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@ltachiUchiha I understand and appreciate your reasoning but I included the PS4 and Xbox One in there because I'm imploring developers for future projects too, not just the present.

I just used my past and current experiences as reference.

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I'm not saying I won't try the game I'm not even saying this game won't live up to the hype its just an observation of what Ubisoft chose to show has me a little less excited than when they first introduced the concept that's all.

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Thanks I dropped like 2 or 3 other how to's on the site...check it out.

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lmboooooooooooooooo @Divine @Kratos @Igam3r

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Oh so you cool with a fake, last-gen approach, stealth shooter huh? Even though Kojimas not aiming for that. And I supposed you cool with disappearing humans after you kill them too and a combat system you cant even move forward and swing a punch or kick with and I suppose you cool wit not being able to see the gun your shooting as well.

Boy you may hav a tough time going into next-gen.

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Oh trust me lance i dont want a Gears, COD clone (no pun) anywhere near my beloved MGS and I dont want them to rid CQC I just want it to represent the CQC that you see in cutscenes and not the actual gameplay -- You got to admit its pretty stiff.

As far the list itself how does this clamor for change to be like Gears or COD anyway? Not to mention these games I dont even play.

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@Big Boss True (to a degree), that's why if you noticed they are at the bottom of the list but even though the focus is not on guns, guns are in the game yes? And if guns are in the game shouldn't we get believable and immersive weaponry?

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Lmboo at all yall with the crap references...but that doesn't necessarily mean he can't morph into a hero, didn't Big Boss pee all over himself at one point?

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Gee I hope not!!!?

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Batman himself looks sick! Here's hoping for some movie skins.

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You know, I undoubtedly was going to put Call of Duty on this list it seems like a no brainer(I think the majority wants that) but I said you know what? Let me be fair and put the games on here that I personally played extensively.

So ultimately I left it off 1, cause I don't play Call of Duty and 2, Even though I know from the outside looking in Call of Duty has it's issues I'm not sure if the issues are surrounded in having a subpar engine that's incapable...

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Dag! i was looking forward to seeing what they could've done with 1313.

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That 50-60's thing is throwing me off big time, I'm really concerned if any of this is true esp. Rocksteady not being at the helm.

But on another note imagine how Batman will look on Next-gen wow! Now thats something to look forward to.

All I want is a new epic batman that allows me to use the batman movie suits either off the bat (no pun) or in my second playthrough as a unlockable.

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Thanks for clearing that up I was all the way confused lmbooo.

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If true, huge! Now everything else has to carry over.

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Todd Papy? God of War III? Don't you mean Stig Asmussen?

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@shutUpAndTakeMyMoney lmbooooo

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Im hyped to see what Madden gon look like on these next consoles (oh please don't disappoint me).

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I see says the blind man lmbooo

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No I actually am on the PS4 hype bandwagon lmboo thats the irony, Oh I'm getting the system! The exclusives I love are all going to be on it, not trying to kill it at all just trying to give some honest journalism (agree or disagree we need that).

In Terms of defining "Next-gen" you have to justify its existence and that could be done in a plethora of ways but for the most part, emphasis on most, everything shown looks and plays the same its like the complaints...

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