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" I mean, no one wants to pre-order a game that sucks, right? You'll want to hold on to every shred of hope that the thing you were so eager to pay for isn't bad, because it makes you look bad. "

This sounds an awful lot like one of the reasons why fanboys exist; not all of us are able to afford every video game console - so those whom can only have one and not another would put their purchase on a pedestal while labeling the competition as inferior.
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I have to disagree with this article. The developers are 'dicks' for releasing the game early to the fans that already paid for it? And this is supposed to be bad? How? Just because someone pre-ordered the game doesn't mean they are going to love it, let alone defend their purchase. What about publishers who do not allow gaming sites to post review scores early? Isn't that just as much of a 'dick' tactic as it doesn't allow for gamers to read a critique before they... #2
I don't see how this is a problem. The story is about four close male friends going on what is a road trip essentially. This is the foundation the developers wanted to build on. In the past we've had a mixed male & female cast, casts with different species, an all-female cast, games where players can create their own character, so how would an all-male cast be a problem? If anything, the FF series is now diversifying it's portfolio by doing something it hasn't done before... #14
I have an idea, Destructoid: Go and make your own game however you want to. Put as many female characters in it as you'd like. Nothing is stopping you from doing so. No one will tell you you can't do it. Just go and do it. And stop criticizing other people's vision and hard work. #27
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I really love how people pick apart a list of 70 and say that only 2-4 games matter. Since when was having so much variety and choice a bad thing? And people need to stop treating indies as non-games. You should be ashamed of yourselves. #27
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Congratulations, Sony. Here's to another successful year ahead of you. You delivered a product that developers and gamers truly wanted and continue to support. And most importantly, you didn't have to compromise your original vision in order to do so. Greatness no longer awaits, it is already here. Cheers. #43
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"If you’re scratching your head at this one, it’s probably because you haven’t played an Ape Escape game."

How old does GameInformer think its audience is? #4
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Ever play Catherine? It featured one of the most underrated transgender characters: Erica. Only it wasn't shoved down the players throat. Not only is she treated as an equal by the entire cast, but her sexuality is a complete non-issue. She's already been accepted by everyone.

Now that that's of the way, may I ask why is this even a talking point? Nothing prevents devs from putting trans characters in their games. And nothing prohibits the writer of this piece to... #11
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Please educate yourself on basic math. The gap is widening, not closing. In order for the gap to close the One would have to sell more than the PS4. #4.3
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Startropics. For all that is good and just in this world: Startropics. #5
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With current technology, these games would look absolutely gorgeous if the right studio picked them up. Could you imagine ANoES with a nightmarish dream world on par with Silent Hill? #10.1.1
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I agree with most of this list except for Rain Flush. I think the writer is forgetting that it is meant to be acid rain. #1
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Someone seriously needs to make Friday the 13th or A Nightmare on E Street into a videogame. For all the slack they get, I'll always have a soft spot for the LJN games for the NES. Someone needs to take a chance and pick-up the rights to make games for these classic horror franchises. #10
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Is it? Why isn't MS pushing this title? #22.1
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While I do agree that those titles are great gets for current Xbox One owners, are they really system sellers?

Sunset Overdrive while fun doesn't appear to be a title that is going to sell consoles. It is a great addition to an existing One owner's library, but it doesn't scream system seller.

As for the MCC, again, it's great for current owners of the Xbox One. And yes, it will likely boost the consoles sales by a small margin. But the folk... #15.1
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How did this get approved when Scorpion's name is misspelled? #6
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I'm going to say no. I've played Sunset Overdrive at both PAX East and E3 and while it is incredibly fun, the title doesn't have what it takes to sell consoles. It's a great addition to the Xbox One's library and it's a treat for current owners of the console. But it isn't enough to significantly boost sales. #5
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HOLY YES! I LOVED Clock Tower on PSone. It was one of the few games that was capable of scaring the crap out of me. This is the best news I've read all day. :) #1
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Demon's Souls 2 for Vita(if only). #4
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What would a AAA game that catered to a strictly female audience look like? That is a serious question. Is it a title with a strong female lead? There are many, many AAA titles which satisfy that criteria. I wouldn't say they are geared for women.

Like most games, they are geared towards gamers. As a male gamer, would I enjoy the Metroid series any less because of its female lead? Or Parasite Eve? Or Mirror's Edge? Beyond Good and Evil? Of course not. Because I am a... #17.2
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