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@ 0:23 you cant say that isnt a downgrade, are people blind lol? The textures on the face are significantly lower quality

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I think what YOU really wanted to say was; "Positive news about microsoft/xbox, please dont approve this".

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so much damage control lol.

Also for the people saying its only because its a new console, the ps4 pro has been out for almost a year as the article said. Thats almost a years worth of sales, and the xbox one x passed that in a few days. Still an impressive feat, new console or not.

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This trailer is showing us the exact opposite of what you just said lol.

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Street Fighter V

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Lol out of 30 characters only 6 new ones? Thats bad

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So much defenders of this lol, I wonder how it would be if ms increased their price

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Graphics look really good but the gameplay looks so stiff. Sound is bad aswell, makes it seems like the moves/hits have no impact. I think they shouldve worked on this a little move before showing it off.

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I thought the same. Maybe they should've waited another year before releasing destiny 2? Might just be me but I feel like it was too soon to bring out a sequel for a game such as destiny that can be so easily added onto.

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Sony can do no wrong on this site eh? Im seeing people commenting here "Sony allowed them to buy it back" "Sony could have said no". Jesus christ sony fanboys are crazy, nitpicking for anything to try and make them look like the good guy.

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I dont get how people think ms had the worst e3. I think they showed the most new games AND a new console, with good presentation (people coming out to explain the game/talk about it a little). Majority of Sonys games that they showed were all shown last year, one of which was dlc for an already released game. And their presentation of their games seemed really bland to me, literally just a reel of game trailers. I never saw much of the other conferences so I cant really comment on them, but ...

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All you see is people saying MS HAVE NO EXCLUSIVES blah blah, then when theres even a RUMOR that they might get one you see comments like this lol

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Games dont have to be exactly like the show. If that was the case then it wouldnt be very fun for me if I like to play yamcha and all I go against is beerus.

Budokai 1, 2, 3 and burst limit were the best dbz games for me, I hate the 3d tenkaichi/xenoverse type gameplay so much and I cant help but feel that in all the 3d dbz games they are always shooting for quantity over quality. The gameplay in those games feel so tacky.

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Im still silently praying for this to somehow make its way to xbox lol

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This could easily pass off as an expansion for the original, looks exactly the same

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Dont think its exclusive. Im sure if it was it would have definitely been known for sure by now.

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So much salt in this comment section.

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