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I'm wondering whether there may also be a PS3/ 360 title in the works, separate to this.

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When the video was released on Wednesday, everyone largely believed it to be a fake although there was no such confirmation that it was.

With mainstream gaming outlets reporting the video, I don't see anything wrong in now being able to report that the video itself is fake as fact?

It isn't a case of "posting obvious stories for hits," the sole purpose of reporting on such confirmation is to offer solid clarification to the 607,000+ people t...

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Seriously looking forward to this, Dirt 2 was immense!

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I think they've posted it early actually, but... not being in the loop I don't know haha :(

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I think he means with Project Cafe ;)

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They look fake to me?

Logos seem out of place and don't align with the rest of the artwork/ case, and the Wii branding looks as if it's layered on top of another image.

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I'm not sure if there'll be a 'Lite' version, I think Nintendo said that there wouldn't.

I imagine we'll still see a new iteration with improved battery life, and a larger screen maybe?

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These are official sales figures released in the Consolidated Financial Statement by Nintendo of Japan this morning :)

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No one is saying it'll be an exclusive, but it's still plausible that GTA V could be released across the Xbox 360, PS3 and the new Nintendo console if matched/ surpassed their spec.

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Wasn't meaning to criticise dude, just discussing :)

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That's why it's posted as a rumour ;)

They may have been successful in the past, but that doesn't mean that this immediately holds any truth.

If the new console did match the graphical prowess of the Xbox 360/ PS3 though, it wouldn't be entirely out of the question though?

Although I wonder whether people have a hard time believing this, merely because they now have an entirely closed view that Nintendo are only prepared to ge...

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Agreed, but it was hard to plainly ignore with 01net as the source.

I personally find it hard to believe, but then if Nintendo are looking to position themselves back in the core of the market then it makes sense.

They've previously attempted to court similar appeal in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars on Nintendo DS remember

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It beat launch day sales of the Wii and DS individually, not combined though :)

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"With the launch this Friday, 25th March 2011, the Nintendo 3DS handheld console now has 71% more pre-orders on than previous record-holder PlayStation 3 achieved by its launch date in 2007."

- opening line of Amazon UK PR Email

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The title of this article is taken from the opening line of a PR email sent by Amazon themselves, hardly flamebait.

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Amazon did compare it to previous handhelds - 407% more preorders than the DSi ;)

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Although, this information comes from a press release sent by Amazon themselves? ;)

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I'm hoping that Nintendo may announce something in regard to a Wii successor at E3 this year, but not sure whether they will :(

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Err, it's all on the disc isn't it?

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It's such a classy newspaper :P

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