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"Unlike the Paul Feig-directed movie, the Ghostbusters video game completely fails to win over the doubters."
Lol let me fix that for you.
"Just like the Paul Feig-directed movie, the Ghostbusters video game completely fails to win over the doubters."
There ya go.

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Wait so if I gave you minecraft but removed the multiplayer, large parts of the crafting, the building mechanics, and freedom. You wouldn't get bored after you explored all the bioms and all your friends are playing something else together?

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not really they said if you make changes to the planets most of it will not bee seen by other players. And why do they have to wait to add multiplayer when that is something they know people will want? You want to know why this game won't take off is the same reason people quit talking about firewatch after 2 weeks, there was nothing left after you played it once. How many planets are you going to really explore before your friends get a new MP game and are playing that together while you...

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I hope it does good but I have a few worries.
1. You are alone in the universe. (Even if you find another RL person you will prob never know.)
2. No Co Op at all. (Even if you find someone whatever you do won't reflect on them unless attacking them.)
3. You will be attacked for excessive mining or killing of wildlife. (This sounds like they don't want you staying on one planet gathering stuff for to long.)
4. Just explore no building like in Minecr...

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Just release the boobies already! It's the only reason people buy this game.

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This better explains who writes this crap. http://az616578.vo.msecnd.n...

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I don't understand all the hate for this game. It's stupid fun if you have friends. granted SP is boring after awhile but so are most games like this if you play for long sessions. I played for 4 ingame days and after my first blood moon losing my home I said that's enough for today. I'll get back on it later to rebuild and prepare for the next attack.

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" Let's just not make the mistake of thinking it will truly be representative of World War I." No Sh!t lady, it's not like kids are going to use this in history class when they cover WW1.
Teacher: Tommy what can you tell us about the battles fought durring WW1?
Tommy: People were jumping out of their planes, killing the pilot of another plane then stealing their plane with no scopes! Then people would die left and right only to respawn back at their base wi...

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How is this even news?

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I'd like to see you do better....oh wait you couldn't so you just jelly.

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nintendo has nothing but 5 rehashed games they pop out like drugs in a crack house.

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70's say hi....hippie

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"I don't know what we were playing on....I guess it was a PS4." No Sh!t lady. geez

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Blu-ray says hi! lol

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And blood, lots of blood.

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All electronics are outdated, even after buying the latest greatest model. The next model is already being marked and coming soon.

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Agreed, I'm not buying a 4K tv anytime soon.

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10 year plan = Charge $40-$50 for DLC that you have to buy if you want to play your game with friends.

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not at first he didn't. he wasn't born with 1 arm he had two the first time we see him fighting the androids.

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I still have a backlog of games to finish. The Witcher 3 DLC, Fallout 4, Uncharted 4, The Division. The last game like Bloodborne I played was Demons souls. I enjoyed it but I don't have that free time anymore. Full time Job, Wife and 2 kids under 3years old is a lot. I waited this long for it to drop in price and for a Single player game that I know is time consuming I want to spend as little as possible. $10-15 is the most I'd spend. I'm not a huge fan of the series but it looks...

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