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I really didn't like SO3. It was a neat game in a lot of ways, but the whole time playing it felt like a chore and artificially lengthened to feel more full.

It's great to have more JRPGs though and I hope we get Valkyrie Profile: Silmeria because that game is phenomenal.

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This is really awesome. In the Zodiac version, I had randomly picked jobs and throughout many of the dungeons, the best gambits and items were rendered useless to me due to class restrictions. This should alleviate some of that problem and allow you to adapt to your surroundings better.

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Playing SNES without the DPAD though.

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You know, the combat in this game was very good. I just don't want to play a MMORPG because it's too much of a timesink. For f2p though, I don't think it has any competition, it really seems the best.

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Well, then what's the point in having an xbox platform at this point...if it's just a steam machine?

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I am gonna wait for a redesign.

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It's funny. If I had a TV or phone with dead pixels, I'd be up in arms, but with a console, I'm weirdly not too upset.

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Wait, but you can still do switch --> switch system transfers, right?

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The first Nier is a masterpiece. Best soundtrack of any ps3 game easily.

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I would have thought this game would be given its own specific ps4 pro patch. Has from software commented on the possibility?

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I don't want to hear about political opinions from game devs. Why are they standing around instead of getting to work?

If you have a statement to make, make it with your craft.

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Well, for these situations, piracy is the answer. Mod your ps3/psp/vita and download old games from torrent/warez sites.

PS4 will follow suit eventually.

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Why is the admin giving us a preliminary lecture? The police probably have significant evidence as the guy has been arrested. The odds are against him.

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God damnit playstation, get me this exploit asap. And then I wanna play warhawk on my ps4 via Backward compatibility.

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How is the battle system "top notch?" As I recall, I endlessly mashed the X button to end just about every battle in the game.

FF12's automated gambit system was brilliant, it made your strategic choices really pay off when your team did well.

ff10's turn based system was super fast paced with tremendous animations and special abilities.

ff13 = mash x button ---> is the battle not over yet? change paradigm and ...

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Why would they cancel it? Remember all those gameplay videos involving miyamoto and the star fox guy? It seems way too far along on the wiiu to cancel it at this point...

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advance wars 2: black hole rising

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More like unfair to day one players. When I heard the game played at a better frame rate on ps4 pro, I immediately sold my ps4 and am waiting for a price drop on the pro.

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I am totally disappointed this game has no vita physical release. This is a game that belongs on the shelf of every owner to remind them how great it is.

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There go my dreams of naming my team captain "Gary Niger"

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