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I don't even care if it was mistake or w/e, I go to a store buy a junk game and can come back and I can ask for a refund the same day even if it was not a mistake, digital stuff should be easier to handle... As much as I love Sony and many of their stuff this is something that should be added, stupid not to do it, they could lose a potential costumer for some miserable $USD that they won't even lose ...
Bad business is bad business - Nuff said! #2.1.6
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You don't need to put your account password to buy stuff if you have money on say account and remember that not everybody has turned on the purchase security setting so yes it takes just the press of "X" button twice to accept... So I stand correct sh** can happen, especially if your account is not protected...


1- I have my account protected, it ask for pass every time anyone try to make a purchase, that is... #2.1.3
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I was once using the PS4 controller on Steam, my PS4 was turned off at the that time and I noticed that my PS4 turned on and every time I pressed a button both the PS4 and Steam registered the command at the same time, so probably this is what happened, i don't know since then I only use my PS4 controller only on PS4... So yes it can happen by accident if you don't notice it on time! #2.1
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Yeah it's true that this is a "positive" review ...

Famitsu is not the same as it used to be way years ago, Famitsu is a joke that even sell reviews!

I don't believe any reviews know a days, I can read reviews and see what the reviewer think about games and what he/she discuss about the gameplay / music / sound / graphis / story and so on but that's it, the points on the reviews are most of the time pay or biased...

In m... #1.1.2
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You just proved my point!
No more heroes was actually developed by Japanese(Grasshopper Manufacture) also published by a Japanese company (Marvelous Entertainment), later on published in NA by Ubisoft

When a game is developed by Japanese and the original publisher is Japanese the game release first there 99% of the time ...

Same happens when a game is developed/published by a NA company; the game will probably release first on NA then around the time... #2.1.2
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Ubisoft is an European company (French company to be exact) And the developers of Child of Light are from Canada, if I'm not wrong... So what would you expect?!
Actually the release for JP is way sooner than it was expected, awesome! #2.1
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So, why does it bother you if some people are speaking up what they think? ...
You do like what they're doing?! then support it...
Problem over.

Edit: But seriously, don't cry up later because every publisher decide to cut 10% of the full game and sells it to you as a the 1st part of the game when in fact it's a demo/trial! #5.4
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On PSN+ for ps3 not ps4. #3.1
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No one, Sony can split playstation division and save it since the playstation division is doing pretty well duh ... #4.1
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It's actually on sale, on the blog:
"Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection $8.99 $9.99 $19.99" #4.1.1
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A new company, they probably don't know that in the same way they got up they can also go down !

They don't know the meaning of saga as well and their kind of games are pretty easy to code, wonder why they brag so much about their super ultra mega simple "games" ! #1.1
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I think it was lifted so therefore not broken, I heard a guy telling that to another person on my local gamestop and he bought the game as well. #1
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Battlefield 4 is the issue, that game has been messed up since day one ! #3.3
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Too few PS4 on stores, just like in December ...
Plus PS4 is about to release on JP so they'll need even more PS4 there!

And yeah for the week on US, but Killzone global sales are ahead of them! #3.3
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"Creative use of Kinect and XBOX One."
Yeah he is very impressed! /s

That sentence alone cannot tell anyone if he is or not impressed ... #2
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LMFAO *Facepalm*... I know ballbags comment is biased duh, but Hideo's comment is directed to Japanese, it was about Japan, therefore for Japan (Japanese people) ...

He is just asking people to play on current gen consoles and not last gen, he didn't mention the X1 because it has no release date for JP <--- That's what I meant, kinda the same thing you said duh just that your "for Japan" was irrelevant in the comment because his comment was actually... #1.1.13
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lol He was actually talking about Japan, if you see on the interview he says “Next generation console? Here PS4 and ONE are already current generation” for him oversea the PS4 and One is a current gen console ( as it should be, the next gen is getting old, people should stop using it already the so called next gen is already here so it should be "current gen" and "last gen", we have to wait another 5-6 years for "next gen" consoles ); yet he says "Ground Zer... #1.1.1
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"I'm dissappointed the people above me hold these retarded philosophys."

"I guess if Shenmue 3 were to ever come out then it should be exclusive to xbox because its never been on a playstation platform"

Stop holding retarded philosophies! #9.1
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Yes it's your opinion the PS3 ver looks better cause resolution, but the colors on PSV Oled screen (not VitaTV) looks more vivid than on my Sony TV, not anything close to "watched" and yes I have both ver PS3 and PSV, I'm not basing it off from this youtube ! #3.2
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3 of the games listed are available on PS3, which are better on PS3 yet No "Ys Memories of Celceta" not even on honorable mentions! lol #1
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