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Prove it!

I'll be waiting for your 100% irrefutable proof that all keys on G2A are stolen.

If you can't prove a damn thing, STFU!

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I'm getting the game on PC next week (7th July) on Steam.

I will also be getting Cuphead and Below on Steam as well when released unless they are on GoG too.

I don't care about exclusives as long as developers respect each platforms strengths and weaknesses and release the best version for each platform.

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And you'll be taking your debt and converting to Euro if you vote for independence and join the EU after a few years.

It's your choice but I don't see rejoining the EU as being independent.

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Nothing is going to happen till 2-3 years after Article 50 is started and we officially leave the EU.

We are still under EU law till then and nothing will change.

The financial markets plummeted as they are scared of change and wanted to cash in on the volatility of the situation. They are parasites feeding off the vulnerable citizens of the UK or any other country that wants change.

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I was going to vote Remain a couple of days before the referendum but then Juncker opened his big mouth about Cameron getting what he wanted and wouldn't be getting anything else from EU in the form of reforms.

That was the turning point for me as I knew there was never going to be any reforms in the EU so I voted to Leave.

I'm 39 and working class, not a racist or bigot. Just wanted my country back and be able to manage immigration ourselves and ...

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Does anyone? If there's no numbers from Microsoft shouting it from the rooftops it means they didn't sell well at all. Just like when they don't announce any sales numbers for Xbox One.

No arrogant PR person from MS announcing sales numbers means the sales were shit so they are trying to save face and change the subject to XLive numbers instead.

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With the prices they charge on Windows Store for subpar Xbox ports they have a long way to go.

Like I've said before I won't be buying anything from their store so it might as well not exist for me and many other PC gamers.

Using UWP is just shooting themselves in both feet and then jumping off a cliff just to make sure :)

I'm tired of Microsoft thinking they can just come back after 10+ years away from PC platform and try t...

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I'm a PC gamer with Windows 10 and I've opened the Store once but I will never use it to buy games with.

I don't care what Xbox exclusive games they bring to PC on Windows Store they are still console ports with poor optimisation and limited technical settings that PC gamers are used to.

Plus the price on the Store is much higher than what we pay for digital games on PC and there is no where else to buy them from unlike the other stores like U...

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You aren't getting any PC exclusives. Microsoft doesn't have any say on any PC games that's up to the PC developers/publishers.

Over the years Microsoft have published very few PC games as they are a console manufacturer and publisher now.

No one has said Steam is coming to Xbox. They might be making a deal for Xbox exclusives to come to Steam but neither Valve nor Microsoft have any power over PC games on Steam.
Steam is a store fro...

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I don't see the PC platform as a rival to the consoles. They are 2 distinct systems and demographics.

Consoles are a static and non-upgradable closed gaming platform and the PC is an ever changing open platform with far greater multimedia functionality not just for gaming purposes.

It was Microsoft that brought the PC platform into the fray to compete against consoles when they brought out the Xbox and stole quite a few PC exclusives i.e. Halo, Alan W...

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Ori and the blind forest, Cuphead, We happy few, Recore and Scalebound are not 1st party games.

Cuphead and We Happy Few isn't being published by Microsoft either.

I backed We Happy Few on kickstarter so I already have access to the pre alpha on steam and I will be getting Cuphead on steam as well.

The games above have nothing to do with Microsoft. They only have a say on 1st party games and that is p...

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Hehe how little you know. Most PC gamers hate Microsoft with a passion like myself. We have a much longer history with Microsoft than Xbox gamers and know how they operate and it isn't good.

We ain't being converted to Xbox at all.

Microsoft have already lost the PC platform to Steam, GoG, Uplay and Origin while they were off creating a console to compete against PC gaming.

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No platform is the "master race" but the consoles, especially PS4, were propped up by PC indies in it's first few months/year of it's existence. Without those indie games you'd have had very few games to play on PS4.

Exclusives isn't something to be proud of. They exist to give each console some relevance and purpose. Without exclusives they lose all that and people might as well game exclusively on PC.

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I would prefer it if developers would do a bit more R&D on improving AI than higher graphics fidelity and resolutions.

4k resolution isn't obtainable for many people even if you have a machine that can do it. You still need the display to output at 4k. That is still a very small niche market even on PC platform.

It seems like Microsoft are trying to skip a few generations with 4k. How about taking baby steps and trying 1440p or 2k first then 4k wh...

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I reckon quite a few as there hasn't been a massive performance improvement for PC gaming till now with 1070/1080 and 480. We are also getting new CPUs from Intel and AMD this year and next as well.

End of 2017 is a long time technology wise with new improvements and iterations of new and existing graphics cards and CPUs coming thick and fast for the next 2-3 years for the PC platform.

I will be upgrading my PC within the next year which will match an...

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Microsoft didn't build my PC I did :) I borrowed their OS to play games on but the rest I bought and built myself.

People seem to think Microsoft own the PC platform they don't. No one does as it's an open platform which Microsoft hates btw as they have no control over it.

If, and it's a BIG if, Steam or GoG do go to Xbox they won't have access to all the PC games library as some games are exclusive to PC and PS. I would be a massive u...

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How's that going to work when some games are exclusive to PC and PS4 like No Man's Sky or Street Fighter 5?

You aren't going to get access to the full library of games on PC platform if you even get steam or gog on your console in the first place.

PC developers can sell their soul to Microsoft but that doesn't mean PC gamers will buy their games if they do. There isn't that many PC developers anyway as most devs are multiplatform now. ...

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No you don't.

Microsoft abandoned trying to charge PC gamers for Live years ago and they won't be trying it again due to the massive backlash they got last time.

The Windows Store is free for all games on Windows 10 for PC gamers. That doesn't mean we actually want to use it though instead of something like Steam, GoG Galaxy, Uplay or Origin.

I haven't used it for any games yet and I don't intend to. It's an app ...

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What you don't seem to get is PC gamers don't want to be associated with the Xbox brand so no amount of exclusive games will get PC gamers to buy from Windows Store when we have to deal with UWP and severely limited console options developed into the games.

It doesn't help when the price of games have been inflated to £45-50 ($64-71) and are poorly optimised for the PC. There is only one place we can buy these games from too ...

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Microsoft only has any say over the games they publish. You'll have to buy an actual PC if you want to play the rest of the PC games from other developers and publishers.

It amazes me that people actually think Microsoft has complete control over the PC platform. They do not and will never have that. It's an open platform whereas Microsoft loves closed platforms they can control like the Xbox.

I'll never support their UWP/Windows Store initiat...

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