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Wasn't Tomb Raider supposedly the competition for Uncharted 4 that Microsoft wanted?

It seems a bit of a moot point now that Uncharted has been delayed till 2016 hehe.

Well good luck to both consoles fighting a battle they aren't actually fighting anymore :P

I'll just enjoy my PC gaming in piece and if Tomb Raider comes to PC so be it :) #17
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Then MS will have to pay SE/CD for all the lost profits from the other platforms.

Can't have it both ways. MS will lose more money if they had to compensate SE for lost profits due to the exclusivity deal. #6.2
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Yes. #1.2.2
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The devs are concentrating on the PC version atm.

So the consoles are only there so they can make their money back nothing more.

The PC platform is where the devs main focus is. They are PC developers after all. #13.1
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The Witcher series started on PC and the first Witcher will always remain PC exclusive due to the engine involved.

Enjoy what you've been given as you probably won't be getting a trilogy remake at all on consoles. #11.1
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It runs fine on my mid spec PC and btw we've had more patches than the consoles so far as they have to wait for every single one to be certified by Sony/MS.

PC version might be on 1.04 or 1.05 by time consoles get 1.03 :P #17.1
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And without the PC there wouldn't even be a Witcher series in the first place :)

As usual the consoles come in at the last hurdle and try to take all the glory.

It's a big game for a small company so they needed a multiplatform release but The Witcher 3 would have been made regardless if it was just on PC but it wouldn't have been an open world masterpiece without the extra money from all platforms.

They developed Witcher 2 just f... #10
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Well that's not true. I'm a PC gamer and I play all sorts of games from Terraria to Rust to Witcher 3 and many more games that console gamers will have never even heard of.

Graphics are secondary for me, good gameplay, game mechanics and story/immersion is paramount to being a good game.

Most of the AAA games go for graphics over deep gameplay and most of them suck. They are so shallow and void of life that most of them aren&#... #1.1.3
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Like I said they supply the OS and that's it.

What first party games have Microsoft brought over to PC from Xbox apart from Halo 1&2 and their mobile RTS's?

They closed down all their PC development studios like Ensemble Studios to support Xbox exclusively.

And if game distribution ≠ PC gaming industry WTF does? Without Steam, GoG and the rest of the digital stores PC gaming would have died long ago w... #2.1.5
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Hehe not a chance I will ever move from Steam or GoG to Microsoft Xbox crap.

Most of my games are on Steam and GoG so MS don't even bother trying to compete you are late to the party as usual :) #3.1.2
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Microsoft should get one thing straight they are not in charge of PC gaming.

The gamers and developers are along with Valve, GoG and other digital stores.

It's an open platform where MS has no say in where it is heading or what happens to it in the future. They supply the OS and that's it.

MS abandoned the PC platform for Xbox console over a decade ago and they'll never be welcomed back. #2.1.1
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Well if companies think people are going to pay ridiculous amounts of money for what essentially is a gimmick tech they will be sadly mistaken too :)

It has to be priced right or it won't reach mainstream gaming at all and will be a complete waste of time and money to research and develop the devices. #1.2.1
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As long as it isn't paying for multiplatform exclusives to deny games going to other platforms.

That's not how you win people over. It just pisses most people off and condemns the developer to lower sales than it originally would have got being multiplat.

But this is Microsoft of course and they always do something shitty at E3. They don't seem to want to support or create a studio to produce exclusive game but leech off 3rd party developers inste... #1.1.2
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People can leak the preload all they want but they can't play it yet.

It's just useless data till CDPR release the patch on 19th May. #4.4.1
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WTF I wish The Witcher series had stayed PC exclusive if all you are going to do is complain about some media from 2013 not looking like it is now.

I don't remember any of this BS when Witcher 1 and 2 was PC exclusive it's only happening now because Witcher 3 is launching on consoles and PC simultaneously.

None of the console fanboys knew what The Witcher was a few years ago as supposedly PC gaming was dead according to you guys. Funny how things chan... #9
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It's the REDengine built from the ground up by CD Projekt RED to power their games.

You obviously haven't played any of their games if you think the engine is crap.

Why would they use a 3rd party engine when they have their own? That makes no sense.

REDengine is a great engine and is highly customisable to fit in with the games CDPR create.

Frostbite and Unreal 4 are generic engines REDengine is custom built. #27.2
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You can't say PC gamers are pirating the game as it's not even cracked yet. It might just be impatient PC gamers wanting to dl the files before release who have already bought the game but haven't got access to their cd keys and preload yet.

So much presumptions from console gamers and publishers when they don't know the full story.

The only versions that have been leaked and are fully playable are the console ver... #25.1.2
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I'll be playing ARK in just over 2 weeks :D

Can't wait. #9.2.2
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Personally as a PC gamer I think the Witcher 3 looks great.

I don't think the downgrade if there was one will detract from the gameplay on offer at all.

It's a massive game with so much to do and see a bit of graphical effects isn't going to ruin the adventure.

On PC we will have mods and SweetFX configs to create the 2013 atmosphere if we wanted to. So I'm not worried at all about it. #20
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If we stole everything you wouldn't be waiting to play The Witcher 3 on Tuesday as it wouldn't exist.

So much ignorance from console gamers. You buy into the stereotypes that all PC gamers are pirates from the AAA publishers but never think for yourselves.

PC gamers buy just as much games as console gamers do but over a longer period of time.

PC sales is the long game, consoles is the very short game. #24.1
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