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At least Square Enix put some efforts in most of their remasters!

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I could mention many of the games Sony has take a chance but will use your own sentence. "Bloodborne is a good game, but it's Dark Souls on speed. that's not taking a chance"
And whats Dark Souls? Oh its a Demons Souls... Do you know who took the chance in the first place?

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Value ia different from person to person so #NotFact

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Yes I do on every news I try to see

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I understand your point of view I mean if you bought game for X feauture that is missing you deserve a refund but if you keep playing it then that X feature was not the whole reason of why you got it... But they are already risking getting some lawsuit for false advertise they arent in position to refuse refunding specially someone that ask for one even if X hrs into the game they found out many promised ADVERTISED (Which is the problem here) features were removed/are missing from the game .....

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Are you sure? Because they hardly target 60fps, I mean many developers will just rather try to max the graphic department and make them run at 30fps at best (I mean when it comes to consoles they would rather make a good looking game that run like crap instead of giving up some graphics and making them run 60+ fps, so they would rather try to max texture, shadows this and that on the system or make them 4k ~25fps than 2k 60fps) its usually the only thing I dislike about consoles and its alm...

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Yea Polyphony has always delay GT, I was looking forward GT and hoping for no delay oh well was kinda expected...

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"Final Fantasy XV is set for a September 30 launch for the Xbox One and PS4"
November 29 as far as I know.

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Even Final Fantasy VII Advent Children

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This game also released on steam and if it is the same as steam then its so bad idk who genuinly would want it.

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And at the end it seems more like Metal Gear's Death and not Survive lol

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Seems to me that its more like Metal Gear's Death instead of Meta Gear Survive but oh well

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Once again I got my invitation!

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I really need to play Sophie & Firis. Wonder what are Logy and Escha doing on these games if they're from a different universe. Either they are the same or Gust needed to milk their design ...

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How much time has The Last Guardian take? Gran Turismo games? etc. Sony is not knowing for rushing developers; unlike sadly the company that cancelled Level 5's game when it was at the end of its development and ( salty ) or obscidian, Fable I can go on...
After all Death Stranding might be an episodic game.

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The invites are sent when its already available for download, they send the code along with it... Well it has been like this for me since they started rolling betas for public.

Well seems invite are gonna be send tomorrow so dont expect them today!

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It was already confirmed on American PSN blog

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Same here!

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Ha, thats not how things work not even Capcom were expecting that kind of sales and they always expect more sales than what they are going to sell... Not even SFIV has sold that many copies on ps3 in how many years? 7 ...

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Are you serious?... SE created the studio to actually make jrpg people are asking for... If youre such a fan of jrpg can I ask under what rock you have been living?

Also the studio can't distant themselves from SE because SE is its creator and owner; On the other hand If they dont bring profit to SE then they might just kill the studio

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