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I think Call of Duty needs to end ASAP doesn't mean it's going to happen.

I just think Assassin Creed has got stuck in a rut and I hope Ubisoft can pull the series out of it for their next game.

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I don't buy directly from steam as I'm not willing to pay max price for any game as I don't trust the dev/pubs to release a game in an acceptable state any more. That's says more about the integrity of developers than it does the state of PC gaming. Most devs just don't have the skills to develop a game to completion now.

Even quite a few games on consoles suffer from major performance issues these days i.e. fallout 4, NMS, witcher 3 etc. There is no exc...

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The PC platform is actually rising in revenue and number of people gaming on PC.

Pre built PCs is in decline but most PC gamers build their own from custom parts which is on the rise.

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Did you forget Denuvo DRM is added to most AAA games nowadays on PC so piracy is at a minimum for the AAA games. Even some indie games are using denuvo now.

That piracy excuse gets weaker and weaker for console fanboys and publishers alike.

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NMS ran perfectly well on my PC whereas the PS4 version still seems to have problems. I can also add mods to change how the game plays and looks from lowflight to better textures and post processing effects.

Don't believe everything you read on internet :)

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I'm not bringing anything down. I just cancelled my preorder after I'd tried the marketing beta.

The game just wasn't for me. End of story.

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It seems that Scout is everyones fav class. Most people sit back out of harm's way and snipe with rifle or tank.

The more people play the class the faster it'll get nerfed though :)

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As starchild above has said please separate the consoles into their respective sales numbers and we can see how many each platform sold.

PC vs Xbox + PS4 + WiiU is hardly fair comparison and just a lame way console fanboys like yourself justify your console purchase by putting all console sales against PC and saying PC sold less than consoles.

It's pathetic.

When the consoles have as many games to choose from as the PC platform does...

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Wow you're behind the times. The MOBA and MMO excuse was in 2010.

And "wtf is Kerbal space program?" - It's on the consoles now too so go find out what games you can play on your system.

You sound like you've been living under a rock or maybe hibernating under a bridge for the past 5-6 years.

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You can play with the PS4 gamepad on PC too. That's not a problem. It's always been about choice on PC. It's why I love it so much and also why I'm exclusively PC these days.

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Well Guild Wars 2 is an MMO and there is no monthly fees for it. It depends on the game whether they charge you a subscription to play their game or not on PC. Most recent MMOs on PC these days have stayed away from subs and gone the cosmetic items and cash shop (bank + inventory slots, xp boost etc) microtransactions route and it seems to work out better for everyone.

Just need to watch out for P2W features being sold.

No one will ever charge for PC onli...

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The issues on PC lies with the developers and publishers. They are the ones who only put little to no funding into a proper PC game it's not the platform or the gamers fault for the poorly unoptimised games.

And most of the issues come from multiplatform developers who see consoles as first priority and PC second. Until all platforms get the same amount of development resources and support we'll always see these issues on PC and sometimes consoles.

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You mean like Battlefield 1942 and Call of Duty which both started in World War 2 settings?

Never forget a game's origin because without them you wouldn't have got the future iterations of each game.

I'm personally looking forward to Battlefield 1 but don't agree with locking 2 factions and several maps behind a paywall. That's EA for you though. Same shit, different game.

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So? Doesn't mean every game they develop will be a good game. No one is perfect least of all game developers.

Maybe Titanfall 3 will be a good game next year :D

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Hey at least they are testing the console versions. The PC version isn't even being tested before launch it seems.

I'll stick to Battlefield 1 for my MP action. I don't see good things coming from this game on PC without a public beta test.

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I'm guessing you've never played a proper open world game before. Destiny is NOT open world btw!

You create your own fun whether that being the most badass space pirate, a multi billionaire trader or a great explorer. The only limitation is your imagination. If you don't have one then no one can help you have any fun in any game.

Proper open world games are so plentiful on PC platform that we understand what a game like NMS is all about. On co...

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The guy got to the centre of his starter galaxy (Euclid galaxy) not the universe. He says that there is no "universe" in the game and I'll quote, "There is no such thing as a "Universe" in this game, it is not a term that is used at any point." -

Not sure what centre...

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I'm guessing you don't play many games then if you just go by how good or bad the graphics are to determine how good the game might be :P

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This is what is says for the preorder bonus ship (on PC).

"Kickstart your adventure in No Man's Sky's vast, mysterious universe with the Horizon Omega ship, equipped with an upgraded hyperdrive and increased firepower to help you travel faster and survive longer on your interstellar journey."

It doesn't say when you get it just that you'll get an upgraded ship at some point.

Please t...

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How do you know that ship won't be broke as well and just take the place of the default ship?

You will probably have to repair the ship no matter which one it is.

As a PC gamer I'm used to these types of survival mechanics in my games but are console gamers? :)

Looking forward to the game and landing on my very own planet. I just hope it's a tropical paradise and not a volcanic hell hole like in the leaked video :P

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