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If the XboneX is so powerful shouldn't it be powering through even poorly optimised games like PUBG?

Many PC gamers do that when they have a powerful rig. They do have a powerful CPU as well as GPU though. Xbone X does not. It's top heavy and is CPU bound no matter how powerful the GPU is. It will only be as good as the weakest link, the CPU.

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PUBG was a PC exclusive on Steam for months before Microsoft bought the console launch exclusivity.

MS are only getting involved with the game because its sold so well on PC and they want a piece of the action.

The only platform the game actually belongs on is PC and not the consoles. We are seeing now why with the abysmal performance and low textures on Xbox One and X.

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No thanks.

Windows Store has already been uninstalled on my PC. I'd would never pay £50 for any game and least of all a Microsoft game.

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I don't even have a dvd drive any more. I install my OS with a usb stick but I haven't done that for a year or 2 now as SSDs don't require much maintenance.

I would say PC is 90-95% digital now and the games are much cheaper than consoles. You just need to shop around for the best prices. Competition is a good thing and that's what the PC market has unlike the console market.

You are controlled by Sony, MS and Nintendo and they set the pri...

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No generations on PC. I have games in my digital library that dates back 30+ years and games from GoG are all DRM free so you actually own the game.

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You're looking at it from a console perspective. Retail copies on PC exist but not to the extent of the consoles. I'm 100% digital on PC. I haven't bought a boxed copy for over 5 years now.

Retail boxed copies on PC most of the time don't have a disc inside but a code to input into publishers gaming platform i.e. steam, uplay, origin, battlenet.

I have all my games now on digital platforms and I wouldn'...

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It's been 95% digital on PC for at least 10 years now. Hardly any of the stores sell retail boxes for PC and when they do there is no disc in the box but a key to activate the game on steam, origin, uplay etc.

Games on PC are much cheaper than on consoles due to having an open market for digital games. I don't buy full priced games on Steam, origin or uplay I shop around and buy from 3rd party vendors like Greenmangaming or cdkeys to get my games at much cheaper pri...

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@GameBro Wrong. Only if Microsoft published the game on PC would they get any money.

On steam and GoG the developer self published so no money for MS.

Windows Store is irrelevant on PC.

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Star Wars is Disney's IP. They won't allow any old customisation in their products. EA has to get permission from Disney to change anything. EA have only licensed the Star Wars IP they can't change anything they want as they have to pass through Disney's strict policies to change any cosmetic item.

This is the downside to licensing as EA have no rights to change anything without Disney's say so.

I'm surprised Disney haven't rem...

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Actually the most expensive part of the game is marketing costs not designing and developing.

If a game is multiplayer only it should cost less than a game with a worthy single and multiplayer content.

A game already costs much more than $80 in Europe and UK if you buy full price from steam or the publishers own store so the US gets a bargain at $60.

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This will impact all their other games as well especially Anthem which is a multiplayer game too.

I am wary now that Anthem will suffer the same fate so I shall be watching EA every move they make with Anthem now and until launch.

If there is any sniff of MTs I won't be buying the game. It's as simple as that.

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Does game development really cost more than it used to? I just mean the actual development of the game not the marketing, the licensing of the game IP like Star Wars and any additional costs the "suits" pay to hype the game up to something it isn't.

I don't think the actual game development costs have increased much at all.

The marketing costs and paying for the Star Wars license from Disney has nothing to do with game development. This ...

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You want 4k textures and videos you get these massive downloads. There's nothing out of hand about it. It's the price you pay for skipping a generation.

Consoles have gone from 720/30 to 1080/30 to 4k/30 all in a matter of a few years. How about you start with 1080/60 on console then slowly ramp up to 2k/30 and 4k/30 over the next few years.

If someone has a data cap on their ISP they are screwed as many people do.

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But without all the exclusive and intriguing PC games that come out on the platform these days.

There's no way I'd get a console and miss out on all the amazing indie games that's released every day on PC.

Console only gamers are missing out on a lot of unique PC only games that will never go to the consoles.

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Might be because on PC we have hundreds of games that come out each and every month on Steam, GoG and the all the other digital platforms.

Consoles are limited to double digit games coming out each month so sales are concentrated to a select few games whereas on PC the sales are spread out over a few hundred titles.

Cuphead was always going to steam and GoG as the developer was self publishing the game. Microsoft had nothing to...

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It reminds me of The Division and the player base drop in that game.

I have little hope the PC player base will last a month once the game is out in a few days.

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What does it matter? The console hasn't even been released yet and the majority of people will have finished the game before it's even released.

The XboneX will have to rely on 3rd party games to sell any consoles till next year.

Microsoft should have planned more long term and built up their 1st party studios and they might have been in a better place than they are.

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No Microsoft risk throwing the vast majority of sales away just to have their own closed off store.

30% is nothing compared to what they are going to lose.

I certainly won't be touching the Windows Store ever again. It's why I've uninstalled it from my Win 10 PC.

I buy my games but not MS games on Win Store. I have over a thousand games on steam and several hundred on the other stores like GoG, Origin and Uplay.

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And yet the game is out before the XboneX is released so it's not even the first console to get AC Origins.

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The system requirements could be lower if the developers bother to optimise for PC but it seems they are copy/pasting from the PS4 Pro version as they are leaving in the Game and Cinematic modes from the console for PC.

That makes no sense to any PC gamer that knows anything about PC gaming.

The only reason those modes were in PS4 version was because of lack of power from the weak system so people could choose between resolution or FPS.

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