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Resident Evil being even remotely scary is such a distant memory. I don't think there will be a Resident Evil as great as part 2. It's probably the reason why Capcom doesn't dare remake it. It's content milking HD re-releases of RE4 and creating sequels that are moving further and further away from what RE is supposed to be.

Anyone remember those early teasers of RE4? It was straight out of Silent Hill. Why can't they bring this scrapped concept back and ...

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A lot of people I know cancelled their ps4 bundle pre orders when it was delayed last year. They can Ill afford confirming any more doubts.

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I am the only one that feels that the original MGS should not have been remade? I loved Twin Snakes but I still prefer the original. Personally, I would love to see Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2 remade with the same engine that powered MGS. It wouldn't cost as much to develop and Konami could release them digitally.

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No...just no. I get it: Joker is kind of a big deal for Bats. But enough. Joker be dead. And did you not see Joker being the big baddy for Origins? A part of me felt like they opted for a game that preceded the previous Arkham games JUST to put Joker back in the spotlight.

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I can't help but think of villains like Harley. She got her start on the Batman Animated series. And look what happened to her? It's hard not to consider her as a part of the Batman mythos now. Perhaps the same can be said for Arkham Knight one day.

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Remember these are company gifts - not really meant for a fan to put on their mantle. The sentimental value is through the rough on these pieces; I can't even imagine how hard it would be to part ways with these relics. The price may be steep for us, but remember, this guy is out of job - he's just trying to be as prepared as possible. Having a couple of months rent in your savings is a smart idea considering you don't really know how soon you'll land another steady gig.

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It's probably a big reason why a lot of talented folks would rather fund their dreams through crowd-funding channels like Kickstarter and Indigogo then go through a publisher.

I just hope these guys lands on their feet.

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Judging by how quick the items went on Ebay, the employees may have had little to no knowledge of the company's closure. And who's to say they'll get 'snapped up straight away'? There are no guarantees. And this level designer was worried enough to part ways with his priceless tokens of his time with Irrational Games. So interpret that as you will. But don't come out and say get over it as it is no big deal. When you means of income suddenly stops (and for a reason I s...

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Exactly, and look what happened. I really don't understand. Say what you will about the Xbox One, but to bash a completely unbiased video purely because its focus is the competition is inexcusable for those in the PS4 camp. I myself own both consoles. There is no need to for this behavior when the content was not putting one console down over the other. What we have is an insecure fanbase trying to debase Microsoft at every possible turn.

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Then why comment on here at all? This isn't about what's meaningFUL, it's about discussing a growing issue in a community that has lost sight of what brings us all together. Discouraging and argumentative remarks should be in the minority, not the norm. You are a gamer, and you clearly care. It's about the bigger picture and what this represents, not about a single YouTube video.

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Disabling comments? What good what that do? Forgive me, but please watch the channel's PS4 video:

This, along with NES, PS1, and the Xbox One were all made the same exact way. The fun facts make the video entertaining and do nothing to elevate one console above the other. Why should the creator disable comments when the community was embracing the series u...

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Vsauce3 is part of the Vsauce umbrella which is owned by YouTube/Google. The content creator shouldn't be punished for publishing it one the platform he's most likely to receive the most views. I mean, look at the agree:disagree ration here. Fans of the channel who are just saying that it's sad and that they like his channel are getting disagrees. This is the real problem. The gaming community cannot be this black and white. If you own an PS4 it's okay so say something nice a...

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I watched the video very closely since its was released and I have to say I'm not shocked at all. It barely hit the 1 million view count as opposed to say the PS4 which completely blew it out of the water. Jake, the channels' creator, saw this coming as one of the comments he posted even said, "when you dislike the video it hurts me, not Microsoft." Fanboys should be ashamed. The video took 40 hours to create and all it wants to do is educate while remain fun. This isn't...

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2 Human.

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You know something, I could honestly forgive MS for all the DRM/online nonsense if they gave me a real reason to plunk down an additional $100 for their console; their software lineup is just too weak to constitute the asking price.

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Fatal Frame IV? Controls seemed a bit sluggish to get in to. Was it that good?

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I still can't over how incredible this console generation has been.

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And then what? Is that all the fanbase has left to look forward to? A remake of a decade old game that honestly isn't really worth the trouble? Now a remake of FFVI - that would something truly epic.

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I guess we can lump Silent Hill into the mix as well...

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This is exactly why I've been funding more and more Kickstarter projects. The creativity is there, it just isn't coming out of the mainstream camp anymore.

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