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Wow and what was the reason to not complete it?
I mean when I talk about a game as you just did it means I love it and I wont stop until I can complete it and rarely play something in between (unless its a fighting game)

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Western side no doubt about it but just trying to say that most of those fans on the region game just released (JP) has moved to mobile...
I myself still play on consoles mostly (casualy on PC, almost non existent on mobile) and do want a propel Valkyrie Profile (and still hoping that it is with Hrist as main ) but the Japanese market is switching sides alot and guess they dont think that here on western part of the World many fans would buy a new VP... Lets see what the producer of...

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huh yes many actually do, the game was released for Japan and a lot of Japanese have moved away from consoles to play mobile games.

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I started it a few hours ago, its quite fun and getting harder with each quest

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Both UK and Australia have a better income at the end of the day its not that different...

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I do agree that Tomb Raider has been polished on PC but what do Metal Gear Solid V has to do with Square?

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This JP article confirm that the boosters are already there on this FFIX, so tbh I really doubt it...

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Maybe when you people stop talking and giving them the attention they seek for...

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It is "Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII" and it is "$17.99" .....

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20 dollars when they sell you the older games else where at 16, that aint gonna happen, If theyre planning to make it bigger than ff7 it is probably a trilogy 60 each with special editions etc... I just hope first part is not just Midgar

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Even if it was a story they could disagree with a few stuff btw starting just with that "nice read"...

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My laptop died not long ago so saving for an MSI laptop, I'm almost there (unless it goes normal price I hope not yet!)

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Yup the 4 logos pretty much confirm it... Nice way of doing it!

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I'm thankful that N4G gather most news in one place. With my family and friends and also for the upcoming daughter (hopefully am a good dad), to be alive and healthy. I'm thankful with everything I have.

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I see you didnt got it...
He was comparing remote play to psv... So yes the monitor of a PC is bigger than a PSV and the controller (since you'll be using the ps4 controller) is also better than controlling it from a PSV

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My guess is they'll mostlikely add a tab on the psn store(ps4) to buy psx / ps2 titles like the one on ps3 & psv.... Kinda like what they did when they added support for avatars on ps4 but dont quote me on that...
And FF9 is there for ps3/psv so i dont see why they would not add it on ps4 store once emulators are released!

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The same could be say about ps3 BC, I mean almost all good ps3 games are having a HD remaster.

So its kinda like... Get the remaster for your PS4 and be happy with it.

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If it was a port i dont see the reason of asking the player to create a virtual memory card

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Emulation and BC are two different things duh....
They have always say "no" bc to ps3 titles, they never said anything about not having psx and ps2 emulation... After all they filled a patent for trophies on psx and ps2 titles so this was bound to happen sooner or later, its something very obvious...

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Can watch vid from n4g but when you press "watch video" to go article it links to a dragon quest builder article intead...

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