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Left Behind bruh.

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I have yes, and it’s just like riding a bike. Or the first time you played Spider-Man 2

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But can it support interesting narrative?

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Ha Ha Ha, learn to use momentum to your advantage and your tune will change. Learn to use the mechanics correctly before saying something is a miss.

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Keep drinking that Kool-Aid. I can't take you seriously if you think the One X is comparable to a 1080 TI.

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The character and enemy animations look CGI it’s insane!

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Agreed that was an amazing reveal, what didn’t you like about TLOU 2?

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I hope so, Gears 4 is my least favorite of the main series. Felt so uninspired.

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The sad thing is "Journalists suddenly think that the latter matters more.

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Are you taking crazy pills?

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E3 has never been about the presentation unless the presentation includes a gameplay demo.

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Because the actual only game that was demoed was Forza Horizon 4, amazing game don't get me wrong but E3 needs to be more than just Trailers and Sizzle Reels.

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Nintendo let you sit outside and stare at the Movie Posters ha ha.

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Its never about the presentation, its about the games and what is actually shown as playable. Forza Horizon 4 does look sick though. This kind of thinking is what has gotten us to the point in E3 where showing a teaser trailer is considered an amazing reveal. Hate this kind of mentality. If its gonna be a substantial trailer than it needs to have actual game play shown in the trailer. Ori did a really good job of this.

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Best show Microsoft, Best games Sony.

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Please explain?

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Ha ha ha ha just made my day.

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Agreed and all thought there were too many of these situations in Uncharted 4 the one where you are on the lift with Elena was masterclass.

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Looking forward to this approach, I feel Gears 4 played it a bit too safe. Hoping for a radical shake up with 5.

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