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Me and my ppl was just talking about this, we're big fans of RDR once it's announced I'm all over it!

And like someone said earlier it doesn't have to necessarily be RDR2 but another Red Dead -- in that world. #15
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See my above comment. #6.1
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Uh....did any of you read the article? Thoroughly? I already touched on the NBA Jams and the older games that those comments would make sense for, I also started by saying not to take this article overly serious, which all of you are doing again it-is-not-a-rant. #5.1
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Oh nooooo! The dreaded black and white (aka the Uncharted) death screen is in this game? #62
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Well actually it does matter what game is highlighted (sort of), and is not entirely a system function.... with that theory it should work on downloaded games as well as the internet (www) TV &video, Live from playStation,Sharefactory,the playroom, and anything else if that's the case.

The PS4 should recognize there is a disc inside thus it shouldn't matter what's highlighted, games and non games alike downloaded or disc based games alike. but it doesn't o... #10.1
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True, this is not about getting up vs not getting up, you don't gain much there but it could come in handy in certain situations.

Let's say you have 10 games in your history well with this knowledge now instead of scrolling all the way maybe to your left to get to the exact game to eject the disc (again if you're using auto eject) you can now stop wherever you want hover over any game and auto eject.

Nothing groundbreaking just a interesting dis... #2.2
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If you're not being sarcastic mixelon It's a play on words controllers - control us. Since controllers are game related I figured I'd keep the extra "L". #4.1
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Lmboooo of course I didn't share that because I believed a downloaded game could eject lmbooooooo! Because truthfully the other doesn't make sense either right? Why would I have the option to eject a disc based game that's not even in the system right? But it still worked.

So in the spirit of experimenting since that worked I thought maybe the PS4 just knows you have a disc inside and it doesn't matter what you hover over, thus it has nothing to do with how th... #2.1
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Wow! It seems like the "kicking" got worse since the update (PS4) -- dare i say out of control! I never had it as bad as getting kicked in a few minutes thing though i did experience the lobby by myself thing, however the kicking was inevitable and consistent, sometimes very consistent on some days but now I can't even stay in the lobby! I tried about 10-15 times! #2.3.2
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How do you update your routers firmware? #2.2.1
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@Adrieono I was hoping for that too and we might just get it check the update i posted. #2.1
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I think the snow was added on the last update their probably just waiting to deploy it, most likely on Christmas Day and probably will happen randomly like rain currently is. #1.1
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No I agree Baka...u misunderstood That quote is not to say gamers threw a tantrum, on the contrary it was just to enhance the magnitude of how bad we want this DLC and how excited we are for trumps all other DLC's before it.

It was basically given the Heists DLC its credit saying it looks so promising and so anticipated that nothing else matters no matter how many "toys" Rockstar throws at Us. #1.1
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Lmboooo I know it's quote unquote a little thing but sometimes little things are HUGE.

I'm talking Immersion, I'm talking creative ways to get rid of the HUD is that not up for discussion? #2.1
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uh.... the link is not working #6
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Hey, when a developer puts in hard work and makes you smile by their replication of a real-world object or thing are we not to salute it? #24.1
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IDK from this video I'm a little disappointed I must say, the graphical fidelity doesn't look far from what we already see in GTA V -- and this is a car only game.

With that said oddly enough the older vids showing weather looked more on par on what I would expect from a next gen racer. #1.1.21
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Yep! I agree Exoil Watch Dogs got the look of water but is not even in the same conversation as GTA V when it comes to physics and depth again I think it's more than the look in GTA (even though the look is INCREDIBLE!) the behavior is what kills all other games and makes it special. #1.2.2
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@abzdiine Did you read the article? Uncharted 3 #RunnerUp. #1.1.7
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This would be a dream come true! No more limitations; keeping the wrestlers up to date maybe even the entrances oh my! #7
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