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"Obama Sucks"


Haha yeah keep living in that bubble. There is a reason come to our country more than any other. And that I have American friends sound like white people saying they have black friends remark. Also what is a jeb? I'm guess it's some insult but the only jeb I know is the moron running for president? Maybe you should stop being an obama, that's what we tell our kids they made when they poop.

And lowest education, what do you expect when we take in more of the worlds... #5.2.2
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I bought one online from super cheap and free shipping. #4
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it's funny how people disagree with facts. Well said and bubbles for you. #11.1
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Nice bubble for you. #6.2.1
Yeah maybe in your part of the country....where is that Mexico? #6.5
This just in children and people not from America don't know what the hell they are talking about. #5.2
So why have a character with a back story to begin with? Not knowing how the story will unfold what if you meet up with your family at some point? I mean hell if he survived why couldn't they have lived? So you meet up with you wife and son to show your new gay love mutant? That will be a fun conversation. Well honey I thought you were dead so I figured WTH. lol just a thought #7.3.1
Sorry but that's just reaching. #7.1.2
No they say it's 200 years later and you play the character you pick in the begining. The baby has a different name from your character. #7.4.1
I'm not trying to start a debate on this but just want to know why.
"Human companions can be romanced regardless of gender."

This makes no sense, the character has a family at the beginning and is clearly not gay. This just sounds like they are throwing it in for the hell of it. Why not start the game like Skyrim if you are going to not follow the narrative you started. #7
Hulk Hogan is just this months racist rant issue. Haven't any of you noticed we have 1 just about every month? Last one was the battleflag of the confederate, before that it was cops, before that it was some politician, before that it was something else. Just wait the next thing will be coming in a few weeks. #6.4
I don't see why? This isn't great most people have completed the game by now and this will not make them want to start playing again. New finisher animations is hardly dlc when most games allow you to unlock them as u level up #2.1
New finisher animations.... Rly? Most games just allow you to unlock that as ur playing... #4
You should rly look up the word phobia, it means fear. We don't want a mental disorder forced on us to like it or be labeled bigots because we know it's wrong. And don't try and say it's normal in nature because some animals have been shown to engage in gay behavior. I've seen dogs eat poop from other animals does that mean we should do it? #11.1.1
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I didn't buy the game and just because I have a different opinion doesn't mean I'm bitching. I did buy infamouse because I enjoyed the previous games. But sucker punch has a history of this, just look at sly cooper games, the push global warming agenda very hard. #5.3.1
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Gotta represent that less than 2.3% of the world population... Stupid that this is pushed in everything and when it is its shoved in your face. The gay pride building in infamous:ss wasn't needed and was just there to push this agenda. #5.2
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You do not speak for all us gamers. #1
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Just think of how insane The Last of Us 2 will look.... This is ND's first outing on the ps4 imagine what they will do after uncharted. Look at how Uncharted 2 looked after the first one. #5.1
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Maybe for multiplayer? #2.3
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