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Yeah they have a few running around in a redneck cult base can't remember the location. Couldn't believe it when this pantsless guy started fighting me, I was laughing so much.

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GTA5 had all of it. Why can't this game?

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No, they said we could if we found them. But that was a lie.

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Welcome to the culture where everyone is offended by anything and everything. Congrats public school and colleges, you've created pussification of the world. Worried more about feelings and less about education.

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Can I play with my friends? No.
Ok they haven't delivered yet.
I'm sorry but the vast universe and you're all alone is dull and boring.

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Look you obviously can't read because I gave you plenty of examples. Go back to your lonely PC games.

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No the service started with early access to Betas and cheaper prices on content. Free games are part of it since the beginning. These extras include early access to upcoming games, beta trials, regular store discounts, and the ability to have system software updates and game patches download automatically to the console. As part of the subscription, members are given six games every month—typically two for each platform—and 10 GB of internet storage space for up to 1,000 saved game files.

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Also the companies that make the games for MMOs do charge you to use their servers. Others pay a small fee to the networks that host their games to supply the network and servers which sony uses PS+ funds to provide. Look it's really not that hard to understand.

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Oh sry let me dumb it down for you. I pay $6 a month for access to sony's network to play games I enjoy with my friends. The FREE Games I get throughout the year are bonus that I wouldn't have bout or would have paid for if I wanted them. So yes they are FREE seeing as how I didn't have to buy the games. You really aren't good at this are you?

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Maybe just yours.

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You're right paying for anything that's provided to you by a company should be free. I think you should boycott your power company, water company, cable, internet, phone, and all other bills you pay from companies that provide you a service.

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Simple I gave them $6 a month for online play and they gave me $150 worth of games. Is that really hard for your small brain?

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Where did you get your info CNN?

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BS, just yesterday I got over $150 worth of video games from PS+. They hadn't updated the store yet and I got all the GOT free stuff, Until Dawn, That's you, then when the store updated I got JC3, AC, and the other games for this month. Over $150 worth of games free in one day.

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Yeah if sony just made 100 different spin off games based off Nathan Drake they would be just like nintendo. Dr. Drake, Drake Tennis, Drake Party 1-4, Drake Cart 1-6, Sullie's many exclusives. Sony is Quality over shovel ware games that people buy just because they have no other options.

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About Flippng time they fixed the crap controls

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Going back to a chapter in history they haven't touched for over 10 years? I think it's ok to bring us back to this war time. And this is from someone that is no fan of COD games. The only 3 I enjoyed were COD4, [email protected], & Black Ops1. I'm looking forward to this game.

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What did they use to take the pictures? Would have been better off doing a cave painting.

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Gone Home: The unsurprising horrible game. There I fixed your title.

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when is this coming to PS4 and what about The Forest & DayZ? Both shown a few E3's back to be in development for PS4 and not a word since.

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