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Hopefully they put in drag races!

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Everyone is talking like rrod happened to literally every xbox 360, i've had one 360 since 2008 with 0 problems.

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Lol @ the people in here trying their hardest to downplay.

These look real good though!

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Do you not understand? Its not about people wanting to play ps4 exclusive games, its playing multiplatform games online with other platforms. For example you could be playing cod online and have ps4 and xbox users all in the same lobby.

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The benefit would be making gamers happy by giving them what theyve been asking for for a long time, no?

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The whole point of wallbouncing is to dodge stuff of course, in that gif he's doing it fast enough to the point where he's staying in basically the same place. There's not much use to using it like that.

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I just want some capcom fighting games (street fighter 4, marvel vs capcom 3)

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Nope, you can get them all in-game from vanguard strikes, crucible, cryptarch packages etc.

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That shader has been there since ttk came out

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Tbh I think it looks alright for where the game is at currently. Thats pretty much how it looks in Gears 3.

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Youre literally in every Gears 4 article trying to downplay it. Havent you got anything better to do with your time?

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These are a new enemy called the swarm. I do think that theyre related to them somehow because they look pretty similar.

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Why do people like you try so hard to get people to not buy an xbox one lol

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Why is everyone being so defensive? What could possibly wrong with adding an option to run to places faster?

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Hopefully it isnt an april fools joke

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People keep saying things like this. So just because when you think of tekken you think of playsation, it shouldnt come out on other platforms?

Of course around when tekken first came out playstation was the only console it was on, but its evolved since then and has released most if not all of its games on other platforms. Why should they suddenly stop now?

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Man as an xbox owner i'll be so disappointed if this happens.

Maybe it might that be Akuma is an exclusive character to the ps4 version? Seeing as how sf5 is console exclusive to ps4 maybe they acquired the rights to him aswell or something along those lines.

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Shh, microsoft aren't allowed to do good things

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Your insecurity is showing

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I was so scared to play this back when it came out, I had to just watch my bro play

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