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Just get yourself a Wii U and enjoy both. Simples.

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Not another article on PS Now pricing. This is how retail works. Companies always start high and gradually lower the price as they expand their target market and get better insights on their potential customers.

Prices will adjust depending on how much take up it gets over the next 6 months. But rather than a complete price drop, we'll probably get Video Unlimited style sales, which will see Sony negotiate with individual publishers to produce a weekly sale on specific g...

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"Activision says sci-fi shooter Destiny is on track to become next $1B video game franchise"

Call of Duty's publisher + Halo Dev + obscene marketing budget + special promotional partnership with Sony + white console bundle + exclusive content = of course it's going to be the bigg...

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Bet the admin had a fright when they noticed they had selected "visible" to the wrong page.

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I'm not convinced that's an image of the PlayStation Now UI. It looks like it's showing how PlayStation Now content will display alongside regular content on the PS Store.

Uncharted 3 and Far Cry 3 (with the PS Now logo)appear to sit alongside regular store items, such as The Last of Us and BioShock Infinite.

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Ha! Yeah, that makes more sense.

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A clearly reliable Google translation of the Japanese site has this:

'3DS "Monster Hunter 4" [rumour] When did postponed, w, because she apparently began to explore the simultaneous release of the PSVita version, not because of quality up'

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The PS3 network and OS are rough around the edges but that's indicative of the fact it was designed over six years ago. It pre-dates the iPhone and was designed by a company that was still finding its feet in the digital age. It has come a long way since then and it now works very well, but there is plenty of room for improvement and I expect a big leap for the PS4. Nevertheless, all systems have their flaws.

The issue of patches really isn't that big a deal though. I...

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I thought we had. I don't think cross-game chat has been a serious issue in 2012. Most PS3 owners have accepted that it won't happen and 360 fans have got bored of using it for point scoring.

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The thing I really liked about Dishonored when I tried it was that it gave the player loads of choices. Its visuals weren't especially impressive but I'll take greater options over better visuals.

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Controversially, it doesn't have one. The developer says not enough people use it to justify the cost. That disappoints me but there is at least a bumper cam.

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Got to agree. I only played Bayonetta post patch and I loved it to bits. It's one of my favourite games of this gen. I never really had any issues.

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The 12GB price looks unflattering against the price of the 160GB model. What is the RRP of the 160GB model though?

Sorry I don't have time to check myself.

If retailers have been heavily discounting it to get rid of their remaining stock, and the RRP is actually around the £240 mark, then the price of the 12GB model isn't that bad.

However, I'd still advise newcomers to pick up the older models as they have some attractive p...

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Sorry the site's down guys. All Go Daddy sites affected.

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If you play through at a sensible pace (i.e. not playing with a point to prove), it'll probably last about 10 hours.

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The title simply reflects its rise from the shadows to become the most talked about game in the word in just over a week. That's mostly down to a smart reveal campaign and the quality of the developer, because we still don't actually know that much about it. Nevertheless, it has been dominating headlines on N4G and elsewhere and trendjng worldwide on Twitter, and it will continue to generate this buzz for a while yet.

This is the entertainment business though, and the...

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It makes a change from blaming it on players boozing and sexing on the night before games.

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The first thing everyone should do when faced with customisation tools is test the parameters - see how fat/skinny/tall/short you can make your character and find the most ridiculous outfit.

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I'd really like to see one of the major companies design a War of the Worlds game. A studio like Naughty Dog could create something very special.

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I have a feeling Uncharted 3 will jump up to 95 by the time all the reviews are in.

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