PS3 and recent Xbox 360 gamer, I love video games of all kinds but it is certainly not my life
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With great next-gen hardware and a good round of games, heck yes 400 is worth it.

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You can't judge a game if you have not already played through all of it. So don't go calling out games and saying they've already been ruined by multiplayer. You can say that you think they'll be terrible, but people thought Uncharted 2 was gonna have terrible multiplayer but I will defend that online portion forever. I loved it.

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You don't "need" 100 apps and this is a problem for a VERY small minority.

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Really don't give a shit over 30 or 60fps, and also can't really tell the difference.

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Wii has no appeal to me and probably many others. Especially after Nintendo left it to die after Skyward Sword

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Infamous please. Whether Vita or PS3/PS4 I don't care. I want infamous 3!!!

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The demo was good, I enjoyed running around though I do hope it's not as linear as it appeared. No FFXIII repeat!! Strange that they chose boss battles to show off, instead of an open world RPG with some quest and maybe miniboss instead. It looks awesome though, and though the combat system appears a bit complicated at first, it looks to have a rhythm to it that will just take some getting used to.

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What a disappointment. Damn I loved Battlefront I and II

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It looks freaking beautiful, and the map is the largest one ever. I don't really care about the story cause most likely all I'll be doing is heading out and exploring everything and memorizing the map.

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Hmm. Think I got rid of terrible games, but if I enjoy it, I'll keep it forever. Kinda wish I had a physical representation of the digital games I bought, just so I'd have a larger bookcase stack of video games.

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It was unpopular in that it didn't sell like other Halo titles, and it was a bit controversial at it's launch because of a short campaign and no new multiplayer besides firefight. Technically, Halo Wars would be the most unpopular Halo game though, had least amount of sales, CE: Anniversary doesn't count since it's just a remake.

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Jeez, opinions sure get people fired up. Halo 4 is going to be different to a lot of people cause we all have our own preferences and expectations. All that really matters is if you think it's fun. Who gives a crap if someone else gave it a low score? You enjoyed it so be happy with it!

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Love that it's back to San Andreas, that one on PS2 was my favorite, such a huge map. And since this one's size is bigger than the past 3 rockstar open worlds COMBINED, this is definitely going to be a day 1 purchase for me, even if 3 playable switchable characters sounds a bit strange

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