Obama Sucks


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I'd like to see you do better....oh wait you couldn't so you just jelly.

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nintendo has nothing but 5 rehashed games they pop out like drugs in a crack house.

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70's say hi....hippie

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"I don't know what we were playing on....I guess it was a PS4." No Sh!t lady. geez

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Blu-ray says hi! lol

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And blood, lots of blood.

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All electronics are outdated, even after buying the latest greatest model. The next model is already being marked and coming soon.

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Agreed, I'm not buying a 4K tv anytime soon.

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10 year plan = Charge $40-$50 for DLC that you have to buy if you want to play your game with friends.

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not at first he didn't. he wasn't born with 1 arm he had two the first time we see him fighting the androids.

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I still have a backlog of games to finish. The Witcher 3 DLC, Fallout 4, Uncharted 4, The Division. The last game like Bloodborne I played was Demons souls. I enjoyed it but I don't have that free time anymore. Full time Job, Wife and 2 kids under 3years old is a lot. I waited this long for it to drop in price and for a Single player game that I know is time consuming I want to spend as little as possible. $10-15 is the most I'd spend. I'm not a huge fan of the series but it looks...

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dang i wish Bloodborne would drop around $10.

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Oh come on this is crap with crap toppings.

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What I read was let's make it harder for people playing dz solo. It was already hard enough to get gear out but u knew once the gear was attached it was safe. Now it's just a big FU to people playing alone and getting gang raped by a team of rogues.

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is this only for japan or something? I don't see it on NA store. .....NVM had to look under ps4 first then demos. Just looking at demos doesn't show it.

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"Multiplayer unable to play due cheats" .....Please quit crying because you suck at the game.......Goes back to playing the division multiplayer.

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What did you expect? New missions just to magically appear? Please tell me what game you play where this happens? Did you put any thought into what you said?

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Some people just can't be please with anything, I love the game and so do my friends. Now we aren't 12 year old kids playing non-stop everyday. We have jobs go to work, come home play a few hours and then spend time with our families. I could see how the game gets boring and stale when it's all you do for hours and hours all day. Then again any game would be that way. I don't see how kids play COD for the past near decade. It's been wash rinse repeat. I hate when people co...

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Wait is that really from the game? hahaha I haven't touched COD since Modern Warfare2. I played a few mins of Advanced warfare but I don't count that since it was me fighting not to throw up at the crap gameplay.

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