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Can't wait for this game. I'm one of the backers on kickstarter and I get access to the early alpha of the game when the kickstarter ends tomorrow :) #4
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I play a few AAA games a year but most of the time it's indie or Early Access games like ARK Survival Evolved, World of Warships or a little known gem called Big Pharma :)

I'm just getting back into XCOM as well ready for XCOM 2 release and I've already preordered Fallout 4.

I have no qualms preordering games if I was going to get the game no matter what and sometimes you can get preorder games quite a bit cheaper than at release. So win win :) <... #7.2
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If a developer is serious about developing games for PC they won't risk their reputation and financial gains by releasing bad, broken or fraudulent games on PC.

They are soon found out by word of mouth and condemned by PC gamers.

Take your example for instance WarZ was removed from steam by Valve due to a lot of PC gamers complaining about the lack of quality and dodgy dealings from the developers.
They were told to improve the game before it was... #15.1
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For me I think it will always be PC but it depends what games you like to play.

I tend to favour indie and other lesser known games than the big hollywood blockbuster titles.

If you know what you're doing and do your research PC gaming is just as accessible as consoles now if not more so.

I haven't used my DVD drive for years as all my games are digital on steam, gog, origin, uplay etc.

I just download and play. #12.1
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It's only a console world when it comes to big budget AAA gaming.

Before Batman came out I hadn't played a so-called AAA game for months on PC. I normally stick to indie titles or Early Access games that aren't available on consoles yet.

Btw I don't consider Witcher 3 as a AAA game as it was developed and published exclusively by CD Projekt RED on PC so it's still an amazing indie game on PC. It surpasses the quality of what most AAA games... #10.2
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Well Witcher 3 sold 1.4 million just on PC of a total of 4 million but that was a week or 2 ago.

The PS4 might have the big numbers in the first month but what about in a year or 2 time when the PC version will still be selling?

Consoles are created for short term profits but PC is for the long term.

Look at Skyrim on PC it's still going strong 4 years later because of mods and the long term sales on PC.

Another example... #6.4
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Lego Worlds is an Early Access game on steam so that means it's either in beta or alpha stage of development.

Why do people buy Early Access games and expect them to work like a finished game?

Don't try to blame PC gaming as a whole because you bought into an alpha and are having problems.

This is your fault for not understanding what Early Access means like a lot of people who buy EA games then bitch and moan... #2.1.3
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The only reason the UK had a large Xbox360 base was because the PS3 was delayed in Europe for over a year so many people bought a new console and stuck with it.

The PS4 is doing a lot better in UK this time as both consoles launched at same time.

Before Xbox360 the UK was a Playstation stronghold.

The Xbox isn't going to disappear but it will get watered down and merged with all Microsoft's products. There s... #1.1.17
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It's disgusting that Rocksteady didn't have the integrity to treat all their customers with the same respect.

If they weren't willing to port the game themselves and do the PC version any justice they shouldn't have released it on PC at all.

I can do without publishers and developers who have no passion for the PC platform when they just treat it as an afterthought.

It's pathetic. I hope this hits R... #5.1.2
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Or Sony has the exclusive marketing campaign for PS4 version :)

If they weren't making money on PC version why the hell are they bothering to try and quickly fix the game?

Broken PC ports from lazy ass console devs you mean.

The Witcher 3 works great on PC so do many other games from developers that actually take some pride in their work.

You're just another console fanboy that hates it when the attention isn't on... #4.2.2
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I'll repeat what I said above.

"WB games on PC are nearly always a buggy and broken mess i.e. Arkham City, Arkham Origins, Arkham knight and Mortal Kombat X.

They have a pretty shitty reputation on PC already before Arkham Knight was released."

How about you STFU as you don't know the whole story so you just barged in and started calling people names for no reason whatsoever.

I'm g... #17.1
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Batman Arkham Knight has not been cracked yet.


WB Games on PC are nearly always a buggy and broken mess i.e. Arkham City, Arkham Origins, Arkham knight and Mortal Kombat X.

They have a pretty shitty reputation on PC already before Arkham Knight was released. #1.3.4
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Don't compare The Witcher 3 with this abomination of piss poor QA, lack of any care for the PC version and they still tried to fob it off with a £35 price tag + £33 season pass.

There's 2 differences between Batman and Witcher 3.

One is a GOTY contender and the other one was recalled due to laziness and greed. #13.1
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This was more of a hotfix.

They've said they'll be patching the game for the next few months to bring the game up to the standards they want from a PC game.

I bet they wished they'd not pawned off the PC version onto a 3rd party now as this is going to cost them more than it saved outsourcing it. #5.3
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All patches for consoles have been put on hold till the PC version is working as intended even DLC for the season pass has been postponed.

This has been one complete mess by WB Games and Rocksteady. They tried to cut corners on the PC version and it's ended up costing them a lot more as well as a tainted reputation.

I've never known any game be recalled because of poor quality in all my years of gaming (30+).

Let's hope other publ... #27.1
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The people voting me down have no idea what the game is like to play atm.

This isn't a game in beta but in alpha so there's memory leaks, poor optimisations and bugs galore.

The Xbox will struggle to play this game and I don't think Microsoft should want ARK in the Xbox Preview program till it's in better shape. #2.1.4
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It's MS and Sony's network infrastructure and if they feel some mods are a security risk they won't allow them.

You'll have no say on the matter. I thought console gamers knew this when they bought the systems.

Consoles are a closed platform so you do what the console makers say and like it. #3.1.1
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It's shit by a console developer who couldn't be arsed to port the game to PC themselves so they fobbed it off to a shitty 12 man dev team and thought that would be good enough.

Pathetic! #2.1.4
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Good luck to them. It won't run on Xbox as it only just runs well on high end PCs. I struggle running the game at 15-20 fps on my mid range PC.

The game has quite poor optimisation atm but is getting better as more updates come out. #2.1
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Is it? The amount of flak from customers and gaming media will surely hurt their bottom line.

Many PC gamers are getting a refund on steam due to the shoddy port.

I don't think releasing a broken game is worth it at all.

"A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad." - Shigeru Miyamoto #3.1.3
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