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The Korean dev didn't. The Korean publisher did with the help of PlayerUnknown aka Brendan Greene.

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If this website is anything to go by. Consoles gamers seem to be the most toxic of all gamers.

Good luck trying to get this game to run any where near 60fps. It'll be 30 fps all the way even on XboneX.

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I wouldn't be so sure. Many PC gamers are wary of Bungie and Destiny 2. We've heard all the stories of massive grind, cut n paste missions with little story and Bungie milking the game with more and more DLC over the last few years.

I bet some will wait to get the GotY edition in a year or 2.

I have no interest in Destiny 2 myself. It's just another pseudo MMO like The Division that didn't hold onto it's PC user base for long.

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Will be getting Cuphead on steam and that way Microsoft get nothing from me as the developers are self publishing on Steam.

The rest are Windows Store exclusive and that app doesn't exist on my PC since I uninstalled it.

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We have long memories on PC. We do not forget or forgive :)

This is part of what he said about PC in 2008.

"I think the PC is just in disarray... What's driving the PC right now is Sims-type games and WOW and a lot of stuff that's in a web-based interface. You just click on it and play it. That's the direction PC is evolving into."

And then he expects us to buy his game 9 years later when there is much better games...

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It's the players that decide not some magazine. It's 2nd in top sellers list on Steam and is getting 90% with user reviews as well.

I loved the game from beginning to end on PC. Took me 10 hrs to finish and I still missed a few totems.

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They're all console ports. Why do you think those would keep PC gamers on Windows 10 especially as you have to use the disastrous Windows Store and pay a premium console price for the privilege?

We have hundreds of games released on PC every week. There is no shortage of games to play so Microsoft need to up their game(s) if they ever want to compete on PC platform.

ATM they are failing by tying all their games to Windows Store. I've already unins...

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Might be quite fast for you if you get a bad landing with a lot of players around. Could last 5 secs or 30 mins depending on how good you are at surviving.

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There isn't 100 players on screen apart from when you are in the lobby waiting for the match to start.

You'd be lucky to see 10 players during the match. The map is quite big and is not a run n gun type game. If you did start shooting randomly making a lot of noise you'd be dead before you knew it.

Good luck playing this tactical Battle Royale game :)

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I have no plans to buy the game but I got a beta key for PC to try the demo out. I then cancelled my preorder. I didn't buy from Best Buy though.

You should be blaming Bungie and Activision for tying the beta to a preorder not people using their common sense to acquire a beta key to play it.

No shop has the right to charge because someone cancelled their preorder. It wasn't the game key they got but a beta key which should have been free for every...

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Microsoft only make a profit from PC games they have published. Any other PC game they get nothing.

It's like Cuphead on Steam the developers are self publishing it so Microsoft don't get a damn thing.

This is why I always say Microsoft do not own the PC platform like they do the Xbox.

We use their OS to play PC games on but Microsoft don't make any profits from PC games unless they are the publ...

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The devs are self publishing the game on Steam. Microsoft have nothing to do with it there. The devs will get 70% of the profits after Valve take their 30% cut.

It should sell pretty sell. I know a few people that have been looking forward to Cuphead for quite a while.

I've had the game on my Steam wishlist for several months now. It's looking like a great game.

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The first day was closed the 2nd day and all weekend was open beta where anyone could play.

I think a lot of PC gamers are looking for something more than an arena shooter like LawBreakers now. I had access for awhile but never played it as i was playing other games that suited me better.

I think more tactical and slower paced games like PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds, which is doing amazingly on PC, is the way forwards on PC anyway.

It is...

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He said PC on N4G. They don't like that here with N4G being a console centric website.

I can't wait to play it on PC either. Will be preordering it end of this week :)

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True. Microsoft and Sony both skipped a generation. Most PC gamers are perfectly fine with 1080p or 2k at 60fps. The consoles should have aimed at a consistent 1080p/60fps machines not 4k.

I think only 5% max of PC gamers have a 4k PC that can do that consistently.

They are competing against a 4k PC that doesn't exist in most PC gamers homes. It will happen in the near future but not yet.

Does every single console gamer have a 4k TV...

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The whole point of games is for them to be fun. If it isn't fun it isn't serving it's purpose and is a valid excuse for a refund.

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Game haven't learned a damn thing since they went into administration the last time.

Same old business practices that got them into trouble the first time around.

It would be better if they concentrated on their online store and not their retail stores as they are severely overpriced.

"Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it." - George Santayana

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Never buy AAA games directly from steam (or Origin and Uplay). Use any other 3rd party digital store to get them cheaper like, or It's only the initial release where games are the same price as the consoles on steam.

Over time games do become really cheap on steam in their spring, summer, fall and xmas sales.

I've been with steam since the beginning nearly 14 years ago. I've acquired nearly 13...

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It's been coming to PC from the beginning and on steam as well as the devs are self publishing the game on PC.

Microsoft have nothing to do with the game on PC.

I'll definitely be getting the game on PC when it's released. Can't wait :)

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PC gamers don't use Xbox Live. We have Steam, GoG, Uplay, Origin etc. All free stores and launchers to play our games on, online or offline.

Even though it comes built into Windows 10 it's hardly used by anyone but the most fanatical Microsoft fanboy on PC.

PC gamers are on entirely different path than what Microsoft wants us to be on. Windows Store is an abject failure and should be used for small apps only not full blown games on PC.

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