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EU not NA should have been mentioned in the title.

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watching game play there doesn't seem to be any weight behind the attacks. Like in other games when they hit you sort of feel like you are doing damage but in the videos it looks like they are missing and wailing their arms around.

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1. Play all the previous Final Fantasy games so you can catch up on the series.
2. "Final" They keep using this word but I don't think it means what they think it means.
3. Never bring a Sword to a gun fight....Unless you are in a Final Fantasy Game.
4. Google what XV means since you didn't pay attention in school.
5. Complain about your characters not carrying over from the last game.

LOL J/k please don't take this ...

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How so I own both games. I like Uncharted over tomb raider, the story is way better and characters are far more interesting. Not to mention the gameplay and graphics are polished to the best they can be.

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Uncharted didn't change what it was to get people to play it. Tomb raider changed what it was to get people to play it.

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Some xboy just crying he didn't get to play any of the uncharted games.

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No one is awesome, fun, incredible story, action packed and graphically unmatched. The other is tomb raider....

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anyone could tell this was utter garbage the moment they showed it. I wasn't about to waste $20 for this.

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What the hell does this have to do with a team based shooter? Other than giving people now a person to attack because of the character they choose. Why not just stick with that is working and stop with the dam SJW BS.

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I want back the 1 min i spent wasting my time fast fwding this crap.

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That was fun it's the history of the character. I love the uncharted series, none of it was boring or lame in my view.

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oh crap I better go out and buy a new ps4 pro and ditch my standard ps4. I can't believe i played UC4 already and enjoyed every second of it on a standard ps4. Wait won't I need a 4k tv also to enjoy it on my new ps4 pro? So $400 + $800 + Taxes = $1300 ok who wants to donate to my "I need a ps4 pro & 4k TV" Fund?

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Don't you have to lose something before you can retake it?

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That's not a crime it's using the laws of this country. Maybe learn that what he did wasn't illegal before posting something you know nothing about. Hillary Lied before congress under oath. That is a crime. She's also allowed people without classified clearance to view classified information. She lied about not having Classified documents on her personal server which the FBI proved she lied about.

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He punched him in the Balls......

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How is this a comparison when it's not even the same videos?

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Imagine using the move controllers to open doors and hold lantern to light your way. Even if graphics took a bit of a hit to make it playable that would be insane. I would love to use the navigation controller to walk around and the move controller to open doors and stuff.

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Needs Psvr support

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I debating on keeping mine or selling it since so many are going to be fighting to get them for the holiday.

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it's already sold out, so why waste money on ads for something that's sold out? Once they get more in stock for the next wave I'm sure we will see more ads.

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