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Was a UK Press Event last month.

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They were the images given to us to coincide with the Preview Embargo lifting today.

I had to use a PS3 screen of the Crystarium, as there aren't any of the Xbox 360 version available...

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I resent those comments. As the author of the preview article, I have played the Xbox 360 version of the game and I have not copied the content of Gamespot's Preview article as I haven't even read it... jeez.

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Did they? Ah well... I haven't read there's :)

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Has the Bioshock 2 stuff for Home been confirmed for EU?

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Bit of Beverley Hill's Cop action :P

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It surprised me when I saw it, although now that it's been pointed out I can notice certain similarities... :S

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I hope this doesn't mean they've toned down the game, has been looking incredible in footage so far :(

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If you actually read what Cage said though, he sees the company's strength in creating multiple original IP's rather than franchises...

... no need for a sequel.

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If I typed that in, i'd expect a whole host of torrent sites to pop up more than likely. Someone linked me to the Rockstar Classics, and felt it deserved sharing.

I stand by what I say, i'm sure there are many people that probably aren't aware of this so no harm done.

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I guess I can expect that kind of maturity here ;)

There's plenty of people, like myself, that didn't know about this - not doing any harm to raise attention to it again.

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There are three Behind Closed Doors video documentaries - this is the third, and was only released this morning :)

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Yeah, it doesn't seem to be working at the minute - states that in the article too :) Will be up tomorrow I think! :D

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... and Europe :P

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Yeah, I really can't wait - looking forward to the demo too :D

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I'm glad people are enjoying hearing it live, had a report on the story for being 'lame' ... some people just don't appreciate game music as much as the rest of us :)

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Isn't it just a countdown to the release of Bayonetta...?

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It's nice having both Playstation 3 and Xbox 360, able to enjoy exclusive titles on each platform :)

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Just waiting for the store to update so I can see what they're like... that was just a Concept image I think :)

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Lol, whatever Gaffy...

There were also leaks for PSP Go and PS3 Slim that all the companies denied, and look how they turned out... ;)

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