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Microsoft isn't replacing the steam machine as there is nothing to replace yet. They still have to prove themselves to PC gamers that they actually want to support the PC platform instead of trying to force us to use the Xbox Live crap on Windows 10. (I've already removed the Xbox app on my PC).

DayZ and ARK are still PC exclusives till they launch on consoles sometime next year. You do realise that PS4 are getting these games too right?... #1.1.22
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I didn't think the Tomb Raider fans were on Xbox consoles. They were more on PC and PS platforms.

I loved the TR reboot on PC but I'd choose Fallout 4 over TR any day. Thankfully I don't have to make that decision as Microsoft made sure of that.

I just can't see RotTR doing that well in sales as it's surrounded by massive titles that appeals to all gamers.

If I was Square-Enix I'd be worried. #26
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Why do developers always insist on parity?

It's obvious that id software have lost their way and don't have a fking clue what PC platform is all about now.

It'll be modded without your tools whether you like it or not id software/Bethesda. #3
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Erm no.

Direct X 12 is already released. DX12 games are out later this year but the API is already installed on Windows 10 PCs.

If you run dxdiag it says in black and white that Direct X 12 is the Direct X version installed. #9.1.3
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It's obvious you have no idea about PC gaming and the hundreds of exclusives it has.

Just because a game doesn't have a multi million dollar marketing campaign behind it doesn't mean it isn't exclusive.

You stick with your 900p 30fps blockbuster multiplatform titles and I'll play great, original exclusive games on PC :) #10.1.4
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DX12 is installed with Window 10.

They can't test a game to it's fullest unless it's a DX12 game though. #9.1.1
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I've disabled the Xbox app and many others from running in the background that I don't need or want.

I don't know why Microsoft think PC and Xbox can be mixed in with each other. One is an open platform which can be upgraded any time the user wants and the other is a closed, locked down system which Microsoft completely controls. Apples and oranges.

I have noticed a slight improvement in the games I play after installing Windows 10 on my PC. I'... #2.1.5
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They gave Windows 10 for free to gain market share not to be generous to it's users.

That's all that matters to Microsoft.

Windows 8 was a pretty big failure for MS so they had to do something to get the market share back from their older OSes.

Windows 10 is a great OS but don't think MS are doing any one but themselves any favours. #1.2.3
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I'd rather buy directly from the developer than buy 2nd hand copies like console gamers do.

One supports the developer the other one doesn't :)

You keep saying PC gamers are pirates but developers and publishers are supporting the PC platform more and more these days. I guess we do buy a lot of games to warrant such support from the publishers.

PC platform is getting console exclusive games from both sides like SF5 and No Man's Sk... #2.3.3
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@vanity29 and kudostoyou

Who the hell begged for this? I certainly didn't.

Not my fault you console gamers have no standards and will buy anything developers throw at you no matter the quality or price.

I wish more people would complain maybe then standards would be raised and we wouldn't get DLC'd to death.

But you prefer to bent over and take it time and time again.

At least us PC gamers fight f... #2.1.5
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For one it's not Xbox exclusive as it's coming to PC too.

I'm looking forward to it coming to PC. #2
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Looks interesting. Will be getting it on PC for definite :) #10
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You gotta make something out of nothing especially when the paid subscription services on consoles work worse than a free service like Steam.

Must really piss you off that you spend money for online gaming when PC gamers don't hehe.

Have a nice day being ripped off by Sony and Microsoft :) #31.1.3
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So what happened to steam exactly?

Please tell us as it's work perfectly fine for me.

Maybe you should stop believing everything you read on the internet. #31.1
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So? Anyone can fill in an email address in forgot password link. Doesn't mean steam was hacked. #16.1.1
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Steam is fine.

Apparently CS:GO Gambling app or something got exploited. Twitch streamers Summit and soda used csgojackpot app so they were probably targeted.

Looks like people like to blow things out of proportion and claim the end of the world is happening RIGHT NOW! :P #16
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WTF? It's a fking alpha. Optimisation comes last. Maybe you should stick to your dude bro games and spare everyone your deluded "wisdom".

The only reason Batman Arkham Knight didn't work on PC was because WB Games wanted to save money and cut corners and hire a 12 man dev company to do what Rocksteady already did with consoles all within a few months.

They are now paying for their utter lack of integrity and pure greed. It's going to cos... #4.5
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A shame they couldn't give a shit about selling a quality, working product to their customers.

Sales mean fk all if your products have to be recalled as they aren't fit for purpose. #4
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If the publishers insist on putting the price of games and DLC up their profits will suffer in the long run and I can see quite a few studios going under because of the sheer amount of greed in the gaming industry.

Most of the AAA publishers like EA, Ubisoft, Warner Bros, Take 2, and many others charge £35-50 just for the digital copy and that doesn't include any DLC they shit out.

I guess on PC you have cheaper options like the unofficial key seller... #4
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What patch are consoles on now? 1.06? The PC version is 1.06 :)

Isn't the consoles still on 1.05 and was 2 versions behind for most of the post launch support.

I guess if it's all about money then the PC version was their priority due to it getting all the updates first :)

1.07 is the first time where all platforms get the patch simultaneously. #2.1.1
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