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and there will be: horizon, nioh, death stranding, dreams, spider-man, detroit and the list goes on and on. there is no shortage of new games that will push the boundaries. but there are plenty of titles that could use a revist. and given how masterfully companies like bluepoint games have handled them and vicarious visions with crash, i wouldn't mind a complete overhaul of some of the games that helped shape and mold the playstation brand in its early years.

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I agree, but the games on the list are synonymous with the Playstation brand. Even as a collaborative effort like we saw between Activision and Sony for Crash Bandicoot, I feel like a similar kind of deal could happen here with Sony leading the charge and reaching out to the proper brand stakeholders.

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Oh, Jaws - a game that can literally be beaten in 15 minutes or less.

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not sent to jail but ive submitted articles that are reported for - at times - the most ridiculous reasons. to see something with such a glaring error be approved just doesnt make much sense.

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how does an article with a typo in the title get approved?

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"..for years women in gaming have been taking a subtle back seat to the lime light in respect to gaming..."

um, let's see: Samus Aran, Aya Brea Jill Valentine, Claire Redfield, Hana Tsu-Vachel, Joanna Dark, Laura (D1, D2, Enemy Zero), Jennifer Simpson & Helen Maxwell (Clock Tower), Heather Mason, Alice (American McGee's Alice), Rubi (WET), and the list goes on and on.

women take anything but a backseat when it comes to gaming. for Y...

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Right...yet it will likely be as big as a hit, if not bigger, than Horizon: Zero Dawn.

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...and just like that, the word 'controversy' lost all meaning.

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...i thought samus was gaming's first trans character lmao

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remember when the word 'controversy' used to mean something?

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why is botw on here? what's so ambiguous about it?

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Hellblade tackled a subject that hasn't gotten much of any attention in the gaming-sphere. Its developers even brought in those who suffers from mental illness to provide stories to help make the experience a bit more grounded. Not only is the effort not enough, but apparently it invalidates the experience of others. And people wonder why most developers play it safe.

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I don't understand some of the editorializing of this article...developers shouldn't see female protagonists as a risk? When have they ever?

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What about an expansion? SotC fans are aware that the original game left a lot of colossi on the cutting room floor...*hype intensifies*

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Sony also has the luxury of the PlayStation Experience for surprises. There is no winning or losing here, only success and failures. All Sony needs to do to succeed is to do as it's done for the last few years: focus on games and little else.

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Sindel from Mortal Kombat 3 had "weaponized hair". And she was white. This isn't a race issue - it's just a design choice.

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Does anyone want a gay man's opinion on the idea of inclusivity and representation in media?


I don't need fictional characters to validate my sexuality. LGBT individuals are not a monolith - stop treating us like we all think alike, Polygon.

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These guys are real fans of the series. I hope we'll see a single player entry in this series. LoK had some of the most memorable story-telling alongside the finest voice-acting in gaming history. I miss this series. Nosgoth is fun, I won't deny that. I log-in every now and then. It's easy to jump and it's isn't as mindless as a lot of other online-only, F2P titles. However, I long for the day when we see this series return to form.

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I hope that 2 will one day receive the same treatment. Then maybe off the wave of success both remasters find, we may see a new generation VC title.

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