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Loved the game ,this was the second collaboration between Suda 51 & Shinji Mikami .

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@ shredR First it was supa cloud powa but noting happened , than Titanfall but also nothing , then titanfall with cloud power , but still noting , than halo 5 but nothing again , next excuse DX12 guess wat happened ? nothing Xbone ass still got whooped , Oooooo tomb raider and quantum break yea all know how that went , now its Scorpio time curious how that gona play out.

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child abuse in church says hello.

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"Just like muslim terrorist that shot Charlie in France!"

Why bring muslims into this story you racist .

muslims are always the bad one because of hypocrites like you.
I’m fed up with the hypocrisy of the free speech fundamentalists there is no real free speech it only depends on who you are.why are you not crying for all the childeren and people who are kiled for no reason!
around de world : hiroshima , vitnam ,i...

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once againe the N1 Xbox tool to the rescue

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Just shut up you pathetic tool

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That explains the smoking xbox one .

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No in 2006/07 like the other HD consoles

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you are pathetic

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Thanks for heads up.
i would have sworn it was VHS recorder:-)

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What did you expect the thing was built for VHS tapes not disc's.

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Must be ryse son of rome disc thats been rejected by the xbox :-)

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i heard the xboxone comes with a fork lift truck in case you want to take it to friends.

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But got only food stamps offerd for it:-)

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Thank u thank u

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Thats how you get 1080p on xbone.

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free ? you still need a payed Subscribtion (xbox Live gold)

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Simon Says: There is No Need for the Graphical Obsession With Next Gen

Scofios says where you last gen?
And frankie says relax don't do it.

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these are exclusive jaggies .
Only on Xbox :-)

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