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Hey guys,I'm watching it now via my PS3 it actually looks pretty darn good and no skipping (buffering) so far. I believe because its an App its probably your best bet to watch it through your console -- it's the closest you'll probably get to a TV experience.

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I'm hearing the answer to that is no.

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Yeah, we'll let you know as soon as it's up.

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I told ya! back when, I saw this thing possibly coming when they first denounced it:

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This might be the game to truly set off the next generation,

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@0 You should, you actually should you'll hear of Us soon enough though -- the leader of the new generation of video game websites...wait too late you already have ;)

Why be so negative ;)

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@Regis yeah it's pretty much inevitable it's only a question of when it will get announced.

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oooooh nice! That could be another telling reason.

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@slapsta I did! twice!

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Oh no! This is not a ploy to see more jerks in gaming :) this is merely saying if a developer so chooses to make such a character it shouldn't be frowned upon.

Bigger than that the gaming community shouldn't want or expect every character to have the same personality -- as far as playing the role of the hero.

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The problem tho is that 'Ant' (pun intended)lmbooo is in his old gimmick he's a part of "The Real Americans" as his new gimmick.

2K is a little behind on this one. "We the people!".

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THIS WOULD BE HUGE!!! One of my Top requests for GTA along with windshield wipers and umbrellas.

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That's the weirdest thing, my post is not showing up on N4G.

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This could be huge but none of the games currently on the list are target games for me except Madden (but I'm just going to wait for the next gen version) Now if let's say a GTA V becomes available later I'd be all over that.

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It seems the consensus here is you all trust ND to do what they always do and that's produce high quality product -- me too, they've earn it. It's just....

I think we all could agree "New on New is better than Old on New" Think about it, would you rather have 1080p upscaled or "true" 1080p?

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True! But like I mentioned in the article we may have gotten those type of quality games because they made a brand new engine that was built to take advantage of the PS3's technology and power.

Look at all the games that didn't build a engine from scratch coming from the PS2 to the PS3 or Xbox 360. Look how old and dated and far behind those games looked and played compared to ND.

I just don't want ND to become them. Now they potentially become th...

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Yeah,it's probably ultra hard (I could only imagine) But somehow someway we have to figure out how to push the genre forward.

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Good point Agent! I didn't even think of that. If developers and publishers could see it that way also maybe there is more room for optimism than I already had.

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They can get the recognition, there are systems currently out like NBA 2K or WWE games with the game sharing features where other gamers see your name and even have a voting system for your work on how good the community thinks it is. They can just copy that.

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Yup this would be HUGE!!!

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