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Aye, but I still enjoy playing it. :)

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I know right!? But it pains me that so many PC gamers are buying their products and registering for Uplay. I stopped buying Ubisoft games years ago for the way they treated PC gamers and haven't played any of them games in all of this time.

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I'm not a fan of Early Access games charging high prices/retail prices for an unfinished product. It is nothing more than asking people to pay in order to beta test the game.

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hopefully it will eventually come to consoles.

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The game features controller support though I don't know which controllers can be used with it. But it would be a safe bet that a 360 controller should work. That tends to be the most supported controller on PC.

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A PR rep confirmed that 200,000 copies have indeed sold and that it hit 300,000 sales today.

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I want to apologize for the erroneous reporting that the game sold 200,000. According to SteamSpy, the game sold around 160,000 copies within 48 hours. The 200,000 number comes from a press release from Studio Wildcard stated that 200,000 survivors have started their adventure. Unfortunately, the numbers were mixed up but have been corrected.

Again, my apologies for this egregious error and the article has been edited.

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I don't blame you for waiting. I'm getting really tired of PC gamers being punished simply because they purchased one GPU over the other. Then again, most of the fault, from what I've seen, lies with Nvidia. That company has really become an arrogant bully over the years.

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I plan to get this on Early Access myself when I've got the funds for it. I've been waiting for a game like this for quite a while.

Hopefully, its success will get someone out there to make a good Turok game.

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That, or create better MOBAs? Smite has been doing pretty well and I'm curious to learn more about Crytek's MOBA if they ever finish it.

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I agree that it can be very lucrative for developers to make their games a multi-platform game. Though, as a PC gamer, it pains me to agree that you are correct that the PC doesn't generate that kind of money.

However, I would have to say that you are partially correct. There are entire genres on the PC, that don't really exist on consoles, which are able to generate a ton of money. MMOs and MOBAs immediately come to mind (strategy games as well). However, when it com...

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I wouldn't be surprised either.

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I doubt 2K games would want to make it more complex considering that Enemy Unknown was eventually ported to mobile devices. Considering that Take-Two is most likely increasing its focus on mobile, it wouldn't surprise me if XCOM 2 is being developed with an eventual port to mobile this time around.

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Unfortunately, we don't have access to Enemy Unknown's sales figures, so that is just an assumption.

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For an RTS I game, I would definitely agree with you. However, XCOM is turn-based, which makes it more forgivable for controllers.

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More of Interplay's catalog is supposed to be released in the near future. But they don't have many games left. Sadly, they don't have Armada, Bridge Commander, or Elite Force. Those games were created by other developers. But I hope that this initial push will create a huge demand for the rest of the Star Trek video games out there.

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Yes it is! And I am so happy that someone is finally offering digital copies of Star Trek games.

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Can't reply to your comment directly, but I experienced texture popping, screen tearing, and the game freeze often while playing on a mid-range PC swapping between an AMD Radeon R9 280 and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 (it's all in the view).

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Agreed. However, I had several issues with GTA V as well that reminded me of the GTA IV port and its issues. If it weren't for the issues I encountered with GTA V, I would have given the game a perfect score.

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I love to cook. Gives me a chance to listen to some podcasts and take a break from gaming.

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