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The truck is in the "Warstock Cache & Carry", access it through phone via the in-game internet. I saw it live last night it looks pretty nice, two American Flags waving in the back. And I hope you have some money cause it's like 750,000.

The ammo is in ammunation on the right wall. When you go to the item itself that you purchased the option to restock ammo is there.

Hope that helps, Let me know how it goes. #2.1
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@starchild I agree that the world and Aiden look pretty darn good and much of "it looks like a PS2 game" is overblown but the cars! the cars are horrible! Little to no detail, poorly designed, uninspiring and let's not even talk about the mechanics, they feel like spoofs of cars instead of real-life like matchbox cars.

And how is it GTAV last gen still competing with Watchdogs this gen graphically? -- in a lot of areas may even have WD beat, inexcusable. #1.1.3
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Pozzle; Best looking game you've ever seen? That's encouraging but did you see the water? I hope they upgraded the behavior and the graphical fidelity of the water cause in Ground Zeroes it was horrid!

(Looked PS2-ish). #1.7
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Lmbooooo It's actually not Sonja or Sonia but rather 'Sonya'. #6.1
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I agree with mikeslemonade He actually IS lanky "cut up" but still lanky I think it's his legs actually that are skinny and give him his real-life lanky look probably along with his heightened shoulder pads.

On a side note I see they still haven't updated the NFL gloves SMH. #1.2.1
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@Bitby I surely hope not! I HATE FIRST PERSON VIEW, even though it was cleverly done in GOW 3. If it's more of that fine but not a whole game in first person, I think that would be the day I walk away from the franchise. #4.1
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@Dale I think natural is the word your looking for, it does have a slight oldschool-ish stiffness to it.

Like I said in the article I think they should introduce physics. #3.1
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@admiralvic @hyperbear Maybe you guys are right, maybe my issue is with retail bundles as oppose to official bundles.

But the situation overall is still wack, why would Sony or Microsoft or Nintendo release an official bundle and then the places I have to buy said bundle Gamestop, Best Buy, Target, Walmart etc. have their own bundle of the same game? Confusing no? Is that even legal? :)

The Metal Gear Solid 4 bundle I referenced translated it wasn't this... #4.1.1
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Article explaining how the infamous bundle comes with no value key word in article "proper ps4 bundle".

Knack Launch day bundle, no value
I got you, I hear what your saying but you're basing things on technicality, you're missing the whole spirit of the article, which is bundles last gen for the majority that were advertised saved you some bucks, nowadays in this gen it's filled with bundles that offer no savings at all.

You mention official versus retail and yeah those definitely exist but there are still at least what seems like official bundles that still don't offer savings for instance the... #3
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The bundles I speak of are researched and no matter if it's a retail infused bundle or a straight from the company bundle it's all the same...they both offer no value.

I give plenty of examples of such.

Furthermore you should remove your "lame" report, just research all those bundles I spoke of then I urge you to reconsider. #2
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You need to add "The Controlled Substance" Podcast to that list :) #1
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lmboooooooooooooooooooooooo #9.2
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@medman can't argue with that! lmboo #3
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I can wait, I'm just saying gameplay is the last piece to the puzzle for me to be fully "in". #2.1
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Yep! My sentiments exactly! #1.1
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You gotta come back and tell me how you liked it. #1.6
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First hour in the books and the app works like a charm, playing without a single hitch and has pretty good visual quality as well. #15
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Twitch Yes. #10.1.1
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Hey guys,I'm watching it now via my PS3 it actually looks pretty darn good and no skipping (buffering) so far. I believe because its an App its probably your best bet to watch it through your console -- it's the closest you'll probably get to a TV experience. #12
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