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No, it's already begun. Kicked off tonight!

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I'm pondering as to whether or not to buy this, seems to be receiving plenty of positive reviews!

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MTV Multiplayer actually had the exclusive - they put it up last night (Feb 1st), which was when this was submitted yet it's only just been approved today ;)

Other media were embargoed until Feb 2nd.

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Although, technically the DS systems still use carts ;)

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Who ever said they'd be on par with the Xbox 360?!

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Seriously can't wait for this game, it's going to kick ass!

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When I had a go about the Leona Lewis endorsement, it wasn't necessarily about the song being included - more to do with that ridiculous video that Square Enix released where she was like "I luv dem vidya gamez *giggle*"

The song, in context at the end of the game, actually did suit it pretty well in the end. I still preferred the Japanese track though, in all honesty.

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KH Re:Coded, and the 3DS KH are on the way. Doubt they'll be releasing KH3 in 2011 at least.

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It's an opportunity to laugh at what he comes out with, if anything.

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Nah, Gorilla costumes were optional! Just a few fans going the extra mile :P

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I just hope the release date isn't too far behind that for Japan.

I don't want to be waiting until the end of next year :(

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Nice to see Treyarch supporting the Wii release!

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It's not a Final Fantasy title though? :P

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Really hope Nintendo localise this for a Western release :(

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I still don't know what to make of the use of the Sonic costume... haha

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I moved on to write for a different website, and now decided to start my own...! :)

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I'd certainly like to see it release on 3DS. Would make sense anyway.

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Haha, I'm interested with what Rare would've done with their franchises if they still had the rights though.

Want to see Donkey Kong 64 on Virtual Console :(

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Super Mario Galaxy 2 is one of the best titles for me, but Epic Mickey is certainly looking to a great addition for the Wii

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Haha, what a username...

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