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Once again IGN is a joke.

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Oh yeah I know I was just commenting on the feed

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A travesty to the Ghost Recon brand.

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If you are talking world wide you are correct. In America 4 out of the last 5 months went to Microsoft.

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I got it and its fantastic!

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Cant stand when forbes tries to cover this industry.

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Can not wait!

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Here is mine:
Golden Abyss

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Not one bit.

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Sucks that it's locked behind preorders or beating the game in normal mode first.

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Deja Vu

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Wow the lighting in this video is terrible

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That's confidence right there folks. Has the Wii U written all over it again. Really hope that Nintendo starts getting awesome IP's on the system soon otherwise its gonna dry up next year.

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If I remember correctly its "I can make a difference, I can make the right kind of difference." In her very out of breath type voice.

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Play the first one, its a more focused intense and interesting experience. Skip the second, its a bloated horribly written mess with terrible pacing issues and laughable gun combat.

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So glad she is not writing for the series anymore the second game was so amateur in its execution. Lara's last line in the whole entire game is so cringe inducing.

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Hope they can get back to what made the first two games good. 3 and 4 didn't pay enough attention to the little details that made the first game stand apart.

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Such an excellent game, true it borrows heavily from other games but the art style is awesome and its a very polished experience.

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