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Yeah if sony just made 100 different spin off games based off Nathan Drake they would be just like nintendo. Dr. Drake, Drake Tennis, Drake Party 1-4, Drake Cart 1-6, Sullie's many exclusives. Sony is Quality over shovel ware games that people buy just because they have no other options.

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About Flippng time they fixed the crap controls

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Going back to a chapter in history they haven't touched for over 10 years? I think it's ok to bring us back to this war time. And this is from someone that is no fan of COD games. The only 3 I enjoyed were COD4, [email protected], & Black Ops1. I'm looking forward to this game.

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What did they use to take the pictures? Would have been better off doing a cave painting.

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Gone Home: The unsurprising horrible game. There I fixed your title.

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when is this coming to PS4 and what about The Forest & DayZ? Both shown a few E3's back to be in development for PS4 and not a word since.

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Cindy is the thumbnail for the story but she's not even in the article.

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The question isn't "Could" it's "How Bad Will They Upstage Them?"

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I would really like a game like the Hunter in VR. Tracking the animals, sitting in the stand, bringing up the binoculars or scope of the gun. Using a flashlight at night and see the eyes and being hunted by wild predators.

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I requested the radio mute option when in the beta. The radio from the game flagged one of my youtube videos as copyrighted. Had to remove that section of audio because of it.

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Now if only I could pick up my gun after grabbing one from the ground by mistake.

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You're an idiot not listening to anything anyone is saying. Putting in characters that are not needed for the sole reason of checking a box to say yep we included that gender/race/sex/etc is insulting. If the character fits the role or story then yes put them in the game. But don't do it just to say you did it for social reasons.

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yep and be careful you aren't using enough letters I think it now has a + at the end because the alphabet is trademarked.

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Way to jump the gun on pal, no one is complaining about what you said. They are complaining about developers putting in certain characters or sexes to please certain groups that complain when they don't get representation they demand. If the story fits and works with a character that's fine but putting someone in the game just to say, "Hey we added X here so don't say we didn't include Y group." Nadine was a character no one really cared about but the developer think...

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Yes thank you neil is a great writer but he pushes his personal ideals into his games even if it's not needed for the game.

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Nope you're wrong, people against this don't want characters thrown in just to say they checked all the boxes to include every SJW issue just so they don't complain.

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Please read what I wrote, don't partial read and jump to conclusions.

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I'm so sick of this Diversity And Inclusion B.S. that SJW groups have forced upon us. How about putting good characters in because they are good characters? Not because of race or sex, normally when a game pushes an agenda for groups like that I tend to skip the game or buy it used.

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Please....Please stop this stupidity that is spreading like wildfire. We need to stop enabling these people with mental disorders as normal and we are the ones that are wrong because common sense tells us it's wrong.

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Wait are any of these mentioned coming to the PSVR? None of them say PSVR only for the other VR devices.

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