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You only get charged at the end of the kickstarter campaign not before.

The campaign ended prematurely so no one has funded anything.

End of story :) #2.2
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I don't care about some stats I try to do the objectives as Rebels or Imperials.

I don't end up in the top half of the scoreboeard but I had fun playing the map as it was meant to be played :) #2.2.2
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Oh you mean like Assassin's Creed Unity or Batman Arkham Knight?

Not even AAA publishers can polish their games these days it seems and you want a developer that has been crowdfunded by their fellow gamers to be "a lot more polished."

Wake up Star Citizen is still in development and will be for the next 2-3 years.

They showed what they had to appease their funders who just happen to be their fans as wel... #3.2.2
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No need to say anything the Deus Ex dev said it for us :) #4
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You do realise that most competitive PC gamers sacrifice graphics for higher FPS in FPS games.

But most of the time we don't have to sacrifice anything on PC version due to having the system specs to run high fps and great graphics.

The devs only have to make the compromise on consoles due to lack of power and resources at their disposal. #6.2.1
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It's an alpha. What did you expect? A complete and polished game?

It's only been in development for the past 3 years. For a game of this size and scope that's nothing.

Most games like SC take 4-6 years for development you just don't see it at that stage as it's all under wraps.

This is different as it's funded by the PC gaming community so we get to see development from day 1.

Go ask Blizzard or Bethes... #3.2
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This whole thing started with Derek Smart and his obsession with bringing down Chris Roberts and Star Citizen. Now he's got The Escapist magazine involved and things are only going to get messy for both sides.

I think last night on twitter Derek Smart was trying to act coy and deny ever starting all this. Bit late to put the cat back in the bag now Mr NotsoSmart.

I hope Derek Smart and The Escapist get what they deserve for trying to destroy Chris Roberts... #6
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Not one mention of PC gaming. Says it all really.

Typical console marketing at it's best/worst? Not too sure. #3
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I guess Derek Smart got what he wanted. The smearing of Chris Roberts and Star Citizen just because he couldn't create a game with half the scope and depth that Star Citizen will have.

Ignorant gamers believe everything he says without even questioning if he is telling the truth. The man is a parasite on the PC gaming industry and the sooner he quits game development the better.

Blizzard games take years to make but we only see the game when it's full... #17
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All of this has been stirred up by Derek Smart, a has-been indie developer, who created the 3000AD games.

He also has a game in Early Access atm which is Line of Defense. It's a pathetic attempt at developing a game and should never be on steam in any form.

The guy is an arsehole and bans anyone on steam forums that doesn't agree with his opinion of his game.

He can't take any criticisms whatsoever and will hurl abuse at people fo... #1.1.6
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Don't really have anything much on PC to look forward to in October. All the big games have been delayed till November or after like AC Syndicate.

I have enough games to play anyway. I still haven't finished MGS5 or SOMA and Elite Dangerous is taking up all my gaming time atm.

Roll on November I guess :) #6
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You mean console gamers won't accept a digital only future.

It already is digital only on PC these days.

It's console gamers that are dragging their heels all because they'd lose the right to sell their boxed copy to make the games cheaper.

This is why digital will stay so expensive on consoles for the foreseeable future. #1.1.10
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How? The original Fallout series were never on Xbox. The Xbox didn't even exist when they were released in 1997-8.

Xbox and PS2 only got an action RPG, Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel, in 2004. #4.1
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They can't port Fallout 1, 2 and Tactics as they are PC exclusives. You want to play them get a PC. #5.2
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It was announced for a platform many weren't expecting?

Fallout started on the PC the same as Wasteland did.

Fallout 1, 2 and Tactics are the true Fallout games.

Fallout 3 and 4 is akin to what EA did with Syndicate the FPS game just not as bad as that turned out to be.

PC platform is the only one that Fallout Anthology should be on. It's where it all started. #8
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I got the game itself from kinguin a few weeks ago when it was cheaper at £21.

I got the Season pass at for £14.24 for PC version yesterday.

I don't mind preordering when I can get it a lot cheaper than what steam and other stores are selling the games for.

Atm steam are selling Fallout 4 for £40 and many other games for £50. #4
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Lol of course it'll be better than PC and PS4 if you bring more compute power into the equation.

It's not Xbox One becoming more powerful but the azure servers propping up a wheezing Xbox console.

If people have a poor internet connection it'll struggle for those people though. That's not something I would wish to gamble on. It may create a 2 tier customer base. Those that have decent internet and those that don'... #6.1.6
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If Microsoft don't want their customers to play with others that's fine but MS servers are no better than anyone else's. Square will provide the servers like all MMO developers do and FFXIV is not Microsoft's game so they have no right to control anything.

If MS don't want to play ball then I say leave them out in the dust. It's just another game that won't be coming to their system because of their draconian and cl... #4.2.4
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The thing with exclusives these days is most of them are just console or timed exclusives as they are coming to or already on PC.
There is very few 1st party exclusives now on either consoles.

PC is the one platform that has the best of both worlds. We get console exclusives, PC exclusives and multiplatform games and yet many people think PC has no exclusives or any good games for that matter.

Maybe if you did a little research you would realise that... #53
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I really couldn't give a shit about MGO on PC. I got the game for the single player game not the tacked on MP crap.

So Konami can do or say whatever they like they'll be out of the videogame business soon enough. #3
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