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I know about these references. But if you go back to my first comment I clearly just mention the roster as my main gripe. Of the confirmed characters we have 5 from the Mario universe and 4 from the Pokemon franchise. That's a decent chunk of the roster to be devoted to only two video game franchises.

Would it have been so difficult to cut a Mario character in favor of Mike Jones or Zoda of Startropics? Why not ditch one of the four Legend of Zelda characters (whom have ...

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I have seen the details. And? Is it adding a bunch of new characters that haven't been revealed yet? No, it isn't. Take a look at this image:


From that pic alone you can see that 4 characters are from one singular franchise. As for Pac-Man, I'd hardly call that series representative of the vintage NES or Ni...

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Nintendo needs to play to it strengths. It has a such a great wealth of gaming characters and franchises that are simply not being utilized. Why don't we have a new Metroid title yet? Why do series like Startropics remain a distant memory instead of being revived? Why doesn't Smash Bros. roster feel like a celebration of Nintendo's vast and rich history? There is so much that could be done. Nintendo's 2015 line-up looks great but it still isn't enough.

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Jurassic Park on the NES was a great game. Difficult. But still a great game.

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I would love for Metal Gear 1 & 2 to be remade in the style of the original Metal Gear Solid. It wouldn't take years to develop and the pair would make excellent digital releases. Sometimes less is more and that's probably why most post-MGS games can't hold a candle to the Playstation original.

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I'm confused by this decision. I have an Xbox One. I'll gladly buy this game for my console if it looks like it's worth getting. But given Sony's recent announcement the PS4's sales - 10 million and counting - why would CD pass on the chance to reach that install base, and install base that - mind you - already purchased more copies of Tomb Raider:DE?

Als, was it really worth reminding the Sony install base of being able to play Tomb Raider:DE on PS4 at th...

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No mention of Vsauce3? or Markiplyer?

Also, no to PewDiePie. Just no. There is no value in that channel as a gamer. It's simply annoying. This list should read: "Top Subscribed YouTube Gaming Channels". Being popular doesn't make ...

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Why exactly does it 'need' to win?

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Let's say Halo's release is what the US market needs to push One sales passed the PS4. Edging out Sony for a month or two is not going to do anything for the massive gap between sales. The gap grows with each passing day. In order for Microsoft to catch up it has to outsell the PS4 for many, many, many months. All the price cut did was hurt May sales as previous months were more or less the same with June's NPD. MS took a risk and it failed.

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It's Reiko.

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The list is accurate. There is however one game that is missing from this list: Metroid 3DS.

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Do you really think Rockstar only hired a single stuntman for all their motion capture?

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Red Dead Redemption was more of a spiritual successor than a sequel. Demon Souls and Dark Souls are a part of the Soul series, but we still got Dark Souls 2.

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I'm about to write an article: Insider Confirms Games @ E3 2014.

How soon can I get it to 1000 degrees?

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It most likely will...and with Jake Muller as the lead! Isn't that great! And Alice from the movies may be in there as well. Capcom is so on the pulse of what this community wants. =P

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2 is too precious for Capcom to even consider a remake. They would more than likely mess it up. Fortunately, fans have risen up to the challenge:

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Resident Evil being even remotely scary is such a distant memory. I don't think there will be a Resident Evil as great as part 2. It's probably the reason why Capcom doesn't dare remake it. It's content milking HD re-releases of RE4 and creating sequels that are moving further and further away from what RE is supposed to be.

Anyone remember those early teasers of RE4? It was straight out of Silent Hill. Why can't they bring this scrapped concept back and ...

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A lot of people I know cancelled their ps4 bundle pre orders when it was delayed last year. They can Ill afford confirming any more doubts.

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I am the only one that feels that the original MGS should not have been remade? I loved Twin Snakes but I still prefer the original. Personally, I would love to see Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2 remade with the same engine that powered MGS. It wouldn't cost as much to develop and Konami could release them digitally.

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No...just no. I get it: Joker is kind of a big deal for Bats. But enough. Joker be dead. And did you not see Joker being the big baddy for Origins? A part of me felt like they opted for a game that preceded the previous Arkham games JUST to put Joker back in the spotlight.

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