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I played the international version of the game where you have to select a class for each character at the beginning of the game.

I think I chose Samurai, Dragoon and Gunner. One of the problems with this is that throughout the first 70% of the game, a good portion of the items were unusable by my team and I found myself wishing I could have kept one of the characters as a journeyman/onion knight type character with gimped stats but the ability to use any gear.

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"violent extremist groups" Good luck cracking down on muslims.

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Any news on the ps4/Psvita ports? ;D

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WTF this is the first time I've seen a flash sale only have one game. Nothing available for ps3 or Vita.

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Is nier on xb bc yet? I'll buy it asap if they get some rpgs.

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You expect it with something masterful like Tetris or Mario. But this game, when you can connect to servers crashes every 10 minutes. It's phenomenal to think of how bad AC Unity got panned for glitchy behaviour, but this game, with all its bugs is doing so well.

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Darn the pokemon thieves escaped. team rocket up to no good. Once Meowth patches that tire, they'll be right back at it.

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Finally, some good news.

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They play the valuable role of ensuring we invert the cover art.

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They need to start putting Rares like Rayquaza exclusively in Syria and Iraq.

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It's a quick cash-in of a game. It looks more fun to me than the standard entries. They're challengeless RPGs designed for 8 year olds.

The franchise makes so much money, it boggles my mind how cheap the games feel even compared to low budget rpgs on the same platform.

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What a bad game.

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I can't wait for the sequel "Lives Matter"

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wow a magazine about candy reviewing an rpg. Seriously though, this entry is the 2nd best in the SO universe.

I rank them like this

SO2 - my favourite RPG of all time
SO5 - wonderful characters, hindered by bad AI (cleric casting armor debuff on opponent as we are about to get struck down in critical condition). The strongest soundtrack in Motoi Sakuraba's career.

SO4 - Awesome combat system marred by some useless chara...

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This gravely damages the likellihood of me purchasing XB1 as it will underpower both PC and PS4 versions of multiplatform games. So in my mind:

PC version 1080P/60fps free
XB1 version 720P/26fps 59.99
PS4 version 1080P/30fps 59.99

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There's so much good about this game. In many ways it's the best in the genre. The AI is admittedly pretty bad and the game is rather short compared to others in the series. This is Motoi Sakuraba's best soundtrack hands down. I think developing the ps3 version is the culprit that crippled this game's ability to soar. With all that said, I think it's easily the 2nd best after SO2.

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He's vietnamese. Now, if you go to Vietnam for any length of time, you'll be subjected to all sorts of scams. It's an impoverished culture hellbent on making money any way they can. It definitely reinforces the stereotype.

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Adventures of Mana is an amazing game. I find it very weird that the trailer they released (on launch day) is footage from the mobile version. I think the mobile version was very well received, though.

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The problem is that islamic culture is violent and barbaric -- rife with pedophiles and illiteracy. The game had nothing to do with it.

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SO3 was thrown together. It was mess and had a duplicate character (cliff and his wife). Everything felt like a chore. This game is excellent while it lasts. I think a lot of the problem is AI... it behaves strangely in combat -- not like allies but very robotic and autonomous even if you change the commands. It's been a problem with every star ocean, but it really comes to a point in this one because you have so many characters at once.

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