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"Obama Sucks"


That's how it started out, but they wanted to go a different route and make it more serious. #2.1
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Dead Island was fun, sure it had tons of problems but the game was fun. #1
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Stupid fat little midget. Wonder is he's a Ronry as his father was? We need a new Team America Movie. #1
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Yeah no kidding these click bait submissions need to end. Should have a new button to label a story as click bait. #1.3
It's two different times of the day. The sun does affect ur vision in real life with it's in your view. #2.1.1
Nope if anything it's improved #2
Doing this from iPad so I can't get the embed script for the video. Also it's not a requirement to do that. #1
This game is being touted as great and was thought to be a space minecraft but it seems it's going to be go from planet to planet and do nothing but sight seeing. The more info that gets released it just tells you what you can't do. It's like saying here is the universe, enjoy it with flaying and walking, stay off the grass. Or going to disneyworld and being told you can walk around and look but don't touch. #6
Under the link to read the review is the URL with a + click that and down vote the site. #2.1
Get better friends for coop. Me and my cousin play coop and it's great when taking over forts. Also the distance you and the coop player can be from each other is pretty far. I hate the eagles. #1 I've made my own and the are great. #3
Geez reading some of the comments you would think Pre-ordering was a sin and would send you to hell. What the heck is wrong with putting $5 on a game that you want to get bonus content? OMG I have to pay you $5 for a game that's a month away?! How will I feed my family or put gas in my car or pay my bills???!!! If that's your excuse than Gaming is not a hobby you should have. #1
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Why do I need to? I owned it on ps1,ps3,psp, & pc. I think they got enough from me and I'll be dammed if I give them another penny for it again. #4
I hope they add monsters to the game. It adds to the game and changes it up from killing countless waves of people. #5
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They did the same thing to Micheal when I was the one that called them to the scene of a horrible accident. I had no wanted level but I walked up to the cops and they started yelling at me then shot and killed me. #2
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Oh right my bad thanks for the correction. Stupid mistake. #6.1.1
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Anyone else notice his Name is Sam which was his daughters name in The Last of Us? #6
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This is like a hot nurse walking into the dr's office then stabbing your hard-on with a needle and saying this will do. #29
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OMG! You're right or is it just another Shooter? Or is it another open world game? Or is it another wasteland game? Or is it another game that you haven't played yet and need to STFU until you can complain? #1.3
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Also challenges are limited to 1 every 24 hours. #2
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