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Prove it.

If these sales numbers are wrong then Microsoft will have to correct these numbers or people will have no choice to believe EA's number are correct.

Either way it's on Microsoft to publish the correct sales figures which they've been avoiding for the last few years.

Microsoft can only fudge their PR announcements for so long before many more people will be asking questions about why Microsoft won't publish sal...

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You sure Remedy are developing Quantum Break 2 after last time? Remedy didn't seem to like how they were treated by Microsoft and have already found a new partner for their next games.

Microsoft can't keep relying on their typical Halo, Gears, Forza lineup of games. It's getting boring as that's the only games Xbox is known for and nothing else.

MS will buy an exclusive 3rd party JRPG and think that will save them. It won't.

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@cigi No it's not it's $30.

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Where are these good reviews? I've read one where they also comment on the same bugs and unpolished nature of the game just like the first game.

They also mention everyone is tethered to the host of the game in coop and when they venture too far from them they are teleported back to them. That doesn't sound like a 2018 game more like a game from 1998.

The game is too similar to the first game. The developers don't seem to have learned anything...

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Valve isn't like Microsoft or EA. They don't just buy them, publish one game and then close the studio after they've done with them. They'll support them and encourage them to make better games with the extra resources available.

This is good news for Campo Santo and gamers especially PC gamers.

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Crackdown 3 is coming to PC so not exclusive at all.

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Microsoft aren't hardware manufacturers at all though. They have always been a software development studio but not with games but corporate programs like Office or Windows Server and still are to this day. That's where they make most of their money.

The Xbox division is just a small part of what Microsoft is. They don't seem to have any passion for making games for their console or want to invest in it in case it fails. They've always had one foot out the do...

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Never heard of this game. Didn't even know it was on Steam as there are so many games released on steam each and every week.

Not every game can sell well on steam but it does get a very positive rating so maybe the developer needs to have some patience and not be so short term like a lot of the AAA devs are.

Games on PC sell throughout the year over many years. It's not a platform that cares about the first week or month.

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So? Microsoft supplies the OS nothing more. They don't own the PC platform.

If anyone owns the PC platform it is the PC gamers themselves. We build our own setup and Microsoft does not profit from that. They are just like any other publisher.

They profit from the games they publish and nothing else to do with PC.

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PC gamers would abandon Steam if Microsoft got anywhere near it. You can't make money without customers.

They will have effectively bought a dead store and platform for PC. Microsoft is the cancer for PC gamers and they'e been told countless times to stay away as they are not needed for the success of the PC platform.

MS should stick to developing software for Corporations and leave the gaming to companies that actually care about it.

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Age of Empires Remastered that just came out doesn't have anything on the original release. The beta for the game was also a fail as they couldn't get enough people for the beta test as Microsoft had it exclusively on the Windows Store and PC gamers hate that store.

My hate for Microsoft supersedes my love for Age of Empires series. The series died when Microsoft closed down Ensemble Studios and it will stay dead as far as I'm concerned.

They ...

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This game was not intended to come out on consoles simultaneously with the PC version. A publisher got involved and here we are.

I can run the game perfectly acceptable on my PC and I have found little bugs in game. I have changed a few annoyances with mods but that's the choice we get on PC.

You change the game to suit your taste with mods. We can also add post processing effects to make the game look much better than release.

You ...

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The Kingdom Come Deliverance that has just been released is only Act 1 of 3.

So yes there will be more to come.

It is buggy but so was and still are most of Bethesda games to date like Skyrim and Fallout 4.

It will be improved over time. Despite these bugs I think it's one of the best RPGs to come out over the last few years. It won't beat The Witcher series but it's close.

The devs intend to release Act 2...

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I don't see why any PC gamer would buy the game from the Windows Store as it would take away mod support which the game has on steam.

The only people getting a PC version would be the Xbox gamer requiring the code by buying their game for console and not the other way around.

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If Microsoft bought Valve there would be such a backlash from PC gamers and most would abandon Steam and demand a refund for all the games they've bought on the store.

Steam is not just a game launcher. It is a store, a community and a place where AAA and indie devs can interact with their customers and sell their games.

Anyone who thinks this will happen is living in cloud cuckoo land. Valve will never sell up as they would rather dissolve Steam and ...

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For Sea of Thieves to do as well as PUBG it needs to be on Steam where the majority of PC gamers reside. For now the game is exclusive to Windows Store and charging a premium price.

Most PC gamers ignore the Windows Store. There's only a select few that struggle through the hurdles of the poor designed app to play any games on it. It's not enough to sustain a MP game just on PC. Luckily it's cross platform play between Xbox and PC.

The game ne...

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Many PC gamers shun the Windows Store and want nothing to do with it including myself. It's an abysmal piece of software and should be scrapped and redesigned.

The millions of PC gamers using Windows don't all use 10 and if they do they won't start using something that doesn't work properly for a couple of console ports.

Even Age of Empires Remastered beta failed to get enough people to test the game due to it being on Windows Store.

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Actually it's down to the publisher to support and patch the game not the developer. The publisher has to make funds available for the patching process so the developer can develop a patch and it looks like SE didn't want to fund it for Nier Automata on PC.

It's not the first time that SE has not supported their games on PC and it won't be the last.

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AMD and nvidia card prices are sky high atm. There was an article on the cryptocurrency BS on PC Gamer and what it's doing to the price of components currently.

Not the best time to think about upgrading your PC.

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Only 3 million players on Xbox. It has nearly 30 million on PC, which is not an Microsoft platform, as they do not control or profit from PC game sales if they aren't the publisher. Concurrent players on steam has reached 3 million so the sales on Xbox is small fry compared to PC.

If Microsoft wanted to acquire PUBG it would cost them several billions just for one game which could have gone into building up a few new studios. MS needs to get their priorities in order an...

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