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I almost feel sorry for Xbox easily satisfied with the same halo/gears/forza spamming every year. Its clear Microsoft has completely abandoned the core gamer which is sad. How much abuse can xbots take ?

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Day one right here !

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Xbox is a one trick dude bro console that annually spams halo/gears/forza and multiplatform shooters appealing to the simple minds of Americas youth.

M$ does not and will never care for the hardcore gamer. Shoddy hardware, dlc, microtransactions, and paid online are their gifts to gaming. I choose not to support them in any way. Imo the only company more evil is gamestop...

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Bloodborne is my game of the generation so far.
Count me in

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Ps4 domination continues

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Day one for me
Ps4 domination continues

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Sony spoils us playstation gamers
Proud ps gamer since '96

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I feel sorry for Xbox fans next year
Ps4 is just in another league with its game library...currently enjoying last guardian :)

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Ps4 still leading in worldwide sales

The gap only gets wider :)

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Ps4 pro will have actual exclusives
Scorpio will have none

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I went from ps1 to ps2 to psp to ps3 and now ps4

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Sweet never played either of these games nice !

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No ps4 games tho....No Bloodborne, Uncharted 4, Horizon, God of War for you lol
I'll never buy a exclusives I like

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They failed to outsell ps4 still worldwide
The gap only got bigger lol
This guy is living in a real fantasy land...or he works for MS

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Sweet gonna try some battlefield on the cheap

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Xbone still lost in worldwide sales...
The gap only got bigger

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Bloodborne is the best game this Gen imo

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Im definitely picking it up along with the first reboot I haven't played either. I love both uncharted and tomb raider and cant wait to play em all on PS4 :)

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