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""But suppose you throw a coin enough times... Suppose one day, it lands on its edge.""


lol #1.3.1
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"You missed one of the greatest JRPG's of its time"

of all time. why hold back? #1.1.7
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thank you.

it would be a lovely small surprise but of some significance to fans and I don't think it takes much time or resources to achieve.

FFVII remake is a gift, a reward to the gamers' perseverance so why not make it the most perfect remake? #9.1.1
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why not all? give us options, let the player decide. #9
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every gamer who grew up in the 80s and 90s can never hate Nintendo and SEGA even after the missteps those two great companies made.

it's not hate what we sometimes feel, it's the great disappointment of the child inside.

get your act together Nintendo, and God willing SEGA too, and you'll heal many broken hearts and make them happy again.. at least for as long as these old hearts are beating.

that's a truth. #29
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I just hope the game comes to realization and succeed.

my concern is that the gamers will refrain from funding the game now because of all those rumors about the game being already securing funds and cooperating with Sony and SEGA and who knows what, they will feel it's unnecessary for them to back it and afterwards it will turn out that there was not enough funds to make the quality Shenmue we all been waiting for.

I'm afraid too much of such obscuri... #72
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I think it's worth a shot. #5
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loved Child of Light and i'm looking forward to a sequel or a similar experience from the same team. #4.1
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beautiful game and the guy who presented it deserves the praise along with the talented team behind it.

on my list that's for sure. #5
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I remember you, you're the coward that attack and insult people via PM then block them and run.

you're a champion, lol #2.4.1
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no PC gamer will agree to what you said and it will be considered dumb sir.

when you're a PC gamer sitting few inches away from your monitor and using mouse and keyboard playing a 30fps game for few hours then you can talk about the difference between 30 and 60.


with so many dumb-of-day awards i'm honored to be the black sheep. #4.1.3
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"Also, stop being graphics elitists over Star Fox Zero. It looks fine"

it looks like ape sh1t and every monkey knows it, including you. #16.3
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they are trying to hide the sun with their fingers and they have a very small fingers.

Nintendo are being outplayed and no amount of excuses will hide the light of truth. #6.2
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I agree with you, but in here it's like you're talking a different language and with few more comments like this and you'll be categorized as a Gaming Terrorist.

on topic; not in my book with 30fps. and even if turns to the best game the world ever seen, and it won't, I will still take a long p1$$ on it for that only.

oh yeah, I saw few ignorant users saying that now "they can focus on the game itself with the lower framerate". a com... #4.1
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"Stop turning good things into negatives just for s reason to bitch."

how is this a good thing for PC gamers?! is it because it's to your liking then to hell with the rest?

this isn't bitching if you can ever comprehend the difference between this and pointing out bad decisions in the industry that may/will affect the gaming experience and that's always a positive not a negative.

30fps on PC is not acceptable today for r... #17.1
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lol, ok, step to my office please. bring the others with you. #5
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subpar visuals and 30fps on PC?! that's the dumbest thing I've heard after E3, congratulations Bethesda on this trophy.

if it's true and I doubt it is even if he says so, i'll pass. no one have to put up with this sh1t. #8
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I sent them an email regarding the characters models and they said they will take care of it down the line and not to worry (y) #1.2
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I can't stand how different the characters look from the originals. I actually email them about this and they said these are early models and they will continue working to make them better.

I hope so. #5
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true, sulphur fumes and such choking the air i thought the same too but it doesn't have to be in the entire game especially the indoor levels. #8.1
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