first place...
And no, my comment doesnt mean I'm mad, I will play them myself the higher my PC can handle them!

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At least Square Enix put some efforts in most of their remasters!

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I could mention many of the games Sony has take a chance but will use your own sentence. "Bloodborne is a good game, but it's Dark Souls on speed. that's not taking a chance"
And whats Dark Souls? Oh its a Demons Souls... Do you know who took the chance in the first place?

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