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Microsoft supporting the PC platform? Don't make me laugh!

They refused to bring Halo Collection to PC there is no chance for Halo 5.

Personally I couldn't give a crap one way or another Halo 1 and 2 on PC weren't that good so no point bringing Halo 5 to PC without the others in the storyline.

I wish MS would just stop with the whole supporting PC crap and never do. It happens every year hehe.

Stick to your toy bo... #14
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This was a mistake and DSfix has been cleared.

NamcoBandai were looking for uploaded files with the debug mode in and the company handling the DMCAs thought DSfix had that debug mode included. #7
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What's this "disc" thing you speak of?

I just downloaded and pressed play on my PC.

If you know how to look after your PC there is no tinkering around. You just download and go.

The consoles have more tinkering around than modern PCs these days.

And the PC version is silky smooth on my PC so PC is the best version IMO.

Just like MGS5 Phantom Pain will be on PC :) #3.3
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Already buying the FFXIII trilogy on PC. I have FFXIII and FFXIII-2 just waiting for Lightning Returns now in 2015 :)

It's a good idea for PC gamers but console gamers already had access to these games so I don't see any point in a trilogy release for them. #14
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I wish these archaic companies would wake up and join the 21st Century instead of trying to stop something they can't hope to stop.

Price your products reasonably and maybe people wouldn't pirate it in the first place. This goes for all media companies trying to stop piracy.

RIAA, BMI, MPAA, BFI, all these so-called groups representing media need to wake up and change your ways. It's the internet age now embrace it or die trying to destroy it. You... #8
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Console fanboys and the gaming media have been saying PC gaming is dead for the past 15-20 years.

I guess they can't say that any more considering how well it's doing now.

Karma's a bitch :) #3.2.1
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Discounting the Xbox and games this early in the generation is cheapening the Xbox brand and people will expect it to stay at that price permanently.

When it doesn't MS will be in trouble.

This isn't Microsoft being generous to consumers but being desperate for market share as they are losing everything what they gained last generation within the first year.

They'll pay the price when it comes to profits of the Xbox division or la... #4
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Steam install base is over 100 million now :)

Ever since the Xbox was released MS abandoned the PC platform for their kids toy :)

It's their loss PC gaming is doing much better without them. #1.2.1
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Why shouldn't they? Windows is a Microsoft platform just as Xbox is.

One of them just gets all the MS games and support the other doesn't.

Why should anyone pay to play online? We already pay for our internet. MS did try to charge PC gamers with Xbox Live crap and we told them to fk off.

I'm actually quite happy for MS to stay away from PC gaming as it's thrived without them. MS are nothing but bad news for the gaming industry... #7.1
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As usual for Microsoft this is short term gains for long term losses.

Microsoft have never managed to keep the momentum going throughout any of their consoles lifetimes.

Original Xbox lasted 4-5 years and was completely dumped with no support for it whatsoever after Xbox360 came out.

For Xbox360 they had hardly any exclusives the last 2-3 years.

Compare that to the competition and they lost the marathon due to exhaustion.
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MS didn't publish Ryse and Dead Rising 3 on PC, Crytek and Capcom did.

MS had nothing to do with the PC versions even though it's their OS. That's how much MS supports PC gaming. Not a lot! #8.3
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Square-Enix wouldn't survive with just Xbox platform. They are barely surviving now with the previous multiplats never mind just releasing on one platform.

Just like Crytek hasn't done that well releasing Ryse exclusively on Xbox One. They nearly went bankrupt and had to release Ryse on PC too to recoup lost profits.

Xbox isn't the king anymore and never really was it was all just in MS and the fanboys heads. They haven't won a single console... #11.1
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Yes it would. Microsoft just bought the exclusivity rights nothing more.

They didn't fund the game Respawn and EA did.

Microsoft isn't the publisher of Titanfall. #2.3
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£16 on Xbox One? WTF? Game of Thrones is £23 for PC on steam.

Something dodgy is going on here. Looks like Microsoft had a hand in the pricing for the game and gave Telltale a back hander.

Such underhand tactics just to win the console race but hurting the gaming industry in the long term. Same shit, different day for MS. #9
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The sad part is that Call of Duty was quite popular on PC years ago when it was PC exclusive.

PC gamers have just moved away from the franchise when it became apparent that Activision was moving more towards console gaming than PC.

If Bioware leave out or delay the PC version of Mass Effect 4 it will be their biggest mistake they'll ever make including Dragon Age 2. #4.1
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And how many X360s did Microsoft get returned when the RROD fiasco hit? I bet that was a few million as well considering the failure rate was around 30%.

Microsoft have been fudging numbers for years just like my UK government :) #1.10.1
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Sony announced they'd sold 10 mil to customers at Gamescom back in August.

It's Microsoft who have been very coy with their sold to customers figures. Still no one knows what the Xbone total sales are apart from the 5 million sold they announced back in April. #1.1.23
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If the people who says "Rape" in gaming had actually been raped and abused in real life they wouldn't say it at all.

It's pure ignorance from a generation who really don't give a shit about anyone but themselves. #8
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I bought it day 1 on PC and that FoV slider is pathetic. I don't even think it works properly.

It's just a slider with no numbers and no indication of how high FoV you are setting.

And today supposedly they are adding in nvidia fur which was advertised for launch.

Ubisoft really need to get their act together. The goodwill they have will soon evaporate and they'll be on the same blacklist as EA and Activision. Many people have put... #6.1
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You seriously think PS4 will get a 1080p patch for this game?

It's not the graphics card that's holding both consoles back but the weak ass CPUs.

GPUs aren't used for AI in games CPUs are and the consoles CPUs are pathetic compared to the amount of unified RAM and GPUs used.

Wake up Sony and MS sold you a bottlenecked system for the next several years :) #2.2
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