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Sony blew it out of the park. Games, games, games. Short and succinct like a good essay.

I didn't think microsoft's was particularly bad. Last year's was way worse. But with everything having a pc counterpart and a more powerful version of the console coming, it was confusing and made me glad I haven't purchased an xb1.

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Just mash the X button to end the fights. I have not played a more forgettable, challengeless FF. No exploration needed, walk through hallways, then through more. It's also Masashi Hamauzu's worst work and he's the worst of the S-E commissioned composers. The horrid battle system still haunts me.

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Look how much better the hands are!

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OK. not my favourite in the series, but the combat programming aspect was a lot of fun. All it was missing was a minigame. Thanks for not remaking ff13!

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Well the wiiu 5.5.1 cracked so ironically you can now run just about any n64, ds, snes, nes, gba, and I think sega/gamegear games injected into it.

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I have secret of mana and many others on the VC...

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NOT gone home. Please god, that game is terrible. I hate basketball, but at least it's a game with trophies that is legitimately well made and critically acclaimed.

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Finally. The Xbox strategy. Godspeed, Nintendo. Godspeed.

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This is a pretty bad review. It doesn't represent the game very well. He gets furious about an interaction where he couldn't figure out a simple puzzle. It happens, and if that's your response, maybe gaming is not for you. Reviewing definitely isn't.

This review didn't convey anything of value from the game. The communication utterly failed and you just get a rant from someone desperately seeking attention and it's painful and boring to read.

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Cool. Because offensive speech should never ever be tolerated. Discussions must never reach into deep territory.

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I won't be exploring 100% of those planets ;D

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Is it all ages? IIRC the erotic content was the best part of this one.

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Well, hackers can run homebrew, psp and ps1 games if they really get into it... vita is pretty secure still...

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I'm happy they released the n3ds SNES module. And I'm happier that it is easy to decrypt and inject into:

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If this is coming out in October, it'll have to be officially announced pretty soon... E3 I guess?

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I miss star ocean 2's item creation system on the fly.

Run out of consumables in a dungeon? Call a bird/familiar to restock or scavenge yourself at the cost of MP.

Still looks great though.

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Also, check out that Mario Party Island Tour on 3ds. That felt like it was made by HotWheels.

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I was expecting 9s and 10s across the board for this game. Surprising.

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Guys wait for Microsoft to announce the MSVita.

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