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Please be cautious, your fanboy is showing.

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RIP forbes gaming

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The console is "Boost Mode."

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Do you want to have an enjoyable toned down arcade racer with sim like elements, get Forza. You want to have the chance to be a professional FIA licensed driver and truly learn the sport, go GT. Either way they are both excellent racers for the industry.

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Ha ha exactly

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She complains because it's to open. There are to many outcomes to your actions. What a joke.

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What the hell is this guy going on about? Is Skyrim all of a sudden responsible for creating winter tundras in games?

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Still looks like the biggest pancake face in the industry. Horrible design.

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You don't need to be disproved, you need to be kicked in the head so you wake up to how this is damaging the industry.

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Which is okay because its an upgrade like the Pro not a brand new console. The Issue isn't the ONE X its Microsoft's catalog in general.

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Also uses the micro transaction anti consumer tech.

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Micro transaction and non issue do not belong in the same sentence ever. Stop giving these companies a pass. I don't care if its there so you don't have to grind to get the "real" ending, these practices are anti consumer and bull shit.

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And if you really believe UBISOFT is gonna keep it like this than you need to get out of games journalism all together.

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Ha ha that's fantastic. Although I disagree I gotta give you props for waxing poetic.

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I got the same as you Zeke

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It is exactly that. And the demo loop that's playing while you wait till Monday looks insane.

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Well I'm out, anyone thinking this will just stay as an in game currency is delusional or has been living under a rock for the last couple years. This crap is horrible for the industry, it feeds off those with addictive personalities, and it shows just how greedy and lacking in integrity this industry has become. Really starting to loath my favorite hobby lately.

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This is a joke post correct? I mean I really can't think you actually believe this.

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