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Mannn why is everyone so desperate to downplay the xbox one? Any positive thing I see about it there are people trying to turn it into a negative. #54
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I dont know what it is about the driving in this game, it doesnt really look like youre going fast and the cars look too static when youre driving. #5
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Looks exactly the same to me #1.1
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Stupid... #13.1
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Where in my comment am I "acting or talking like the XB1 has already heralded in a new era in gaming and taken over for the good of all" ?

Im simply stating that people will always find something bad in whatever Microsoft does, and youre one of those people. This whole cloud thing to me seems like a good thing, developers can utilise it to make their games even better. Wheres the problem in that?

You also said "Stop talking positively about th... #2.4.2
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People like you will always find a way to turn a positive of microsoft/xb1 into a negative #2.4
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Dont lie to yourself, you know youll play the multiplayer, along with all the other people using zombies as an excuse to get the game. Why preorder the more expensive edition of the game if youre only buying in for 1 mode? #4.2
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Shunning a game after seeing a teaser ? And people shouldnt be making so much judgements just because of the cartoony graphics. #38
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Ever played heart of darkness ? #31.1
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Fair point, but you havent played the single player yet to say that it needs to be better - For all you know it could be the best Ninja Gaiden campaign yet. #18.3.1
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Why are people complaining that they added multiplayer? Its an option, you dont have to play it. Its obviously to attract more players to the game and add a bit more replay value. #18
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What do you expect when you openly admit that you want to pirate a game? #2.1
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What I think they need to do is regulate the ADS (aim down sight) speed for all the snipers to the same as cod4, and not make the perk that speeds it up effective on snipers. Now I dont have a problem with quickscoping but I do think it shouldnt be as easy to do as in mw2, in cod4 it was fine. This is the only thing that needs to be done, anything else and it will ruin the sniping system, like how it is in black ops. If I have the reflexes to spot my target as soon as I zoom in with my sniper... #10
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How is this milking the game? Its a balancing update, but I guess theyre just using the word 'free' to make it seem like they are actually giving something out for free when its just a title update that you have to download from the marketplace or psn store. #8.2
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Wow, seriously? You must really not be that good at the game if you think the assaullt rifles need ANOTHER damage buff. The assault rifles are already really strong as they are.

If someone is close enough to you to kill you with a single shotgun shot then why dont you have out your shotgun aswell? You cant expect an assault rifle to go up against a shotgun at close range. And that is what I think the problem is with people like you - you want the assault rifles to be able to... #10.2
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The trailer is great, and I was planning on getting this game anyway, but I THINK a lot of people are just using this as an excuse to like (or go back to) mw3 because they were let down by the bf3 beta after all the hype it was getting, and how mw3 was getting put down. #25
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I think they need to make a dragonball game with the budokai or burst limit style fighting. #9
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What makes this ad that much better is that they had multiplatform characters in there, so even though there is the difficulty of getting exclusive characters from other platforms in there, you can still say to yourself 'I played as this guy on my wii' or 'I completed the game with this guy on my xbox 360'. That is one of the things that makes this ad amazing, which I say as a 360 gamer.

Well done to Sony #124
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Well you can kind of see that they are going in the 'dumbed down' direction with Gears 3 if you look at additions like the sawed off shotgun, retro lancer and the increased rifle damage which make the game a bit too noob friendly. #2.1.2
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The sawed off isnt fine and its not hard to run away while reloading your weapon.

The sawed off requires no effort at all to use because of its extremely wide spread and its gib range (1 shot kill) which is longer than the gnashers. All you need to do is walk or run up to an enemy and pull the trigger and if theyre on your screen you get a kill, with basically no aiming involved. Versus 1 sawed off user this is fairly easy to counter, but when there are 4 of them on a team (h... #2.2
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