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There's nothing to say they haven't kept anything up their sleeves... ;)

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Utter. Legend. Seriously can't wait for ARR!

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Glad that I can pick this up on PlayStation 3, although still wish platform holders held some parity at times - cross-platform would benefit players enormously.

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Hopefully! I'd certainly like to see that. Wonder whether you'll be able to post about Wii U games too...

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This was actually an issue worldwide, but the service has been restored now.

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Definitely, the Pokemon additions in Brawl were a major disappointment.

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Haha, that made me laugh! :D

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If it isn't Tomb Raider, then I wonder what Straight Right are already porting for Square Enix>

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GAME are actually £5 cheaper than ShopTo ;)

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Actually, the second statement he made was broken off from the Nintendo comment.

There, he said "Of all the controllers, forget about the Wii U or the Wii, it’s the best shooter controller I’ve ever played with."

That's inclusive of every controller, not just pointed toward Nintendo.

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I'm sure you'll receive something, North American launch was on March 27th 2011 so you'll have to see what happens on Tuesday! ^.^

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Ah, it's only applicable in Europe at the moment!

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What a horrendous article title...

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Heh, good idea for an article!

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Heh, hadn't thought of that! Has a ring to it ^.^

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Wonder what they'll be, De Blob?

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Hopefully there'll be some new information, especially with all these rumours circulating.

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Aside from the fact that it's not another game...

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It's certainly not been a smooth ride, despite an aggressive advertising campaign!

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480i/ 480p support would be for backwards compatibility of Wii games, surely?

As for your comments re: GameCube compatibility, I very much enjoy playing through my collection - sure, it's not necessary, but there's still plenty of 'hardcore' out there that'd want backwards compatibility to carry across.

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