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I do. Developers asked for more RAM so they got that but that came at a price of less power in CPU/GPUs.

If they'd added more RAM and better CPU/GPU combo people would have to pay much more than what they have done.

Probably around the £5-600 ($7-800) range for a new console with the upgraded components.

Would console gamers be will to pay that price for a proper "next gen" console? I think not. #2.1.4
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The Xbox division is one of the lowest profit makers for Microsoft.

Their money comes from Office and other software like Windows OS selling to the corporate businesses.

The Xbox is a small fish in a big ocean for MS.

You might think the Xbox is massively important to MS but it doesn't make it true. #1.2.6
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Yeah easier for them not for the customer. Therein lies the problem.

The publishers should be doing whatever they can to give the customer the product they paid for not handing out codes to download a 30GB+ game on a 2Mbit connection with 20GB cap.

I couldn't give a shit about making it easier for the publisher to monitor sales.

You paid for a physical copy you should get a physical copy with the discs, box and manual not an IOU for steam. #4.1
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You bought the game. I say you lost out like a lot of us actually expecting a Battlefront game and we got CoD in Star Wars tights.

You lose some and you lose some more. AAA gaming in a nut shell :) #64.3
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Publishers will do anything to save a bit of money. Case in point WB Games with Batman AK for PC. Doesn't always work out cheaper in the long run but most companies look at the short term not long.

If someone buys a physical box on PC it should include box, DVDs and maybe a manual. not just a code for steam. There's a reason for buying physical and that normally has to do with having crappy internet with download caps.

If I buy a Bluray movie I expect... #3
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No console is getting anything exclusive, official DLC or player made, first.

The PC will be getting the player made mods first unless console gamers want to try a hand at making their own damn mods instead of leeching off PC user mods :P

Just received the first beta patch as well for Fallout 4 on PC. Not much to it yet but it's a start. #4
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This game could have been so much more.

It could have been Battlefront 3 but it's not. It's just a shallow FPS that will get repetitive sooner rather than later. Just like Titanfall did.

I'm guessing EA are milking it for all it's worth (£50 game + £40 season pass) before it becomes irrelevant.

A shame really. The lore, history and universe is there to be exploited to create an amazing game but they settled for a Ba... #14
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Don't make excuses for multi billion dollar publishers.

This happens time and time again and they only have the US side to deal with atm.

The EU/UK gamers don't get to play till Thursday at the earliest. Is the same thing going to happen then too?

It's time one of these publishers, especially EA with their big portfolio of MP games, learned how to manage launch day numbers on their MP titles without the servers struggling every bl... #2.1.2
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The original platforms of Tomb Raider was PC, PS and Saturn.

I'd love to play Rise of the TR on PC but MS and SE took that away from me till sometime in 2016 for a platform that has never been synonymous with the Tomb Raider franchise. #24.1
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You'll be waiting a long time then.

Supposedly Q1 2016 for PC release so 3-4 months time if it's not delayed and 12 months for PS4 version.

It will be a all but forgotten release by the time it comes out on other platforms. #10.1
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I'll play this game till I get bored of it like I did Titanfall.

I am in no way paying £40 for the season pass.

I played Titanfall for a month or 2 till it became repetitive and boring. I haven't been back since.

I'm still playing Fallout 4 and then there's AC syndicate on same day as Battlefront and Just Cause 3 2 weeks later.

I expect I'll be playing Battlefront a lot less than I did Titanfall with... #31
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If it wasn't for these cdkey sellers I wouldn't buy any game at £40-50 each.

These cdkeys have to come from an official in the first place or people wouldn't be able to activate them on steam, origin or gog.

Why are you on a crusade to close them down? What do you gain from these places disappearing?

You seem to have an ulterior motive and I'm not sure what that is atm. #1.2
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It will work.

Many games say the exact same thing they all work.

Windows 10 is just an updated Windows 7/8 really.

Anyone disagreeing doesn't have a clue about PC gaming and how it all works. #4.3.3
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I'm guessing either Microsoft wrote this or they paid for the site to write it.

The consoles will probably get maybe 1% of the mods the PC version gets. Most of the mods won't be suitable for consoles as they'll require more power and resources the consoles don't have at their disposal.

Until consoles can use editors they'll always play 2nd fiddle to PC when it comes to mods.

The PC version will be the definitive version o... #15
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The PC platform is the 2nd most profitable platform just behind the PS4 for Ubisoft. And you're point is? #4.2.2
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And console don't have microtransactions? Give me a break microtransactions all started on consoles.

And where are these ads in PC games?

You really are trying too hard to find any negativity that PC gaming is doing well just to make the consoles revenue appear better than it is.

Your only comeback about PC gamers being pirates and thieves has gone and now you've lost that you're getting desperate and making shit up. #4.3.1
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It's won't. Some people just like to live in ignorant bliss.

It's like talking to a brick wall trying to get through to most console gamers.

We just have to let the financials of the publishers do the talking for us PC gamers. #4.2
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Batman AK still looks a lot better on PC even with all the problems by the shoddy console developer.

You get what you pay for :) #3.3.5
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They owe us a working game if they want us to buy their product.

Otherwise we get a refund for their shoddy work (on PC anyway). #8.2.1
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We also have the divide that Microsoft and Square-Enix created as well with the timed exclusivity of the latest title.

You don't segregate the fanbase if you want a game to do well.

I don't expect the game to sell that well considering the odds aren't exactly stacked in it's favour.

Lowest fanbase on Xbox, timed exclusive on Xbox, sandwiched between Fallout 4, CoD and Battlefront as well as the majority of the fanbase are on P... #3.1
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