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I watched the video very closely since its was released and I have to say I'm not shocked at all. It barely hit the 1 million view count as opposed to say the PS4 which completely blew it out of the water. Jake, the channels' creator, saw this coming as one of the comments he posted even said, "when you dislike the video it hurts me, not Microsoft." Fanboys should be ashamed. The video took 40 hours to create and all it wants to do is educate while remain fun. This isn't...

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2 Human.

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You know something, I could honestly forgive MS for all the DRM/online nonsense if they gave me a real reason to plunk down an additional $100 for their console; their software lineup is just too weak to constitute the asking price.

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Fatal Frame IV? Controls seemed a bit sluggish to get in to. Was it that good?

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I still can't over how incredible this console generation has been.

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And then what? Is that all the fanbase has left to look forward to? A remake of a decade old game that honestly isn't really worth the trouble? Now a remake of FFVI - that would something truly epic.

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I guess we can lump Silent Hill into the mix as well...

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This is exactly why I've been funding more and more Kickstarter projects. The creativity is there, it just isn't coming out of the mainstream camp anymore.

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But, their older games ARE better their than their news ones. If they haven't realized that by now...

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If a FFVII remake is such a guaranteed success then why not make it now? Would have even the budget to make it properly if they were headed towards bankruptcy?

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It is LONG overdue. I miss tasering guys until they burst into flames - that made up like 90% of my game time with SF. ^_^

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I would KILL for a new Dark Cloud. That series was the tits. ^_^

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I'll say it: Galerians. ^_^

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There is going to be PLENTY of show off in terms of new IPs, but the oldies deserve another shot at greatness too. I mean, these games made Sony what they are today.

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This trailer pretty much convinced me of the same thing:

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So, does that mean the game's full title is Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain? If that's the case, people need to drop the Ground Zeroes reference altogether.

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Stranger was pretty badass, but it isn't a part of the main Quintology of Oddworld games. So yeah, more Abe, please! ^_^

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Allow me to summarize Sony's actions of late:

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It's because Microsoft doesn't have a new system...

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