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You can be best friend with them all, just romancing is harder.

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I was actually surprised. Bethesda even announced that people needed steam to get the full game and the crack was out before the release day. Weird stuff.

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It's not exactly free, u need to buy the game then u need the monthly premium or you'll be so behind.

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Nothing is perfect. I played the russian beta and the game did LOOK amazing and it showed some promising content. It's not the typical MMO where you have to do the quests and that's about it. You can make your own path through trading for example, even grinding or crafting. Guild wars happen all the time too. I just hope the end-content is as good as the early one.

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It's an amazing game, I had the chance to play for a few days and the graphics are a whole new level for mmorpgs.

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A valiant typo in the title.

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That's kinda true, bad or medium PCs tend to give much more headaches in games.

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Seriously, again? Why are people so hurt. I bashed the storyline yes, so what? The game is good in general but the story seems poor. That's all. Can't we write our opinion anymore? :S

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Wow are you really hurt? What's wrong with you? It's just a text with facts and an opinion. I don't think what you drank but it was strong. I just wrote this 1hour ago after watching the new trailer which came out a few hours ago. I didn't read anyone else's opinion on this either. About my pc, it's quite decent and yeh i took the images from the trailer, where else, the game isn't even out yet. You really make no sense.

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That's most likely good news, unless the story is not that interesting.

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Why not? It's going to be a really good action-RPG. It seems really dense and complete too.

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Yeh, the qunari horns can't be reshaped or resized. But they're going to give them special hats.

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It's 1920x1080 and the watermark, well I made it off trailers, so it's justified. It takes awhile to make them look that way.

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It's really unfair... while others have to work and get points, some just get free stuff. And the snow ball goes on.

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That or money hacks. I don't one which one is the worst but yeh it totally ruins the fun in games when people start spreading hacks.

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Looks like another highly anticipated game that didn't liveup to its great/amazing expectations.

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Yes, the builder is really good everything else, for those who played the previous sims... you'll feel really disappointed lol there's around 100 objects+features missing.

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You teleport everywhere... there's loading screen everywhere because it's not open world anymore. In fact, other households have no progress unless you play them.

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Or maybe a team ran on internships and amateurs... working on tight schedules. There's really no explanation for so much content missing :0

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But compared to The Sims 3 without any expansions, this game is really a demo lol

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