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It's not like it was a deeply veiled mystery. High install rates of previous hardware and improving the bottom line financials is the common sense reason. #1.2
I have to agree with you there. Using the original 3ds Vs the larger was a horrid experience. It really made a world of difference especially games with a lot of text reading. #1.3
I have 2 vitas, i play spelunky with 3 people, one on ps4. Insanely fun cross multiplayer. #4.1.7
I could just buy those games for ps3 for less than the cost of a rental. And they would play without any visual degradation or lag. #9
"...not fair as well with 79.2" It's "fare."

EnglishFTW #5
I just played X-2. It was such a joke. I really enjoyed that you could assemble a team of monsters but the story was absolute drivel, so I have mixed feelings on it. #1.9
If only John Lennon had been with her. He'd never have died. #1.1
I can't wait for the PS5 remake at 60fps and improved multiplayer. #1.2
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I'm surprised about 30 fps. It's such a fast paced game, it looked 60 from the trailers to me. #1.15
I don't constantly upgrade my PC anyway. It was a decent gaming pc in 2012 and the PS4 is better than that anyway.

I wonder how many people actually have top of the line pcs to play these games at absolute maximum settings. I'd rather support the indy games on steam these days than spend my money constantly upgrading my GPU. #1.26
You can totally play it on your vita -- by using ps4 link anyway ;) #1.1.3
The only disappointment for me was that we didnt see more of morpheus showcased, meaning it's not as far along as I had hoped. Little Big Planet, Uncharted, TLoU: Xbox doesn't have anything nearly that good planned. #1.29
Tip 1: Sell it asap
Tip 2: Take an IQ test
Tip 3: Stop wasting money on crap
Tip 4: Never buy any Zune related products. #1
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Why video chat when you could be playing resogun or mercenary kings? Jogam, you dont have time to video chat. Especially if you're a man. Men have better things to do than chat. #1.4.5
What are they talking about? This is clearly the work of Walter White! #1.5
When I played the sniper mission, in this game, a feeling came across me that was just inexplicable. I'd do anything to get that feeling again. It's like taking meth right into your veins. #2.1
Sexual abuse happens every day. It's a part of humanity and it'll be with us until the very last of us. #4
No, it isn't. You need to peddle your crap somewhere else. #2.2.3
Bring on the gays. As long as I don't have to play as a female. #27
How did the article publisher manage to spell thief wrong? #7
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