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But, their older games ARE better their than their news ones. If they haven't realized that by now...

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If a FFVII remake is such a guaranteed success then why not make it now? Would have even the budget to make it properly if they were headed towards bankruptcy?

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It is LONG overdue. I miss tasering guys until they burst into flames - that made up like 90% of my game time with SF. ^_^

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I would KILL for a new Dark Cloud. That series was the tits. ^_^

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I'll say it: Galerians. ^_^

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There is going to be PLENTY of show off in terms of new IPs, but the oldies deserve another shot at greatness too. I mean, these games made Sony what they are today.

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This trailer pretty much convinced me of the same thing:

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So, does that mean the game's full title is Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain? If that's the case, people need to drop the Ground Zeroes reference altogether.

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Stranger was pretty badass, but it isn't a part of the main Quintology of Oddworld games. So yeah, more Abe, please! ^_^

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Allow me to summarize Sony's actions of late:

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It's because Microsoft doesn't have a new system...

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Agreed. Take FFXIV for example. Sure, the failed MMO's re-branding looks amazing...but only if you go by the CG trailer.

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When I think RPGs that hooked me instantly, I'd have to go with FFVIII: the opening CG was perfect.

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Has there ever been a game with a really slow start without much going on and then completely took you by surprise like mid-way through?

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It's funny you mention the bow; it was probably the one weapon I was looking forward to the most and yet ended up being the one I utilized the least. Meh. :/

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That's the issue. it just seems to big for it's own good. There are times when I felt that the game was straight up trolling me. And the glitches, my God the glitches...

Perhaps if Ubisoft had scaled back it wouldn't have been such a technical mess.

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I just don't understand how Ubisoft undid the mechanics that worked so well in AC2. And try as they might, I don't ever thing we'll ever see a protagonist as compelling as Ezio.

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Resident Evil hasn't been scary in a loooog time...

The developer seems to know what he talks about, I hope he can follow through. The fact that this is coming to the Wii U is making me wanna buy the system, lol.

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For those interested, the site's also doing a Vita/P4G Contest... ^_^

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