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Yep! I agree Exoil Watch Dogs got the look of water but is not even in the same conversation as GTA V when it comes to physics and depth again I think it's more than the look in GTA (even though the look is INCREDIBLE!) the behavior is what kills all other games and makes it special.

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@abzdiine Did you read the article? Uncharted 3 #RunnerUp.

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This would be a dream come true! No more limitations; keeping the wrestlers up to date maybe even the entrances oh my!

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And I hope they fix the water, the water looked horrible in Ground Zeroes it even looked worst than any PS3 game I've played dare I say it's almost PS2-ish.

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What is the deal with that anyway? Why do games have such a problem simulating hair in general? Is it that Hard?

One of the reasons I was looking forward to this gen was thinking the "hair issue" would be rectified.I'm hoping we don't have to wait to next, next gen to get it right.

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(I saw the stream real-time) Pure genius that Kojima "The Metal Gear Solid Collection" -- That was an actual fashion show!? Hee-larry-Us.

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And if you believe that do you believe that the final game will look worst than that demo?

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You do have a good point that it's cross platform. I remember however reading that Kojima was going to do Phantom Pain Exclusively for next gen I guess he changed his mind again.

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@snookies12 @Torque @Mega I address those theories in the article, read fellas.

"Now the obvious argument that could be made is that MGS V is open-world and Silent Hills P.T. was crammed into this little hallway thus allowing the power of the PS4 to really shine, kind of like how I remember a similar argument was made with the skepticism over the Capcom PS4 exclusive ‘Deep Down’"

Look, I'm already saying what you guys are saying ...

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If they gonna include heists they need to include gloves #NoFingerprints.

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"I stopped reading once he went on to call maxed out is his metaphor for 8gigs".

Shame, it's a good read too :).

On a side note, lmboooo I foresaw that people would argue about the EXACT number of RAM available for gaming that's why I say substitute it for "maxed out" to kill the nitpicky arguments and just talk about the point but I see you missed that.

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"8 gigs" is not exactly literal I said it's a substitution or metaphor for "maxing out" the console so if it's 5 that's the most that can be use for gaming then the question is how many developers will actually use all the Ram available to them or in general push the console to its limits.

Funny enough I had a piece in one of my editing versions where I say exactly that "Technically never because not all of the RAM is used for gaming"...

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What OS are you using? I'll check it out, because it works fine on my end.

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Lmbooooo Yup! I agree when my PS3 died and I had to replace it with a new one,one of the must-haves was that it was a fatty again no slim ting for me lmboooo.

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I didn't blame them, as discussed in the first paragraph I was more questioning the coincidence...the coincidence just happened to be ND. I merely made an observation that there is a link to ND games and my PS3 not playing them. Further observation proved otherwise thus the apology.

Furthermore I made that type of article back then because others may be going through the same issues and could help me or help each other -- I like building community.

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Not really, there seems to be a perception that there is this oversaturation of zombie games and it really isn't, I think period but definitely quality ones Resident Evil went to the pits Dead Rising I can't take serious and doesn't seem to grab the community overall Dead Island? ehhh. I'm still waiting for that Triple A Zombie Classic (I don't overly count The Last of Us even though it fits that description more than well).

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I get it, it's the Hideo Kojima issue that he has every generation the (his) imagination always trumps hardware.

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Exactly dcj0524, I was going to say the same thing. @one2thr and @mushroomwig what you are pointing out are not really parallel to this situation a lot of those features should've been carry overs -- improved carry overs at that from the PS3 to the PS4. The blueprint was already laid all you have to do (Sony) is improve it, at worse case implement it and have it operating on the same level.

Now I could agree if the list was compiled of stuff they promised this generation ...

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Ah yes! How could I forget that 1 lmbooo even though that's one of the more obvious ones.

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Now that I think about it you could even switch the order of the downloads too if you had multiple one's going(very detailed - PS3).

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