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Sam fisher and solid snake together in one game how awesome would that be , that's like the expendables video game version .

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Ether this or dead stranding

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Would have loved to be given the option for the bomerang controller , but the crybaby 's \ haters didn't let us .

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i would love if the next one is wireles ,
all those cables become annoying after awhile .

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Ps3 late releas was due to production problem ( blu ray lazer diodes ) .

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Xbox has always been a playstation wannabe not just now .

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Halo doesn't need a killer , it killed it self .

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You have also the DMC of Ninja Theory its the only one after DMC 4 .

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Never heard of this game , has my attention now , DMC 5 we never got not counting ninj theory's abomination .

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To present What ? Old xbox and Xbox 360 bc games ?

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When capcom was still great beofore theye became the greedy recycle company they are now .

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Bring back some nice gaming memory

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I take a new dead space over battle field or starwars any day

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Xbox one s is even (100 $\€ ) cheaper and didn't sold out nowhere .
Watt 's your excuse now ?

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@ deep throat
Whatever makes you sleep ath night

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Waw just because somebody console of choice has no exclusive games and is depending on third party and backwards games all exclusive games need to be banned , and wright an article about it. How pathetic can you be .

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Dont forget respawn are the same people who made the good medal of honor games back in the ps2 \GC \ og xbox days , then theye had issues with AE , and went call of duty with activision ( the real infinity ward ) , then get screwed
By Activision , now they are back with EA only to get screwed again . Some people will never learn i guess

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Gears 1 sold 5 million copys off course theye will support it.

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For me N64 ps1 / ps2/ ps3 / xbox360 .

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Till today there is no real sequel to RE4 , dead space and the tlou are the closest to it , re5 and 6 faild to deliver .Not even the evil within from the same creator .

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