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I'd pay that if they'd release it for a gaming platform. #2.1
1d 19h ago by SegaSaturn669 | View comment
It blows my mind that there are 7 party members. #1.1
I don't usually pirate games, but the fan translated JP version is better than the English one judging from the footage proJared presented. #1
I dunno how people can play games like this on iphone. During the livestream square enix did, even the staff were frustrated at the horrid control. #2
This game is my favourite in the series. Terranigma introduced the level grinding system and Soul Blazer was a bit too simple.

Phenomenal soundtrack for all 3 games in the trilogy. #3
Only Peter Dinklage. #6
That's the problem. Cartridges are unequivocally more expensive to produce. And above all else, way more time consuming.

Still though, we didn't see a drop in prices just because discs were cheapers so I'm not sure the prices are going to raise from the standard MSRP we see today on games. #3.1.1
Have you seen the vita's sales numbers in japan? It's mesmerising. #2.2
Yeah but IIRC they've done this before, too. Seems silly. Hopefully retailers will give a combination deal. #1.1
Where's my Zappa? #4
Can't blame them. After the recent downgrader release, everyone has access to piracy. #2
How could you ever enjoy the combat or hall walking?

Combat: Mash X button until the battle ends. #1.3
I really enjoyed the Duscae demo, but the combat got stale after a while.

Initiating combat with the same moveset over and over then switching to armiger mode got boring.

I hope the new weapons allow for other a lot of fun, strategic ways to open up combat. #2.1
Wasn't there supposed to be a Vita monster hunter game? #3
My parents are moderate muslims and they support Isis and constantly support attacks on Israel.

Don't buy into the liberal bullcrap that 95% of muslims are completely innocent of all wrongdoing. A very sizable number (30-50%) support palestine and ISIS.

Look into the Germany rape scandal. A huge number of domesticated 3rd and 4th generation muslims participated in that. #15.2.1
Oh it's Kotaku. Probably complaining that the DQ heroes are all cisgender with no mentions of Kaitlin Jenner. #3
Fidel (C)astro! #5
The persona elements devoured all traces of FE. And it's so japanesey that it hurts to look at.

Still looks good, but should be called: Persona: Idolmode #1
When they announced this coming to ps4, I immediately shuddered. Ominous. #1.2
Didn't work for me in NA #4
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