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What you are referring to is ignorance in general. We are all ignorant at something, at some point....The bible is a set of guidelines on how to be ignorant and remain so.

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Christian games would set a new standard for violence...I don't think Kratos could stomach some of that imagery

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"The fact is, the problem with religion is that humans are involved."
I do not disagree

The biggest problem with religion is that people don't stop to think "does this make ANY sense"

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People "hate" religion because it presents here-say and folklore as if it were is also a breeding ground for ignorance and war/violence.

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Can't believe someone admitted to owning an iPad....I thought the target audience for that were 50+ year olds and know, the same demographic that owns Kindle

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"Do Video Games Corrupt Children?"
I don't know, did the pope play video games when he was a child?

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"If you like the 360, you get to fantasize about girls like me"

If you own a PS3, you don't have to fantasize 'cause the bi†ches cum a runnin'

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Sooo, M$ does this weekly and people cheer with agreement, but Sony shows some backbone and it is all "Bad Sony...we expect this kind of behavior from M$ but now you"...WTF?

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I have been looking at this game too, but I been pushed over the edge for it.

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That is a lot of members, but are they all like this author, or are most into what might be considered "Girl Games"?

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I would say that you are an anomaly. Most "Girl Gamers" have other interests.

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The problem is "Girl Gamers" are not least in the sense of the author describes herself as. In fact, the only girl that I know that is into gaming is Juuken.

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I am more excited about the multiplayer, but I hope that the single player has a decent story too...sounds like it does from this guy.

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There have not only been numerous articles talking about game play, there have been videos.

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There can't be many 360s left without the HDMI output...even the new arcade has that.

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Not sure why you are getting all of the disagrees...I didn't think people were so sensitive about Haze.

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You are always talking about man sex...Obsessive much? this isn't news 4 gays...keep your homo-erotic ideas to yourself please.

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"Well don't assume"

Spoken like an owner of a specific console who can't "assume" that it will work the next time they turn it on.

Edit: @ Dark

Unfortunately I don't have access to the Movies on the PSN since I am outside of the least for now...hopefully it becomes available to Canada and the Europe soon.

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I am having a hard time being motivated to play this game....I am only 23%, so I still have a long way to go

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This can't be real...can it?

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