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Well Isnt this expected? If a game gets cancelled why keep up all the trailers/footage? Itll only mislead people

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Jesus christ, just make a need for speed underground 3.

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SO damn glad I get to play this on xbox one, I wouldve been so annoyed if it was exclusive.

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Hope Its on all platforms if it is coming! Wouldnt mind UMvC3 coming to Xbox One bc aswell

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Bring it to xbox! That would be a nice boost

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Why are you so salty? The guy is hype for the console, theres nothing for you to be defensive about.

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Mann, if they remastered this or even better, made a sequel that followed this gameplay style i'd cry tears of joy. Icon was terrible

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Probably they want to refresh peoples memory/gauge interest for sequels

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Whats wrong with this site? For the past few days since e3 there has been a flood of articles downplaying ms and bashing them for everything, and if the article isnt negative I can guarantee that the comment section is saturated with people talking crap.

If they were trying to mislead people why would they put a sign indicating that its running on pc? Surely they wouldve expected these articles to pop up.

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Because microsoft are the only ones that money hat, right?

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Hopefully they put in drag races!

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Everyone is talking like rrod happened to literally every xbox 360, i've had one 360 since 2008 with 0 problems.

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Lol @ the people in here trying their hardest to downplay.

These look real good though!

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Do you not understand? Its not about people wanting to play ps4 exclusive games, its playing multiplatform games online with other platforms. For example you could be playing cod online and have ps4 and xbox users all in the same lobby.

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The benefit would be making gamers happy by giving them what theyve been asking for for a long time, no?

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The whole point of wallbouncing is to dodge stuff of course, in that gif he's doing it fast enough to the point where he's staying in basically the same place. There's not much use to using it like that.

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I just want some capcom fighting games (street fighter 4, marvel vs capcom 3)

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