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I was hoping for an announcement about Battlefront 3, but hopefully this will turn out to be worthwhile :D

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Awesome, can't wait to watch this - shame it isn't being shown live though :(

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I wonder what the game will be though?

A greatest hits of previous titles, or something completely different?

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I can't wait for Conviction to release, the additional content is a great addition to a game that is already looking awesome!

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I'm sorry, but this is widely available information.

Sure, that video has a lot of relevant information but there are plenty of sources that writers use to collate details and these are available in books, magazines, podcasts, Uni lectures etc - loads.

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I have PM'd you, but it is on Halo Waypoint - our site is based in the UK/ EU, and as it is now Saturday the episode is currently on Xbox Live for us.

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It's actually available in the US and UK/ France/ Germany :)

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Considering everyone was reporting that people may have to start charging for the PSN services, surely it's worth showing that Kaz Hirai has confirmed that it isn't going to happen? :)

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From what i've read, it seems that it's a standalone version that doesn't require the RA3 disc?

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It's been reported because its content breaches an embargo in place on the game, and therefore shouldn't have been posted on this site in the first place.

The contributor makes regular digs about 'fanboyism' yet disregards the true nature of the reports... and continues to behave like a 2 year old. Jeez.

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Yeah, I edited it before - was submitting on behalf of someone else, and didn't notice, so thanks!

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