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then just buy an xbox 360. :P

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if capcom can make mega man 11, konami can make a new castlevania.

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seriously, when was the last time microsoft took your breath away like sony does?

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this game is ass.

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What was the point of this?

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no need for a price cut so soon. it sells just fine at the $300.

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its the mighty number 9 of xbox exclusives.

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did the ps3 outsell the 360? i think it did but this entry says otherwise...perhaps it should be corrected.

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i expected the sales to be strong but hot damn...this not only proves the strength of single player games but the importance of exclusive titles - well...quality exclusive titles.

congrats, sony! well deserved!

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this is the dark souls of n4g posts...

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getting some serious stranger things vibes off that monster.

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i agree and that's why i think a collaboration would be best. they need to broaden their scope of what story-telling is.

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I wouldn't apply a God of War-style of storytelling to say Mario or Zelda. But Nintendo could take a dormant series like a Startropics and turn into an epic tale.

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its a definite perk for existing xbox one owners but the engagement just isnt there. the percentage of folks playing these old games is a very small fraction. upscaled classics arent enough to sell a console. it just feels like a distraction and a cheap talking point.

microsoft really needs to get its house in order. what good is having a 4K machine if you cannot achieve the level of detail of horizon, or god of war, or spiderman? a powerful console can only take you so fa...

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that actually sounds like a lot of fun!

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so here's the thing about MS. they could very well put on a great show. but in order for it to have an impact, sony and nintendo have to do nothing - and that will never happen. microsoft talks a big game and i honestly would love to see them deliver. but i dont think they could announce anything that will draw in massive amounts of xbox one sales. they have made it clear that they are creating a marketplace for their titles as most of their big ips are also available on pc. sony and nint...

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Yakuza 6.

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dont forget death stranding!

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