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"Obama Sucks"


I couldn't connect with this world for some reason. I loved far cry3, it felt more alive than FC4 does. Not sure why but I haven't played it at all after about a week. #1
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And I'm sure there are plenty more Zombie games that I don't know off the top of my head. #1.1.1
Nope and I hope we get more of them. I want Zombie DLC for GTA5. H1Z1, Dying Light, Dayz, & Dead Island 2 all disagree with you. #1
Yeah I agree but I love the concept and the feel of the game. I tried to build s shelter but had no clue on what was needed. #1.1.1
I bought the game and it's really hard. There are no instructions and the game is randomly generated with a bunch of different islands in the distance that you can travel to. I played for about an hour and had to get off due to dying again after getting sick. BTW you can cook crabs over a fire, it will "DING" when it's done and cooked. #1
Those are the crazy canibles they abduct people and eat them. Some are nude.. #1
It's really fun with friends, I have ps4 version if you need a friend add me. Seanscythe #1.1
Give me one for dying light or uncharted 4! That's what I would love. #10
How about you stfu and don't tell me what to do with my money. #10
Ps nation did a video on the ps4 and it looks great. #4.3
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It's in alpha whatever people get in the game doesn't carry over and will get wiped once the full game is released. They are testing the drops and how to balance the game when air drops come in. #2
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It's in alpha! They are testing ideas and trying to see how they play out. If you don't want to play it then don't. When the full game is released then you can say it's a horrible game. #1
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I have no problem with letting someone try a game if I'm not playing it or away. Most of my friends I know personally or they are family. So a simple message or call and they can play mine or I can play theirs. #5.2.2
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Maybe if you had a PS4 you would understand. I love trying a game my friend has before I decide to buy it. This is pretty much how sony made all games without demos have a way to be played before buying. #5.2
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Wait what? How are sony's games geared toward this or that? Killzone, GOW, Uncharted, GT, DC, H1Z1, Planetside2, no mans sky, the forest, hell divers, Street Fighter5, LBP, Morpheus, DeepDown, the order and plenty of others. I don't see anything there that is focused to japan or another culture. Wait is it because they don't have Halo? Is that what you base this stupid thought on? Last I check PS4 was doing very well in the USA and the xbone only made a slight bump because MS took... #1.1.1
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He supports net neutrality you know that right? He believes in government controlling the internet. #1
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Make sure you're not using wifi. #3.2
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This is the same team and Engine used for Planet Side 2 which is coming to PS4. So why not wait and see how it looks before you make comments about what you don't know. #1.3.1
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I'm a fan of this type of game and I want it on PS4, where all my friends play. So you are wrong. #1.2.2
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I've always loved games focused around zombie apocalypses. Love the movies and tv shows. It's just the thought of surviving in a world where you are on your own or trying to survive with friends. I really hope the game has that feel from the first Trailing (Run Boy Run) where you see the friends getting attacked one by one and trying to help each other. The once sport in the sewers where they are being chased and the zombies catch the one guy jumping to the other side. #8
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