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Wtf!?!? Cancel that. Jesus christ wtf is disney thinking. #171.1.1
I am thankful that carrie fisher isnt in the new star wars film. #171
Look at the test software already released. Wii was like a ps2/gamecube.

Look at RIGS, or Summer Lesson. #1.1.2
Good point, sir. Well said. #3.1.1
Id rather they interview a rabid heroin addict on the street. Might at least have real, interesting insight #3
My immediate thought with ps2 support was

PS3 supports PS1 (and ps2 but not universally)

and now

PS4 supports PS2

So if you own both, you're covered across 4 generations.

Now, I suspect PS Vita may obtain limited PS2 support as well. #6
Id give him a pass. I mean, the wii u specs are easier to quantify. We have a semi functional wii u emulator.
We only recently discovered the usual vita clockspeed.

the psp ran at 222-333 mhz. The vita runs at 400mhz. Not a huge difference. Its probably battery technology holding back processing power.

The irony of this article is that binding of isaac is the only other game than xenoblade that requires a new 3ds to play. #1.1
The reason I want ps3 b/c is because downloading games on ps3 slow. I want the ps4 download/installation time for ps3 games.

Still though, ps2 and ps1 have amazing libraries. I hope we get them. I didn't expect the ps2 games to look this good. Surprising. #1.1.1
I'm more interested in Don Mattrick and Adam Orth's xbox one.

It's got a shotgun that shoots you if you move out of the kinect vision and an explosive that detonates if the power goes out or you stop close Zynga. #4
The visuals are garbage and gave me seasickness. Tbe game mechanics seemed really awesome, too. Shame it wasnt refined.

The best roguelike ever is unlosing ranger on the psp. Stick with that. #2
Nintendo produces great work but they are total PC corporate shills.

I was banned for 48h on mario maker for making a level called "mario ruined my bathroom again."

They err heavily on the side of caution and I think their performance this era has been influenced by their overzealous family appropriate policies. #34
Why program a new character when they can palette swap Marth into Terra/Tina? #2.1
I think the cord looks really annoying. I'd shell out 400 for this if it can be used to play non VR games and media, allowing the ps4 to become somewhat portable.

If I'm in an area with a lot of ambient light, it might be really useful to remove that distraction. #1.2.7
Damage control for piracy/exploits. Especially for Nintendo. #1.1
Wait wait i heard a rumor that a version of Binding of Isaac is exclusive to 3ds but unfortunately vastly inferior to the vita version. #11
Id spend 400 on it if:

It can be used as a display for non psvr stuff. Especially if I can get a nice case for it to use for travelling. #1.12
I feel like there is a real gem somewhere in DFS, but the visuals made me seasick. There are just way better examples of roguelike games out there. #1.3
I really hate that the only game SQEnix has in development for PSVR is this damn game. #3
Nier was such an awesome game. If you havent played it, at least listen to some of the soundtrack. #4
It feels like One ups are totally useless except in the challenge modes. Hopefully they'll implement a deeper system.

The expert mode levels are too ridiculous.
Dropping players into fire within the first half second.

I think there needs to be a rating system or leniency in that mode to keep you in the game.

Really enjoyed this game, but in terms of actual design without sharing, LBP is far ahead. #5
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