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Good read #15
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This will be huge! If they're trying to match real-life camera work. I always said they should implement that.

Sad to hear they couldn't get the live action and replay to work together but knowing they should mimic WWE broadcasting is a step in the right direction. #1
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HUUUUUUGE!!!! Now all we need is Rockstar to finally show up and introduce it themselves and bring Agent while your at it. #1.6
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Oh wow! #2.1
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This is cool news but I'm sure glad I still have a backwards compatible PS3. #44
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I didn't say what? I went into tremendous detail, even breaking down conference by conference on the trends that are being set that takes away from the show. All the while still acknowledging that E3 is still "special".

Vita was cool but that's enough to make the overall show "special". As far as the Wii U ppl were confused as to even what the Wii U was as well as it's capabilities as a hardcore machine.

As far as the title 1... #2.1.1
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Why I gotta b random? lmbooo. Everybodies random in the beginning right? Insults could've been excluded.

I'm just expressing my thoughts on what I viewed from past E3's, it's not meant to be controversial. #2
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Yes Sir! on that last part.

But u mean split screen co-op? If so the way god of war moves through levels u may not need it both players could co-exist on one screen. Thus not stealing any real estate space. #1.1
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hmmm interesting...a lot of backtracking huh? #1.1
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It's not really blaming a console per se it's looking at the introduction of said console and maybe some tough choices Bioware had to make.

You don't have to agree with it that's the point, like I mentioned in the article it's a theory that should be taken as such.

Just say you dont agree and move on. Why penalize others? #4.1
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I recognize the comic book thing I was just looking at the overall scope.The Comic Book IMO could never replace actually playing -- it's a clean up job. Did you read the article? it's just a theory, you have to look deeper into the meaning not just judge it on it's surface. #3.1
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lmbooooo #1.1
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Seeing this makes me want to play Heavy Rain again. #122
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Amazing!!! Quantic Dream is on another level.I still don't know why Heavy Rain is not in the forefront and heralded as the best graphics of all time...they're one of the few studios that translates "hair" right. #107
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So there's no way to get the best of both worlds?!!! Maybe not currently but anytime in the future? It's gotta be a way. #6.1
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Lmbooooo, yeah this definitely looks like something a fan would do, or someone who knows wht fans want would do, His brother opening up narrative is a dead giveaway, fans have been asking 4 his (kratos) brother to be a part of the main god of war story plot for years.

So that would definitely generate excitement. #16
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I've been meaning to look more into the the PS vita, thanks for the details. #7
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I dont know what's wrong wit the link... I will have to contact n4g. For now it's http://www.consolecontrollu... #1.1
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Look, everybody concerned with my statements about certain games being 1080p, it was not a absolute statement, I was more going with what was advertised and what my tv screen says. Do developers false advertise sure! That’s not the point.

Speaking of false advertisement and the point you guys need to focus more on the issue at hand which is 1080p gaming is non existent which means our TV’s and machines (mind you that we went a whole generation w/o) that advertise 1080p are no... #18
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Correctamundo! Wipeout is in 1080p...I mentioned it in the article. #2.1
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