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Well the game isnt out yet so I dont see how it will be "tacked on".

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maybe It wasnt an in demand title because since its been released its been exclusively on ps4?

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"no Rayman platformer has ever been exclusive." This gen I think its possible for ANYTHING to be exclusive tbh (Im still salty about sfv).

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This is a stupid statement, If a game comes out on a console it should work now matter the console. Youre basically saying that because a game is made by a japanese developer it should be expected to run bad on non japanese consoles, which is a ridiculous mindset. The fact people like you agree with it is even worse.

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But.. but I thought xbox players dont like or buy Japanese games?

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These retailers are behaving as if everyone HAS to and CAN ONLY play games on xbox one if we have gamepass. Its an optional service and im sure the majority of players will still be buying their games from stores. I have no idea why people are taking this as a negative, it makes no sense to me.

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For the same reason why we kept seeing these same articles before the xbox one x came out talking about the ps4's resolution increase over the standard xbox one. Tables turned.

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I guess that must mean that there are no issues for anyone else then /s

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ITT sony fanboys trying to spin this into something negative as usual. Jesus, its an OPTION lol, since when was having options a bad thing?

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Im assuming you wont, but youll need gold for the games in the subscription that require it (online multiplayer games).

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@RommyReigns I think I heard about that a while ago

@1Victor Im not saying the voice acting is bad, some of the Japanese voices just don't suit the characters I think. Like Goku's voice is way to high pitched and some others.

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@OB1Biker I agree, but its better than being quiet about the whole situation. Imagine if Microsoft stay silent about the whole 1st party exclusives situation, it'd make people think they're not listening and they're doing nothing to change it. Assuming they only started recently they have to let us know whats going on and build up a little bit of hype, no? They definitely started too late but better late than never. Games take time to make.

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Well how else will xbox get all them exclusives that ps fanboys say we dont have and need? Theres no winning lol

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The article isnt saying that it does (while some, including me, may disagree to an extent). Article says WHEN they come

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Yep you can choose Japanese or English voices. I wish you could choose for each character individually though, I cant stand some of the Japanese voices, especially Gokus.

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Man what needs to be brought back are the 'EA Sports BIG' games like nba street, nfl street, DEF JAM FIGHT FOR NEW YORK

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That could actually be a pretty good take on a multiplayer aspect if they decided to have multiplayer. Drop a load of people into a city and you've gotta stealth and silent murder your way for the win. Scavenging plastic bags and such for silent executions lol

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@Sgt_Slaughter You really think capcom wasnt gonna release a street fighter 5 after the amazing success of street fighter 4 (on ps3 and XBOX 360) unless sony helped them?? Street fighter is one of their biggest franchises so to believe that it only happened because of sony is people just being naive.

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