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Well the DLC coming is supposed to flush that out more isn't it?

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I can't put this game down, I've got over 70+ hours in it already and I work 12 hour shifts and married with 2 kids. For me that's a lot of time in a game. I didn't get it day 1 I got it a few weeks later.

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That looks horrible! No free walking you click to points of view, this is worst than no mans sky. "Hey welcome to mars, you can hop to certain points and look around. The trailer makes this look a lot better.

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it may not have the best side quest but I've played this with way more interest then I had for witcher 3 and fallout4.

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Yeah no kidding it was announced 2 or 3 E3's ago.

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Why do you have to finish the game before you get the best weapons? That's so dumb.

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with today's events in florida this is in really bad taste.

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EU Not NA, this should be in the title.

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I wanted to but she had final approval. I told her if we had a 2nd daughter it would be.

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i hate sites like this, you can't just view the next image you have to go to the next page to view it. Besides the best one in that screen shot.

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My daughters middle name is Nami, from One Piece. I wanted Aeris but my wife didn't like it.

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Wow someone has their PC Masterbater Race lotion applied here. The way he rips on the PSVR is sad.

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EU not NA should have been mentioned in the title.

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watching game play there doesn't seem to be any weight behind the attacks. Like in other games when they hit you sort of feel like you are doing damage but in the videos it looks like they are missing and wailing their arms around.

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1. Play all the previous Final Fantasy games so you can catch up on the series.
2. "Final" They keep using this word but I don't think it means what they think it means.
3. Never bring a Sword to a gun fight....Unless you are in a Final Fantasy Game.
4. Google what XV means since you didn't pay attention in school.
5. Complain about your characters not carrying over from the last game.

LOL J/k please don't take this ...

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How so I own both games. I like Uncharted over tomb raider, the story is way better and characters are far more interesting. Not to mention the gameplay and graphics are polished to the best they can be.

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Uncharted didn't change what it was to get people to play it. Tomb raider changed what it was to get people to play it.

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Some xboy just crying he didn't get to play any of the uncharted games.

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No one is awesome, fun, incredible story, action packed and graphically unmatched. The other is tomb raider....

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anyone could tell this was utter garbage the moment they showed it. I wasn't about to waste $20 for this.

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