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Probably not, considering Nintendo doesn't like to live on the same plane of existence as everyone else. :) #2.1
Am I? Considering that Nintendo doesn't really seem to care too much about the franchise, what is wrong with my advice? When Metroid's 25th anniversary came around Nintendo didn't even acknowledge it. Yet Kirby got a special celebration.

So if Nintendo doesn't want to do right by the character, why shouldn't someone else? #1.1
I'm not a fan of a console being called the "Fusion." I immediately think "hipster" or something along those lines. #1.1
Not so in the case of the XB1. Did you forget Microsoft's original plan was that it was to be an always-on device? The patch for it is a result of Microsoft doing a complete turnaround on the original concept. #3.1
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It's not meant to be an opinion centered around Doom & Gloom but one of caution given the performance of the current generation with the 360 and PS3.

The PS4 and XB1 are much more powerful and complex that involved Sony and Microsoft racing to the finish line as it were. #1.3
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Wait...I'm did I lose credibility by comparing the RAM each system will be using? GDDR3 and GDDR5 are different. That was a major point in the article... #11.1
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I think people are missing the point of this article. It's not looking at the issues of DRM, used games, indie games,launch games, etc. What it is looking at are the specs of both consoles themselves and whether or not one will be more powerful than the other. Or if one will be more suited for next-gen and have a longer lifecycle.

:) #10
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You missed out on some good WWII games then! #2.1
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The problem is that developers fall into a set path where there is no innovation and everyone is making the same kind of game. It happened for WW2 games and it is happening again with modern-themed games. Time to break the cycle! #3.1
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You don't want to hear me rap. Your ears would bleed... #1.1
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I'm not so sure although I will definitely be one of the first people to buy DayZ when it finally comes out. #3.1
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I'm guessing you didn't read the article itself to see what conclusions were drawn? #2.1
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Deadlines are needed in order to set goals for the team. But developers/publishers need to realize that they need to push these deadlines back if their product doesn't reach a certain standard. Just because they can patch it later doesn't mean they can release a game in a poor state. #13
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I've never thought my age has had anything to do with my opinion. :)

I have always been open to change so long as I think it is good. I was happy when cell phones went to touch screen. I was ecstatic when expensive cartridges were dropped in favor of CDs (which allowed games to be cheaper). I was, and still am, a supporter of Kinect although I believe that Microsoft dropped the ball on that.

I understand what Microsoft is trying to accomplish. However I&... #3.1.3
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I agree, it does seem more like a single-player/co-op game rather than an MMO. Of course EA's decision to make it available only on Origin also didn't help it much either. #1.1.1
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So are many MMO games yet hackers are able to reverse engineer them and create private servers along with duping items. As for third-party selling it happens all the time. It is, in fact, very easy to do.

And as I explained in the editorial they are already working on the crack and will be able to play on their own servers, by themselves, without having to log into (which many players wish they could do).

On top of that... #1.1.2
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But it's not going to work. All it accomplishes is making things inconvenient for the honest consumer and even turning some of those consumers, who would have bought it, into pirates themselves.

There is no benefit to it whatsoever because it doesn't accomplish its goals in the first place. #1.2.1
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It's all about control at this point. Unless people stop buying games with these restrictions then publishers/deveopers will continue to adapt them. #1.1
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This isn't going to stop them in the slightest. The always-on DRM has already proven a huge failure by UbiSoft and Blizzard will be no different.

The only difference they will make is making Diablo 3 the most pirated game ever. #1.1.3
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Well these issues will continue on for, at the most, the rest of the week before Blizzard finally gets a grip on things. If it takes longer...well... #3
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