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Weird that the guy from Linkin Park knows so much a out BC #7
Xenosaga has aged pretty well. It looks and plays great on ps2. He should focus on new content. #10
Rocket League is an amazing game. Geometry wars is an excellent shoot em up. I don't know much about the others. Was really hoping for La Mulana or another of the spring fever titles to be available. #1.5
The art looks a lot like Fire Emblem. #1.1.2
I really miss the old tiger woods games. #3.1
I remember Fez on PS4 launched one month, I purchased it, then it was a ps+ title the following month. I think it's doubtful, but still possible. The spring fever games are really neat. I hope we get one. #1.6
I never claimed to be a SO buff. Played SO3 twice though. You're absolutely right about the names, not that it matters a whole lot. How exciting a new party member! It's a carbon copy. It was a total letdown compared to SO2.

It's an okay game in its own right, but against SO2 OR VP: Silmeria, it's sheer trash. #2.1.1
I need only refer you to the fact that cliff and maria are carbon copies of each other in so3. It had the weakest soundtrack and most tedious bonus dungeon with the silliest payoff towards the end.

SO3's fury system and loss of either hp or MP to win was brilliant, but overall, the story was bad, and the american dub really hurt it. You'd be doing a disservice to the series to take SO3 seriously.

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Play star ocean 2, then star ocean 4.

1 is pretty mediocre, 3 is an abomination.

SO2 is the greatest RPG ever created. #1.4
The ps3 version had a lot of load time, I'd have to recommend the vita version. #2.1.3
So I have a friend with a PS3 and a Vita.
I have a ps4 and vita.

We share all the ps plus games and discounts on each device and it's quite a good deal. #6
The feminists' vicious attacks on everything has rendered everyone too afraid to have a sense of humour. #1.7
This has happened before on ps4, and usually there's a method to fix bricks via recovery mode. I think it's prudent to wait a few days though. Good advice. #3.1.5
I like it a lot. It's like smash bros without the item nonsense. #1.1
Aren't you concerned about Duscae spoiling the experience of the main game? #4.1
I nearly bought the PSM game Ambition of the Slimes from the vita store. It's a really cool game on android that's unfortunately Pay2Win.

The Vita version costs $4.88 CAD and I was unsure whether the silly paywalls were removed in that version.

Guess I'll never know. #1.1.1
We're in for better rewards than this, my friend. #1
It's not like it was a deeply veiled mystery. High install rates of previous hardware and improving the bottom line financials is the common sense reason. #1.2
I have to agree with you there. Using the original 3ds Vs the larger was a horrid experience. It really made a world of difference especially games with a lot of text reading. #1.3
I have 2 vitas, i play spelunky with 3 people, one on ps4. Insanely fun cross multiplayer. #4.1.7
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