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Bioshock/Bioshock infinite, Uncharted, Mass Effect, God of War 3. Those would make me happy. #17
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As much as I would love bioshock on vita, it makes more sense business wise to put it on iPad. Vita doesn't have a big player base. #8
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Yay more weaboo mastubatory aid! #6
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Hardest bosses I've ever fought are ornstein and smough from dark souls, and alma from ninja gaiden black. #3
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Good god. Some people just want to pretend like the smartest person in room by reading into shit and lecturing us "sexist pigs." This guy must've skipped the part of the game wher Ellie saves Joel's life and her own life by taking on several full grown men with no help at all. Or how Tess is a complete badass. And also you spoiled the whole goddamm story in the first fucking paragraph with no warning. You self rightous, smug, white knight, prick. #14
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As a disabled gamer, I'm glad more accessibility is being given to my fellow Crips #2
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Bioshock 2, God of War Ascension, Transformers Fall of Cybertron. I had lots of fun with those, but they weren't call of duty so people stopped playing them. #6
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I don't think it'll happen but I hope now that Disney owns marvel the avengers will show up. But let's face it, Frozen is gonna be in the game, they're gonna advertise it out the ass, "LOOK EVERYONE WE PUT FROZEN IN THE GAME, REMEMBER FROZEN?" good movie, disturbingly overrated, but everyone acts like it's the animated Citizen Kane. #3
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I liked DmC. I can certainly understand why some people liked the originals more. I liked the weapons, level design and combos more in DmC. I certainly don't think it warrants a next gen version though #9
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I liked the game, but it was just less interesting than arkham city. Also Gotham was just a Christmas reskin. But at the end of the day it was more of the Arkham gameplay I like, and Troy baker did a good job. #5
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I'm a little confused as well. We've seen a lot of successful horror games where you're completely powerless and must hide or evade enemies. Amnesia and more recently Outlast comes to mind. It's suppose to be a game where you're not the gun toting bad ass. #2
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Blown away by that trailer. Looks like it removes the need to spam the grapnel boost because of how fast you glide now. Also the freakin bat mobile. And the fake glitch leading up to Scarecrow that I fell for! #2
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First of all it's pretty goddamn clear the villain isn't white and even if he was HES A FUCKING BADGUY are you saying a white guy can't be a villain because you sure are painting them in that way. Also you play as a fucking native of the place the game takes place in. So why don't delete this dumbass article before you embarrass yourself more, you pretentious fuck. #13
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Tell you what I'll show you a conceptual prototype of the highlights . With some behind the scenes off screen pre alpha teases. #2
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I immediately thought of the laughing scene from final fantasy x. That's the kind of scene where you're just silently begging that the scene ends before someone walks in. #1
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We already have a demo for the game, Ground Zeroes. #8
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No I don't think it is. It has a healthy number of fans, adult fans even. Which is something considering the games child friendly characters and story. And when you get right down to it the games are fun but really simple and easy. So I think it's as appreciated as it deserves. #3
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That'd be some pretty ballsy viral marketing #6.1
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If it's true it better be subscription free by then. #2
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The PSP games are amazing games for considering its on a handheld, but God of War 3 is the pinnacle of the series, in story, gameplay, and scale. That Poseidon fight alone is still amazing after multiple playthroughs. #8
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