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Ps4 pro will have actual exclusives
Scorpio will have none

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I went from ps1 to ps2 to psp to ps3 and now ps4

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Sweet never played either of these games nice !

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No ps4 games tho....No Bloodborne, Uncharted 4, Horizon, God of War for you lol
I'll never buy a exclusives I like

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They failed to outsell ps4 still worldwide
The gap only got bigger lol
This guy is living in a real fantasy land...or he works for MS

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Sweet gonna try some battlefield on the cheap

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Xbone still lost in worldwide sales...
The gap only got bigger

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Bloodborne is the best game this Gen imo

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77d ago InappropriateShow

Im definitely picking it up along with the first reboot I haven't played either. I love both uncharted and tomb raider and cant wait to play em all on PS4 :)

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Bloodborne and uncharted alone are better than any pc game

Horizon and god of war are gonna join that list...stay salty pc beggar race.
Hey maybe then next gta will be on pc day one instead of years later LMAO

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Xbox has no games.
Ps4 ftw

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Won't matter one bit...the Xbone is still getting slaughtered in sales. Xbox lost this gen deal with it. Ps4 has the games....xbone games are all on pc now making xbone irrelevant

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Ha at least our ps4 version will be at 1080 p tho
900p xbone version confirmed

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Yes please add assault rifles and killstreaks as well as a teabagging option for the 12 yr olds

Please leave my favorite rpg alone thank you

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Im sweating like a hooker in church XD

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Sony always has had top notch hardware and this gen it just is hands down more powerful with ps4. Even last gen ps3 had the best looking games (last of us, kz, gow, Uncharted)

Sony is spoiling us long time ps gamers with ps4 :)

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My most anticipated game by far this year...with demons, dark, and bloodborne from software have effectively ruined just about all other games for me

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Haha the same pc race that beg, whine, and cry for console ports?

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