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Hi there.

We're aware of the mistake and it has been fixed. Thanks to everyone who pointed it out; we'd hope though that the main point of the article isn't forgotten due to this small error.

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Thanks, I think?

Small sites have the freedom to do these sorts of articles. We're not going to get exclusives and we're not invited to press events, so there's fewer bridges to burn.

More importantly, big sites have to pay their writers a living wage, unlike a volunteer site like ours. If a big publisher refuses to deal with a site, it can take a major hit that affects their ability to pay their writers.

But who knows. Just glad ...

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We're more than happy to allow our authors the freedom to discuss their opinions on games, even if that opinion is contrary to popular belief.

We're also aware that The Darkness will have fans out there, but we're not going to censor our writers for fear of offending someone who loves a game; it'd be impossible to do our job otherwise.

Thank you for your response though, we're happy that we're able to provoke debates about our articles...

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