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It looks pretty rad. One thing and maybe it's a "gears" thing but I really wish the slide to cover lock was better animated. I just thought with the new hardware they would give it a more realistic transition. Other than that looks darn good.

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I think Inafune's name being attached to the game is extremely limited at best. I doubt he had much input with it. This is x retro employees so I am extremely hopefull.

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I didn't realize Glados was a female. Looks like a robot to me. Who knew. This list is for the most part a joke. Putting Bayonetta last is so wrong.

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Looks like someone needed clicks today.

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Uh oh.

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I wish you would have stayed gone like you said you were going to. Your a joke and a stain on this site.

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Can't tell if your serious or just that horrible at trolling.

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Your correct but you don't need an Xbox for either of those. So as much as you want to call him a fanboy he is actually telling correct facts.

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Wow can't believe I just watched that. What a waste.

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Yep difficult holiday with Gran Turismo coming out. LMAO!

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What a ridiculously uneducated view. Clearly the person who wrote this pile has an agenda and doesn't actually have any knowledge on the situation.

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Do you really believe the One S is more powerful than the Neo? It's not even as powerful as a regular PS4. The delusion runs deep.

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About twice as powerful. But my PC already is more powerful than what the Scorpio will be so I will play Microsoft games on it. I hope when the Scorpio comes out it is literally just a tower you can upgrade. That would be awesome.

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I agree darth but what happens when every game on that console can be ran on a piece of equipment you already have at same or better specs. What's the point of having the console anymore. That's what frustrates me, I have no reason anymore to have my One. I guess you could make the argument for halo but I am not a huge fan of halo so that doesn't matter to me.

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I get what your saying Chris but I grew up buying a console for its exclusives. Ridiculous that my comment was marked as inappropriate.

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It will be. In Insomniac we trust.

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Keep smoking crack bruh.

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You think tomb raiders gameplay is better than Uncharted 4. The gunplay and traversal alone sucks compared to UC4. Gunplay in UC4 is extremely solid.

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