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Thank you for that comment. It's frustrating because the article is in no way shape or form trolling the game and we are not as other people have said, a trolling site. I put this article out there because as a person who has admired and waited for this game since it's initial release in Japan I hope that people see the game for what it is and it doesn't get swept under the rug.

People don't know me and if they took the time would see how much I want this game...

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Then I guess people don't understand the point of the question mark.

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Ohhhhh ok so you skimmed through it and not actually properly read through the whole piece and took on board what I was saying. You seem to forget the part where I am praising the game throughout and all I hope is that people do not forget about it as soon as these more established IPs hit release in the next few weeks because the game deserves more respect than that.

If you really want this game to succeed like you say you do then you would understand that I feel exactly the...

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Did you read it then or just assume what it was about from the title?

You appear to have strong feelings towards my article so maybe you can pull some things out of it and give me some constructive feedback like an adult.

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Oh wow! You people amaze me. It's called an opinion piece and I bet people think I'm hating on the game due to the title of the article. Who has actually even read it?

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My concern isn't just about the quality of this game, it's also about Sonys attitude towards the series, the hardware and the consumer. The Call of Duty franchise deserves respect for what it has done for First Person Shooters and competitive online gaming. Sony need to respect the hardware enough to use capable developers that can make great games and they need to respect the consumer enough not to just slap the Call of Duty name on a product and expect it to sell despite the quality...

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The Vita has so much potential but unless Sony market it in the right way and get the games on there that people want to play, and actually make them experiences worthy of the hardware then Sony cannot really complain when sales are not what they hoped.

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So do you guys think this may just be a ploy on Sony's part to get a household name on the Vita to shift some additional hardware and then maybe next year we will get a full blown Call of Duty that will interact with the console versions in the way I explained in the article?

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Gravity Rush aka Flying Past Shit

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How would buying an Xbox make up for it? you would still be without cross game chat on the damn PS3, and if thats the system people are playing then they shouldn't feel bad about wanting to see the feature being implemented.

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