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100% yes

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No, but it will be awesome.

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Only way Splinter Cell will be awesome again is if Clint Hocking is the Creative Director. Hopefully this is what he is working on at UBI MONTREAL.

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Tried but I just couldn't get into BOTW.

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Cant play Bethesda games after Witcher 2 and 3. They have ruined me in a good way.

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Yes please

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This game was such a great late edition to the PS3. Loved everything about it.

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Had to stop watching this ridiculous video when he wanted to compare Horizon and TLOU. What a joke.

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I just got into the PC space about a year ago and with the Steam platform there is no drama. Let me know when the consoles can "far more effortlessly" do 1080p 60fps LOL. And just so you know I also have a PS4 Pro but your comment reeks of ignorance.

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Yes all companies have franchises they fall back on but if you think that Sony and Nintendo do this as much as Microsoft than your ignorance is bliss.

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PC for third party if ya have the grunt, console for exclusives.

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@ Liam I am a fan of the Xbox brand from the OG Xbox days and early 360 days. The Xbox of today that over promises and continues to under deliver is sad and pathetic and the fact that people have given them a pass in the gaming industry for more than 8 years at this point is sad. Halo is a shell of its former glory, Forza is great but I think you lose quality in an open world design, and Gears 4 felt completely uninspired. But the thing that pisses me off the most is that they refuse to ta...

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Halo Gears Forza Halo Gears Forza Halo Gears Forza Halo Gears Forza. What a bold future we will have indeed. This absolutely would work out "better for gamers and the industry as a whole." GTFO!

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much shine? WTF

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Art style and animation trump fidelity every time.

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The one phrase I can use to describe this would be generic, uninspired, "awesomeness." What a disappointment.

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Looks awesome

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Where did you get this ridiculous info from?

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So much potential in this IP. Please Sony give it a second chance.

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@ Bigpappy

Actually PC is the clear choice.

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