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Ok first of all Microsoft have been doing this to
Sony last gen with third party companies, an not to
mention Microsoft bought Gears of War that was going
to be on the PS4 sooner or later. and besides it's not
like Sony bought the whole Street Fighter franchise unlike
Microsoft did with Epics game.

and I know what some of you if not a lot of you are going
to say. what are you talking about Sony did this to with Sega, an Sega... #14
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Console gaming have been reigning supreme
for decades way longer then PC gaming and
I hate to break it to the PC elitist, but
PC gaming only has two advantages once
the next gen after this one comes around
what will you dimwits brag about, the only
thing you guys have as far as I'm concerned
is 4k resolution and that is not even main
stream yet, what happens when the next gen
PlayStation will have 11 tera flops of GPU... #41
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Gamertk421 and Ryan741,you do know that both of you are
being naive right?,Sony didn't buy them because they were
going under,they bought them to make their dreams into reality when it comes to games even,the developers within the company like Guerrilla Games and Naughty Dog and Media Molecule said it themselves.

so you guys are comparing a corporation like Sony buying out game companies that Sony saw that had talent within those game companies,to Microsof... #25
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As the current platform yes ghostface9 Nintendo is beating Sony with the WiiU,but the PlayStation brand as a whole outsold the Nintendo brand so technically its Sony land,but of course its both Sony and Nintendo land when it comes to both of them,anyway its seems like people in here haven't learned their lesson I mean seriously what doe's it take for people to comprehend that it doesn't matter what Microsoft throws at the Japanese gamers they'll just ignore or neglect or rejec... #30
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Haki I'm sorry to say this but you're an idiot you're saying Sony copied a lot from Nintendo what about the 3ds that was from a Sony employee,I think Nintendo is the one copying Sony and making it look like they innovate let alone revolutionize the gaming industry,knowing Nintendo probably sent a few spies in Sony's R&D lab just to take ideas from them like the 3ds.

And gamerfan0909 is another moron as well saying that piece
of... #10
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Well it seems most people enjoyed Sony's conference
more,and any foolish XBox one fan that thought Microsoft
won are just high in the clouds,cause considering I saw both.

conference Microsoft showed more multiplatforms then exclusives while Sony showed a few exclusives and less multiplatforms as far as I can tell,and its pretty obvious their going to show more next E3 and not to mention,they have Gamescom and TGS to show what we've been waiting for if... #26
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This person is obviously a dim wit and doesn't
know what he is typing about,again I hate to bring
Microsoft into this but after all that nonsensical 180
stuff they pulled and saying their listening garbage,and
not to mention making their console kinectless after all these.

years of touting how great it was last gen and this

its really Microsoft that is the one that has everything
to lose. #34
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I'm sorry Godmars290,but if anything Microsoft better be
the one that show's the games otherwise all that talking about,the games business was just that all talk and no substance from them,and they better not show CGI trailers like they did with Halo 5 or use cutting edge pc like they did with Dead Rising 3 or Forza 5 or Ryse Son of Rome.

and I'm sorry that I brought up Microsoft into this but come on anybody that says Sony better show the games, better ho... #12
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OH! man that's what I've been saying and now
The XBox 360 fans are just going to spin this like usual as they always do they say PSEye can only do 2D motion sensing when that's not true considering I looked it up in Wiki and it didn't say its restricted to 2D motion sensing only and oh Microsoft didn't win E3 Sony did they showed more exclusives Microsoft only showed multiplatform games so how did they win when they didn't??

oh foxgod PSEye can track all the things you said but the (?) is can Natal do that the things you sa... #4
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Oh please if this article was for the CrapBox 360
From XBox 360 fans would say Microsoft won when in reality they didn't it was only in your heads! I can find a lot of articles that claim Sony won but of course its just weird that there only XBox 360 articles in n4g saying that Microphony won with some of them with a (?) mark I bet some of the articles that said Sony won got failed to approve!. #29
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You XBox 360 fans are a joke there technology
Is nothing advanced to bad in reality the PSEye can do pretty much what that crappy ass technology can do you guys are just claiming it as your own when it never is to begin with its Sony's idea! you XBox 360 fans always contradict yourselves you say you don't like motion sensing but when they steal the same idea from Sony its great man you guys are pathetic! not only do they ripped off Mii avatars from Nintendo it is bluntly that they copied the PSEye considering that Milo game is like Eyede... #8
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iDsytopie is obviously an idiot considering
Microcrap didn't kick Sony's but for sh1t! you moron! you think by copying the PSEye is revolutionary man you XBox 360 fans are a joke! and is it just me or are these articles about the Natal getting approved fast?! #28
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The PSEye can do 3d motion tracking as well cause
It doesn't even say it doe's 2d motion tracking only

here it is!. #23
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They said this last gen saying we will support
The XBox and look what happened!. #38
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Please Sony has already had it, its called
The Eyetoy way before Microsoft made this it can do what this thing can do and that's called Eyedentify Eyepet

and plus Dreamcast had it before Sony to but improved it and people are giving Microsoft the credit that the technology has already existed!. #16
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Green Lantern doesn't seem to understand
How this gaming thing works if they only publish the title they will get some of the money but most of it will be for that company that made the game or maybe the one that publish it wont get it at all! but if they made the games in there own studio they'll get the money and plus there is a lot of pirating on PC. #32
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That was a prototype you XBox 360 fans failed
In Motion sensing that's why Sony owned you and Microphony and the Natal thing has been done its called Eyedentify. #61
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I don't think this is coming to PC considering Jack Tretton
Didn't say anything by it and in IGN they would have shown a game that has platforms in the right side of the corner but for Final Fantasy XIV it was only PS3 so till then IGN is just announcing something that hasn't been official even if they did Sony still showed the most exclusives. #8
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In the end of the Day Sony showed more exclusives
And innovation then Microsoft and plus that Natal thing hsa been done its called Eyedentify!. #23
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I don't know what every ones talking about
It was practically a repeat from last year more Halo barely showed any exclusives that is not on a PC considering PC gets pirated a lot! and having Metal Gear Solid Rising wasn't big as announcement because announcing Metal Gear Solid 4 would have been of big of announcement then that well maybe not that big since PS3 fans played it already!

and Natal that is nothing new Sony did that way before Microsoft did you guys are giving credit to them that Sony already has done and that... #73
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