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"Obama Sucks"


Must suck to have someone forcing you to play the games you don't like. #3.2
Doesn't defeat it it just makes it so that if you have several hour invested in a game you don't lose everything. You still need to gather supplies and equipment. Make weapons break down over time make food spoil. I would just hate to make it so far only to get killed by something stupid like a broken leg because I jumped from a 5' box. #2.2.1
I hope one day someone perfects this sort of game. DayZ did pretty good but it has flaws.

Permedeath should be an option. How about when you die rather than starting all over you are respawned somewhere random with your stuff.? I got so tired of dying from a 5' fall or some guy sniping me from who knows where just to start all over again. I have a busy life and having to start all over again after investing hours into a character is not fun.

You can surviv... #2
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I just got it and it's much much better than the beta and original game. I played the beta and borrowed the game from a friend but didn't like it at all. Seemed repetitive and dull, but the new stuff and story is a lot better. #2
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I wouldn't mind the infamous games merging. Bring back Cole, but have Delsin be the bad guy. Cole comes in to take him down. But you get to play both sides. Delsin has his base cole has his own. Depending on which character you pick.

Also I believe it's time for a multiplayer with character creator and selecting you own power.
http://... #1.2.3
I have to admit, I bought it finally. I was in the beta and it was so boring and repetitive with no rewards. I finally jumped in and started playing with friends and it's been really fun. #3
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Yes damn our 1st world problems! #7.1.2
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So that means I'll have to put fallout 3 in my PS3 if I want to play it??!!! But it's so far away (looks at PS3 next to ps4) and I don't have the time to eject the netflix DVD...... Urrrggggg oh well back to destiny or the witcher3 or any of the other games in my backlog until fallout 4 releases. #7
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Yeah and my cousins burnt up because he left it on his bedroom floor with carpet. There's no telling how these people treated their systems in what cramp spots they stored them or how they transport them when they take them places. #1.1.2
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Launch system and no problems with it's fans. Not sure where you get your info. #1.1
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Got mine 16 keys left #1
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Says the lonely man living in his parents basement. #7.1.1
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Wait The first time we see sam is when he meets nate after the gameplay demo. He was played by Troy. Not sure what trailer you saw. #2.2
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Bubble for the laugh. #1.1
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Yeah you take over at the end playing as the son and hunt down the ones that killed your dad. #1.1.2
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I would leave this game running just to have that playing as a radio. I used to do that at my old job, I hd the AOL radio with FF music that I would listen to. #2
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Yep, I know the feeling. The day I bought my ps4 the first thing I thought was, "oh man I can't wait to play all my old games that I've already played to death!" Sadly when I found out the ps4 was lacking the ability to do this I cried about it and made sure everyone knew my pain by posting it randomly on gaming sites about the ps4. The struggle is real..... #ps1&2gamesmatter

/s #1.19
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Haha yeah keep living in that bubble. There is a reason come to our country more than any other. And that I have American friends sound like white people saying they have black friends remark. Also what is a jeb? I'm guess it's some insult but the only jeb I know is the moron running for president? Maybe you should stop being an obama, that's what we tell our kids they made when they poop.

And lowest education, what do you expect when we take in more of the worlds... #5.2.2
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I bought one online from super cheap and free shipping. #4
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it's funny how people disagree with facts. Well said and bubbles for you. #11.1
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