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One thing that I HATE about ff9 that I forever hold against it (but was corrected in the remaster) is the 30 seconds you have to wait before every battle begins while the camera pans around the map.

It didn't happen in ff7 or ff8; battles began right away there. There's 30 seconds of waiting before every battle begins!

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I really like both the Wiiu and the Vita. Both well made consoles with phenomenal features and horrific drawbacks.

My main complaint is that the Wiiu tablet is uncomfortable to hold, and the Vita's memory price is psychotically high.

Still, I want both to have successors.

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We all know bethesda is aching to release fallout: shelter on nx

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It's hard to explain -- but it felt really feminine. Most of the cast was female and they threw a black dude in. Almost like it was written by feminists to empower women.

The only part of the game I enjoyed was when Snow rescued hope with the motorcycle. And some of Sazh's carnival nonsense with the Chocobo. Everything else about that game really turned me off.

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I've been thinking... one of the reasons the ff13 story was so weak was that there were too many female characters.

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well now you are enlightened.

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bravely Default's true strength is that the battles don't get boring and the dungeons don't seem tedious. I actually enjoyed the "slog." BD is a game where you can turn off random encounters if you want to streamline the experience.

I still think it's the best RPG on the 3ds by a longshot. I think Shin Megami Tensei 4 is the biggest disappointment. As I think Nocturne is the greatest turn based RPG ever created.

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32gb, i thought this was gonna NOT be a failure like the wiiu...

But this sort of shows the scale of the games. Some PC/PS4/XB1 games now are larger than 32gb.-- This, if true, sort of cements the idea that it will be more accomodating for mobile style games.

The thing that excites me about nintendo is the prospect of gaming without load times.

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Good old Peta Jensen <3.

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Tell that to Team Rocket!

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It looks like a juvenile, cliche anime tropefest to me. The supernatural elements were always grounded with some sort of hard science before. This looks like my little pony staff usurped capcom to create this travesty.

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Basically, it kept running over people with trucks. As far as I'm aware, it's been outlawed.

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Good old Nintendo and it's quality of life mission statement.

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I seem to have missed the plot in ff3 that was remarkable at all. ff13 has the worst gameplay of the series and belongs in the bottom slot. "Mash X button to end fights as quickly as possible--no strategy needed."

ff9's camera panning around the battle field for 30 seconds before the fight starts for every fight made me use a gameshark code to remove all random battles from the game. It was quite good after that.

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I'm happy for this because I want the best quality possible, but when I think of Kingsglaive and brotherhood it makes me wonder if those things are responsible for the delay.

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Does it use AA batteries? If so, not remotely interested.

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Awww there's a season pass? How much is it going to cost?

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Nintendo did say at once that it won't be competing with the WiiU...right? And the 3ds has really been lagging behind current generation gaming. Especially in terms of visual fidelity.

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August is a bad month for psplus. Mostly because of that Tetris clone being lousy.

Spelunky is Phenomenal, Warriors Orochi 3 is also fantastic. WWE looks like absolute crap to me. Beyond good and evil is pretty decent.

Rebel Galaxy and WO3Ultimate are comparable on metacritic in terms of score. But WO3 looks superior to me because it has a ton of content in it. It could last you a month easily while you could beat Rebel in a week or so.

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I love that thumbnail. GB carts bring back such fond memories.

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