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The reason Sony dropped back this gen is because they went into this gen with the same arrogant attitude of assumed dominance like this article has.

Don't get me wrong, the only console I've owned this gen is the PS3 and I never regretted that decision; but Sony should never assume they will dominate, there is no reason that they would.

They took the piss with the price point, went a bit too far with the tech in the console and clearly just assumed pe...

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Ooooooooh Mass Effect 1 here I come! <3

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It's not.

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That's promising. I am not the kind of PS3 fan who lauds it up over X360 fans when traditionally X360 exclusive devs or franchises migrate to my console of choice, but I have to say, I am quite pleased about this. In the same way I am pleased thatgamecompany seems to be heading for multiplatform in the future - I still find it tragic so many gamers have missed out on the brilliance of Journey, so I think it equally a shame that so many miss out on Bungie's obvious talents.

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Since PS3 is already getting ME1 I guess that's a pointless trade.

Instead I propose this! X360 should get Journey - because that's a game everyone should experience, not just PS3 owners. In exchange PS3 owners could get... Alan Wake? I'd still quite like to play that.

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Is it "can't swim" or "no swimming"? ...Because I think there's a difference.

I am okay with there not being a swimming section; even though swimming was a staple of the series, I don't imagine I will particularly miss it.

Not being able to swim is different, it suggests a more idiotic insta-death scenario where touching water like in Assassin's Creed 1 makes you drop down dead for seemingly no reason at all other than th...

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I think people expect (and rightly so) that the game would work as intended.

Don't let yourself fall into the mindset that it's ok for a game to be released riddled with not only game breaking but console breaking bugs if they just patch it a few weeks down the line. This should just never have happened and Activision, the biggest, richest publishing studio in the world should be embarrassed and ashamed that they put out such a mediocre product. The best way for us ...

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@KingKevo - Yes, if a game is buggy like this; repeatedly causing crashes; switch offs; or the fans to go into overdrive (which a few people have mentioned) then I wouldn't put that thing in my PS3. You're asking for trouble!

A patch is needed, definitely... and quickly.

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Indeed... it's not even a 'restore' it's just checking to see if there is any damage to the system file structure. I guess no one actually reads the text that comes up?

It only 'restores' if it finds damage, which is rare... this message pops up any time the PS3 crashes whether it's the browser or a game that has locked up.

The problem here is clearly software not hardware. If people can happily play other games with no problems ...

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I always understood the 'installing' on PS3 to be simply another way of saying 'decompression'. I have no proof this is the case of course, but I presumed that PS3 games are downloaded compressed and that when installed they are decompressed.

Perhaps Wii and 360 games are downloaded uncompressed and hence do not need to 'install'.

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I do wonder at you being able to afford those things, what kind of job do you do? Must be something that doesn't require thinking too heavily because your response is utterly irrelevant and makes no logical sense whatsoever.

People are suggesting that it is stupid to pay for something that you 1. have already paid for (the method of obtaining Erudito points exists within the game already) and 2. can easily access for no additional charge. They are not saying, as you ins...

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AO1JMM, you got disagrees because you appear to have not read the article.

What they have added to the PS Store and XBL Marketplace is 'Erudito points' which you can buy in different quantities. These points unlock in game normally as you level up (I believe in the online multiplayer) so that you can buy equipment, outfits etc... Buying them on the store this way means you don't have to level up to get them. Hence why people are saying these microtransactions ar...

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Thankfully Bethesda is only the publisher of this game, not the developer so their curse on the PS3 shouldn't be a problem!

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www.everythingisaremix.info/wa tch-the-series/

Just sayin'.

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The PS3 is far from less capable than the X360, in terms of raw power it can outperform the X360 - this is a generally accepted fact. People are just so blinded by fanboyism and ignorance. The PS3 simply runs differently. Games designed with an engine that is optimised for X360 architecture is never going to run properly on the PS3 because the guts of it are "wired" diferently.

It's like X360 speak German and PS3 speaks French... both are capable languages bu...

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Alpha Protocol deserves a play just for the risks it took and it's interesting take on storytelling.

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No, you've misunderstood me. I'm not saying that if they make a game slightly better than the worst DMC game then DmC is better than the old DMC series! I am just trying to point out that it's perfectly reasonable to think Ninja Theory are capable of creating an enjoyable game on par with and even exceeding the installments created by Capcom.

I just get tired of seeing people talk about the old DMC games as if they were some sort of gaming holy grail that were...

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I think people put Devil May Cry on a freakin pedestal. It was a great game series, sure, but it wasn't on some untouchable level of awesome that no other dev could ever match.

Has everyone conveniently forgot the steaming pile that was Devil May Cry 2? That game messed with Dante's look and personality, the storyline and continuity of the series far more than DmC is doing now. If DmC is better than that (and I think I can pretty much guarantee you it will be) then...

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It's to 'whet' your appetite, not 'wet'. Just sayin'.

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I already traded in my PS3 copy of Skyrim, they're not getting any extra money out of me. I fell for the lies, saying that they developed a new engine for Skyrim... I was thinking: oh right, well this one must work properly on PS3 - surely they wouldn't make the same mistake! Only to discover AFTER it was released that it was the same effing engine with slight tweaks, none of the issues on PS3 from previous titles using the same engine were addressed, it just boggles the mind.

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