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GoG version :)

Support the developers directly. #4.3
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You mean year :) I've not seen anything quite like Witcher 3 and I've played Witcher 1 and 2.

This game is going to be something quite special.

I want everyone to experience this game but I also would have liked it to be a PC exclusive too.

Can't have everything. Just glad CD Projekt RED have stuck to their PC roots unlike a lot of sellout former PC devs. #7.1
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Not true. Witcher 2 cost $10mil to make but Witcher 3 cost $40mil when you add the consoles to the mix.

I'm guessing console development adds a lot more addition costs to budget as well as marketing. #9.1.1
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This is just an estimate of steam sales. GTA5 was also sold via Rockstar social club.

My version was via social club as was many more copies because the online retailers were mostly giving out social club keys and not steam keys.

I bet there's at least another 2-3 million copies sold via social club.

I wish console gamers would stop lumping all consoles together as well against one platform, the PC. Hardly fair now is it but I guess it ma... #2.3
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I cancelled my preorder of the game on PC. Quite a few ppl have principles and follow through on their words.

These AAA publishers are taking the piss more and more now. It's about time more ppl voted with their wallets and made publishers fight for our custom or they'll just keep charging more for their games and overpriced DLC. #1.3.2
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Have you tried Pillars of Eternity or Divinity:OS? If not how do you know they aren't for you?

Divinity:OS is an amazing game especially played coop with a friend.

Well greed has to die in AAA gaming but that's not going to happen when businessmen run the show instead of game developers. #6.1
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The cost of marketing the games is ridiculous. That's where most of the game's budget goes for most if not all AAA games.

So I don't agree that game development on it's own has increased by that much but when you add the marketing budget into the equation as well it spirals out of control.

The reason AAA games aren't that innovative and publishers play it safe is because of greed and lack of confidence for their products.

... #1.2.2
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Good luck to them then :) Already cancelled my preorder of the game and there's no chance in hell I'll be getting the DLC when I decide the price is right for the game. #13.1.2
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Bah that was randomly generated :P Not quite the same. #14.1
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After their last take on Age of Empires which was AoE Online a freemium thanks. #10.1
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Well if we don't take a stand you'll (console gamers) be next when companies monetise every minute detail of the games we play.

It's only a matter of time before they target the consoles as well. #9.1
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The problem I have with paid mods is the modding community was all about sharing ideas, experimenting with new techniques, borrowing parts of other modders work and crediting them for it.

This will all go out the window now that money is involved.

They'll be no sharing, no helping others with mods, no community.

It'll be everyone for themselves. This is the sad and dirty side of capitalism. Greed conquers all. Innovation and community... #13
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Really? Only 17 mods have been priced and 40-50 pending review out of 25k mods on steam workshop.

This isn't about supporting modders this is just 2 corporations thinking it would be easy money to line their own back pockets on the creative works of their communities.

I guess they didn't expect such a fight back from users and modders alike.

PC gamers fight for their communities no matter who's threatening it. #2.4
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This isn't just Valve that wanted this. Bethesda is also to blame for this paid mods fiasco.

They also want 75% of the proceeds split between Valve and Bethesda leaving the modders with 25% only if they manage to sell $100 worth of their mods.

This has completely broke up the modding community as many modders still aren't charging for their mods. Only a small minority (17 priced with 40-50 pending review) have put a price on their mods considering the... #5.1
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As long as you add in HDTV, yearly subscription for online play, 2nd controller, bigger HDD, cost of games compared to PC and any of the other little things you forget you buy when playing on consoles :)

It all adds up to about the same price but PC gaming looks and plays better with cheaper games :) It's also the ultimate multimedia machine. #4.3.2
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Probably won't be that many. Certainly not me with my GTX 760 but that's what future proofing is.

I don't mind very high system specs if most people can play the game on reasonable spec PCs now and then upgrade in a year or 2 to play the game again at ultra settings. #6.1
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I played the Witcher 2 with Xbox controller on PC. So yes this will have Xbox controller support like most PC games.

Like others have said only the PC version will have 60fps the consoles are locked to 30fps.

It's the PC version from PC developers. Who would have thought? :P #4.2
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Microsoft can try to associate The Witcher series with Xbox all they want.

Everyone knows it's a PC series with PC developers creating the game. I hate it when MS tries to butt into a game series that they never supported until now.

They can fk off back to Halo or Forza or better yet create their own damn games for once instead of trying to buy influence from 3rd party developers and platforms.

And before anyone says it the PC platform is... #1.1.3
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When publishers are being offered money from one console manufacturer or the other they aren't going to give a shit about the wishes of PC gamers.

The PC platform doesn't have a multi billion dollar owner offering money under the table for exclusive content like the consoles do.

Personally I'd rather have developers who actually want to develop for PC rather than these parasitic publishers bringing games to the platform just because.
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It's a bit more palatable than just having a MP only game with no depth like Titanfall.

Battlefront is just going to be Battlefield with a Star Wars skin anyway.

Personally I'm not too bothered about the game they all play the same way in the end. #2.2.1
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