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I just wonder which 3rd party game MS will try to acquire to replace Scalebound. I hate E3 as a PC gamer as Sony or Microsoft always try to buy exclusivity rights for one or two games I'm interested in which was already coming to PC before E3.

MS are getting desperate at this point and it's inevitable they'll buy timed or full exclusivity to bulk up their games lineup for E3.

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The kick in the teeth for Microsoft is Nier Automata is coming to PC (supposedly a MS platform according to console gamers) as well.

I have no sympathy for MS. They try to destroy or cancel everything they touch.

MS should just stick to what they know which is corporate software and bow out of the gaming industry if they can't be bothered to invest in it in any way, shape or form.

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VR is still a niche market. I don't think any game developer has made any money on their investment into VR yet. The numbers are too small so until that changes it's not going anywhere.

Does VR have the stamina to last waiting for the tech to become more affordable to the mainstream in the next 3-5 years? Time will tell but I don't see any company making money producing products for VR in the short term.

You need 10's of millions of VR dev...

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It's 4 player coop not a pseudo MMO like The Division so unless your friends abandon you the player base won't suddenly deteriorate.

I haven't heard anything about a PvP multiplayer yet for the game and it releases in March.

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Fallout 4 took 6-7 years to be developed. Star Citizen is on year 4+ so we have 2-3 years before you can start bitching about how long the game takes to develop.

Unless you want to start complaining to Bethesda because their games are taking too long as well. I mean shouldn't we be on Elder Scrolls 6 and 7 by now considering game development only takes 1-2 years according to you and many others :)

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Yeah they are going from Cryengine to Cryengine. Such a change in engines. How ever will they do it? :P

From what I've read they are combining Lumberyard and StarEngine and creating a "super" engine which will cater to both Amazon and CIG going forwards.

Lumberyard has the technologies for creating massive multiplayer titles with support from Amazon's massive Cloud computing servers (AWS) and Twitch streaming. Starengine has the graphica...

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We have hundreds of games coming out on PC each month. Just because consoles only have 5-10 games each month and you only stick to what you know like AAA games or big budget indie games.

Expand your horizons and you might just find some amazing games out there on console and PC instead of just sticking to the usual suspects of AAA gaming.

I'd rather play a good F2P or indie game than the trash we get from a lot of AAA publishers.


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I don't even use Geforce Experience any more. It's a useless program which now requires you to register and login in to use it at all.

Good one nvidia this is one way to push people to AMD for their graphics cards instead of yours :)

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Denuvo DRM hasn't increased sales at all. On some games it's actually detrimental to sales as those people who may have bought a particular game aren't going to now due to the addition of Denuvo.

It all comes down to the publishers if they think it's worth it. I don't see a spike in increased sales so a lot of the time it isn't worth it I think.
I think half the time it's just the company placating the shareholders so their games are per...

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GR Wildlands is 4 player coop game. It's nothing like The Division. It's quite sad that people put down games when they are like other games they didn't like.

Every space game is supposedly going to fail like NMS or every open world combat game will fail like The Division.

Judge the game on it's own merits not ones that have come before it.

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And DayZ is still in Early Access. There hasn't been a survival game that's in Early Access that's been completed yet.

Early Access can be a good thing if the developers are trustworthy and try to finish their game in a timely fashion. Only a few developers are like that. Most of the Early Access games have been abandoned or are stuck in Early Access blackhole never to be completed such as DayZ or H1Z1 to name 2.

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You don't know much about the PC platform do you? Your ignorance is speaks volumes :)

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Yes millions. GTA 5 sold 5.6 million just on steam. There is still Rockstar's own digital platform to take into account as well.

And this was after the 2 years wait as well but the PC version was the definitive version so well worth the wait :)

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Fine by me. Plenty more games out there. It's Rockstar's loss if they don't want to develop their games on PC. RDR is just one game out of the thousands that will come to PC each and every year.

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They don't get full price on console either at retail. With retail stores, MS/Sony, the publisher and cost of distribution all taking a cut of the $60 price. It doesn't leave much left.

On PC it's at least 90% digital so only Valve gets 30% if they put it on steam or they'll get 100% of the profits if Rockstar decide to self publish on their own store like they did with GTA5 on PC.

The price is lower than consoles as there is no royalties ...

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At least PC can run Solitaire at 1080p/60fps unlike consoles :P

Anyway I guess you've never played any PC games before and don't know how many different varieties of games there is on the platform. There's much more than on consoles but you don't want to know that as that would ruin your perfect little console world.

Have a great time playing the same games over and over again with remaster after remaster on consoles. I'll just stick t...

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I'm guessing most of their efforts went into making the PS4 Pro version look good while other versions, namely PC, are very poorly optimised. I guess Bethesda and Arkane will be happy with the amount of refunds happening for the PC version on steam.

Favouring the console versions comes at a price and I don't think they want to lose the revenue from the PC platform if they can help it. Try better next time Arkane/Bethesda or they might not be another.

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You mean what the mainstream plebs prefer. I'll go along with that :)

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It's been in early access for over a year on PC. No excuses anymore. It was planned for release in June 2016.

It already has finished paid DLC for an unoptimised, incomplete game.

That's the definition of taking the piss!

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Yes Call of Duty was once a PC exclusive with a big following but over the last several years it's become a console game and PC gamers just aren't interested any more.

We have better and more numerous games to choose from now so CoD lost it's appeal for the fps community.

To me it's just a casual console fps for the mainstream gamer. It has nothing to offer the core gamer on PC any more.

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