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Oh look its the circle-jerk where xbots pretend that MS' conference wasn't one of the most embarrassingly bad ever to hit E3.

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Why the hell do you guys keep saying that? This is more than likely the work of 13-year old CoD fans that just happen to play on PS3. I didn't see ONE legitimate PS3 fan on this site make a comment like that. No one was really expecting it to run at 1080p at 60fps. I think the Alpha trailer looked pretty good for consoles and may in fact be the best looking Multiplat out there. Quit blaming PS3 fans when its just mis-informed kids making these comments. I'm sure there are some kids wi...

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You must have never touched Uncharted then.

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They are completely remastered. The maps will actually be different too.

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hahaha 10 mins. Reminds me of the PS1 age.

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More like the last nail in their coffin.

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The PSN hack isn't even in the top 10 when all that was taken were email and home addresses .

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I think its mostly CoD fanboys starting this crap.

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Pass. Too many delays for this.

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Stop being an idiot, you're the reason they keep generalizing us PS3 fanboys.

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The AA is killing my framerate for some reason. I hate UE so damn much. None of their games ever run right.

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Blu-rays continue to sell better and better every year, idiot.

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KZ3 looks better than both.

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Wow bullshit move by Namco. The majority of Tales and Jrpgs lovers have PS3s.

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Most certainly this is the case. Unless they've learned from their mistakes which Enix has not been doing at all this gen.

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I just don't understand the reasoning behind rewarding a 50$ 2 hour game with little replayability a 9.

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Actually the PS2 games had fairly complex fighting. I can't stand the PS3 ones, they are just mindless skill spamming.

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I had a lot of sound issues with the game and Infamous 1 had a way better soundtrack.

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Just because they're making a new IP for EA doesn't mean they are going completely multiplatform.

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