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True, but Square developed Final Fantasy X, so I can't imagine it'll get that bad... That is, so long as they don't make Yuna anything like her X-2 self. #2
I don't quite think JRPGs are as good as they used to be, but I wouldn't necessarily say they're "dying" either. I still love recent JRPGs, and will continue to support/play them until they're no longer being made. (Hopefully that'll be later than sooner.) #3
The author definitely had the right idea. Remakes of games would be sweet, especially of VI, VII and X. #1
Yeah, it looks like KH 1.5'll make it through. But seriously, I don't think we're ever going to see Versus XIII. Only in dreams. #1.2.1
It hasn't yet come out for the 3DS, but we're hoping it will! The 3rd game--the one for the DS--is awesome; if you like Zelda or any of the Tales games you should definitely check it out. ;) #1.2
Kefka's definitely one of my favorite villains of all time. I did give up trying to compare him to Sephiroth, though; they're both pretty equal to me. #3
I seriously doubt that. Of course it's hard to say, but given the huge audience Nintendo has going for it and the success of the 3DS, it's unlikely that they're going to stop here. #2
I actually enjoy the ports. It's been nice having games available on a wider variety of systems. #2
I don't think so; that show's adorable! #3.1.1
I'd definitely say Golden Sun: Dark Dawn was one of the best games for the DS. #1
One thing's for sure: Mario will stay. #4
Likewise. ;) #1.1
I'm surprised to hear that they're going to be offering 3DS games digitally, but it's definitely an interesting concept. #1
Ah, brings back a lot of memories. I grew up on these games. #1
Oh, how I loved Super Mario RPG! I could almost say it was the best Mario game ever made...almost. #1
I seriously don't know, either. I think they're starting to run out of ideas. #2
I would positively love to see Final Fantasy VI remade in HD graphics for the 3DS! #1
Aww, you didn't mention Axel or Genesis Rhapsodos. Regardless, very humorous list; great job. ;) #1
Sadly, I'm afraid this article is very true. Mario truly does need a change if he is to survive, and I'm a huge Mario fan! #1
Great list; although I felt Kingdom Hearts 3D should've ranked a little higher, personally. #1
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