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"you only live twice. work in the first for the last"


certainly it will be the case, you're missing the point.

repeating the finishers time after time on all demons you will develop the feeling of being overpowered and you will not fear nor respect the demons anymore.

with overpower comes overconfidence. that's the nature of things. #6.1.1
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you guys are doing it wrong.

DOOM monsters should be intimidating and some of them are as bad ass as the DOOM guy himself, that was part of the balanced fun in the original games. being able to easily finish off demons and monsters all the time feels extremely overpowered and takes the terror out completely. you are turning the player into a mindless unstoppable killing machine with less to no fear factor at all which is the opposite to what was the heart and soul atmosphere... #6
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for your kind hope. #4.2
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thank you. #4.1
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lol #2.1.1
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there's a Mishima gene in this guy. #6
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lol, sell it us honey. #2
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Kain is one of the deepest, richest and most developed characters in gaming history and with all his powers and might he has deep moral conflicts.

he's much more than meets the eye, ruthless no doubt but far from hopeless.

after all, he is the Destroyer and Redeemer of Nosgoth. #3
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what the hell did I just see?!

i'm in. #8
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if you're talking Arcade the list is endless. adding to your list, these are some of the best:

- Cadillacs and Dinosaurs
- Knights of the Round
- Aliens vs. Predator
- Captain Commando
- Dungeons & Dragons: Tower of Doom
- Dungeons & Dragons: Shadows Over Mystara
- Knights of Valour series
- Shadow Force
- The Punisher
- Sengoku series
- Warriors of Fate series
- Battle Circuit... #7.2
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I don't get the hate on Navi time after time after time. I personally thought she was cute and in a world that silent her "listen" didn't annoy me that much if at all. #11
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just tried it, very nice. #3
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thanks for the good information LoD. unfortunately not many intellects here, mostly fanboys. #1.1.7
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finally someone with brain still switched on.

I saw the trailer and thought the game looks and plays average at best, I didn't see anything overly special in comparison to today's genre standards.

I agree about the protagonist being annoying as f**k! I think this is how the devs perceive this generation; annoying as f**k!

but to be fair to the talents who made Bayonetta, we'll wait and see the end result.

until th... #1.1.5
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I don't know, I have a mixed feeling about this game now.

Doom had this eerie vibe, it inspired inexplicable fear. hell's doors are open somewhere, terror engulfed the world and unimaginable horrors and deaths lurk at every corner but, it was not all random and I emphasize on not-all-random.

walking through and exploring the world and the shift from modern human base stations to ancient ruins like structures made you feel that there was a plan at work... #5
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the original on the PS2 had both so I believe this will too. and for your information, the English voices are also good. #1.1
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I was hoping for a new game or a re-release of Dragon's Crown but this may make some gamers happy.

I played it in its time, the game was good but I was disappointed in Oswald whom I've been eagerly waiting to control only to realize that his cool special attack only lasted a sub-second and he was difficult to control. perhaps they will fix this with the new gameplay additions.

nonetheless, the game is unique and fun. #3
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I lost interest in The Division after I saw the downgraded visuals. the original footage showed potentials of unparalleled visual immersion and now it looks like just another action game.

good that we have Uncharted 4. #4
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I'm not disagreeing with you DAN and I'm not arguing about this as I clearly expressed. it's just a thought and healthy message to keep the devs on their toes.

as you can see, I'm a passionate Shenmue fan. #27.1.1
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I'm starting to have mixed feelings about the quality of the project. on one hand; Yu Suzuki is a gaming staple known for many innovative games and consistent quality in every aspect.

on the other hand; Shenmue, and inspirational gaming experience almost perfect in every way especially the visuals. I see these videos and I'm worried about the visual quality and consequently other aspects of the game.

people will argue that this is still a pre-Alpha, y... #27
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