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I started playing this last weekend. It's absolutely fantastic. If you've played the others or are a huge Batman fan, this is a must. Actually, even if you're not that keen in Batman, this needs to be on your list.

Definitely a contender for GOTY.

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> Why do people always go on about this?

A picture is worth 1,000 words:

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I'm playing The Order at the moment, and I honestly cannot recommend it at all. I feel like I spend more time watching cutscenes than I do playing it. The player participation is quite limited. Last night, I experienced two chapters of game in which I literally did nothing.

On the plus side, it does look incredible, and the facial animation is perhaps the best I've ever seen in a game (the subtle expressions are about as real as they get).

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I think I quite literally only lost one battle in the entire game when I played it before, and that was right at the end. Fun game, really enjoyed it.

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Not just the game, but in video game history..! Her death was one of the most important things that happened back then, as it showed that gamers had emotions and could respond to such heart breaking events.

People literally cried, and refused to accept that the character was gone.

I doubt the event will be altered, but if it is, it will be rather big slap in the face to the entire gaming community.

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I've gotta say, I agree. The game was too long, and really should've ended at the clear logical point (I won't spoil anything, but those who have played the game will know the point I'm referring to). That the game continued on for several more hours ruined for me what could've been a classic.

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Playing it right now, and rather enjoying it.

The difficulty is just right, I think. However, I suspect it's doing that dynamic thing where it will increase the difficulty the longer you stay alive, and decrease it when you get killed. I'm quite a fan of that approach, as it stops the game being too hard or too easy.

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If you can't afford (or would rather not pay full price for) an SSD, go for an SSHD.

I've got a 500GB SSHD with an 8GB SSD cache, and it works just fine. Faster than a normal HDD.

Naturally, it won't be as fast as an SSD, but the you'll pay a lot less, and get a lot of the benefits.

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Confirmed not fake, according to EuroGamer:

and there's also a video:

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There are fewer iPhone models to test for, and the OS spread is a lot narrower.

With Android, there is larger spread of handsets, with different amounts of RAM, CPUs, etc., and users might also be on Kitkat, Lollipop, etc. Developing for Android is not difficult, but ensuring your app works across the spread of devices is.

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I'm completely in the minority here, but I didn't care for the remake. It was too dumbed down for my liking. I basically wanted the original game with a lot of 3D polish.

I mean, one Skyranger, one base? Come on!

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From reading the notes on DualShockers, it looks like they've tweaked the game to make it a little easier. Only a little, though.

Not sure about anyone else, but, aside from the very start of the game, I didn't find it all that difficult, compared to Dark Souls 1 + 2 (or Demon's Souls, for that matter). I would usually defeat the bosses on my 3rd attempt, often 1st or 2nd. Maybe I overpowered myself, I don't know.

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Article is pointless without context. For a comparison, they should time how long it takes to get from a normal boot back into the game. I'm betting it's longer than 30 seconds.

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"Release Date To Be Possibly Spring or Fall 2016"

So, February 2017, then :)

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Let's try for a comment that's more game-focused, then:

Can't wait for this. Didn't play Skyrim, so haven't gotten stuck into an open world RPG since Oblivion. The more I read about it, the more awesome it seems it is.

Game of the Year 2015? It's a strong candidate, for sure.

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Wow, can't believe you go disagrees for that comment!

(waits for disagrees of his own)

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You do understand that DDOS protection is extremely difficult to accomplish, don't you? It's not simply a case of adding more servers - that will only mitigate the problem in the short term.

Imagine it like a highway. You have three lanes, that are clogged with traffic. You add an extra lane, but that also becomes congested. So you add another, and another, and another, but it makes no difference, because there is so many cars, the lanes quickly become plugged up agai...

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Can't wait to fight Kratos

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In England, and many other parts of the world, the legal drinking age is 18. So ... 3 years late, guys.

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Is Roar power better than Growl power? How about Howl power, or is that different?

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