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is this only for japan or something? I don't see it on NA store. .....NVM had to look under ps4 first then demos. Just looking at demos doesn't show it.

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"Multiplayer unable to play due cheats" .....Please quit crying because you suck at the game.......Goes back to playing the division multiplayer.

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What did you expect? New missions just to magically appear? Please tell me what game you play where this happens? Did you put any thought into what you said?

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Some people just can't be please with anything, I love the game and so do my friends. Now we aren't 12 year old kids playing non-stop everyday. We have jobs go to work, come home play a few hours and then spend time with our families. I could see how the game gets boring and stale when it's all you do for hours and hours all day. Then again any game would be that way. I don't see how kids play COD for the past near decade. It's been wash rinse repeat. I hate when people co...

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Wait is that really from the game? hahaha I haven't touched COD since Modern Warfare2. I played a few mins of Advanced warfare but I don't count that since it was me fighting not to throw up at the crap gameplay.

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Ugh....another top down survival game. What year is this again? This had my interest but once I saw real screen shots and game play, that interest went away. I know some topdown games are fun but I was hoping for a first person or at least 3rd person.

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Banned because they look so fake compared to the stuff coming out today you mean?

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Yeah our comments have more entertainment than the video did.

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I guess, which is weird because games like GTA, was around before that and I had no trouble playing them. Maybe it was the task they had you performing. I could probably play it just fine today (not sure that's a good thing or bad thing) and not have any trouble with it.

The thing is today this kind of stuff isn't all that horrific. You have movies like Saw, Hostel, The Walking Dead, etc. But 13 years ago Gore wasn't what it's like today.

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maybe that was it, I just remember the game wanting me to smother someone with plastic bags. After that I was done with it.

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I remember when this game came out. I bought it and traded it back in on the same day. I was 21 and idk why but this game didn't sit well with me. I bought it on the rockstar name and I've played GTA3 and enjoyed it. But this game just felt bad. I know compared to games that release now this was nothing.

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Name one other Shooter that gives you a constant variety of different enemies.

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Destiny is a lot more fun with the recent King update. I hated the demo and beta and refused to buy the game. I bought the game after the last DLC was released and loved it for a few months. After the division was released I changed over.

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@nowitzki2004 " but I shoot the same people over and over again some just need more bullets. Its repetitive and I cant play more than 1 mission and sometimes cant even finish a mission before im bored. "

Isn't that every single Shooter game to date? Name one game where you haven't shot the same person/creature/thing a hundred times over. I can't think of a single one that has a new character to kill every time you shoot someone. Sure they have different...

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I'd like to see a larger version of florida with the Keys included. And a even give a secret island like cuba that you can fly or boat to.

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LOL never said anything was wrong with it. But it doesn't fit the character.

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No, the American setting is what makes GTA so awesome. It's like moving Spiderman to Canada, or James Bond to Mexico. Somethings you just don't mess with.

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It would bring me back to the game faster than some story DLC. I would love to have a world that i can have a real partner in rather than an idiot AI that doesn't know how to stealth or get out of my way.

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New on EU PlayStation Store: Day of the Tentacle, XCOM: Enemy Unknown Plus, more

There, I fixed it for you.

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