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10/10 best $40 I've spent in a long time. Jaw dropping graphics

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Nintendo hardware is still shiite and will not get most good upcoming multiplats

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Gran Turismo and God of War haven't even launched yet :)
Sony spoils us ps faithful

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Xbox is a one trick dude bro console that annually spams halo/gears/forza and multiplatform shooters appealing to the simple minds of Americas youth.

M$ does not and will never care for the hardcore gamer. Shoddy hardware, dlc, microtransactions, and paid online are their gifts to gaming. I choose not to support them in any way. Imo the only company more evil is gamestop...
Get a cheap PC and you can play 99% of the "xbox exclusives" with free online

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Bloodborne 2????????????????????

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Can't wait for the booty and treasures in this one

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Xbox is a scam for sheeple to buy into the Microsoft kool-aid

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Keep kicking ass with killer exclusives and solid hardware

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1. MGS3
2. MGS4
3. MGS1
4. MGS2
7. Metal gear/ metal gear 2 / portable ops /rising
100. Metal gear survive

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Well worth it horizon is my goty so far

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PC has no exclusives.
Console FTW
Ask those PC F***heads how nioh, horizon, bloodborne, uncharted, demons souls, MGS4, god of war, infamous, red dead redemption etc ( I could go on) run on their $1000 rigs lol

How long did it take GTAV to come to pc????
Whats the point of pc gaming anymore?

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Phil is a corporate shill that gets paid to spew bs everyday
MS has no games
Nor do they care about making them
I almost feel sorry for the sheep that buy into Microsoft propaganda LOL

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Microsoft has subscriptions, microtransactions , and "games as a service"
for their exclusives. :)
The Xbox sheep fan base clearly loves what their getting fed XD

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Bloodborne 2 and a Demons Souls remaster for PS4!

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Another reason why console is better than pc
Lol @ the master race begging for console scraps XD

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Just insane and Sony hasn't even unleashed the big guns yet Imo...Gran Turismo and GOW
Throw in a lil TLOU 2 and death stranding just to salt the competitions wounds :)

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Wanna know what's scary ?
Sony is kicking the living shit outta xbox and they haven't even released their flagship series imo Gran Turismo and God of War :)
Throw in TLOU 2 and Death Stranding just to salt the wound lol
Lil scorpio dosnt have a chance

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I almost feel sorry for Xbox fans

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Diverse LMAO...2 space marine shooters and a racing Sim is all xbox has for a game library!
I feel sorry for people buying scorpio

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Bloodborne 2 on PS4 or PS5
My body is ready

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