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Lol if anybody and or XBox fans think this is impressive that the XBox One X
can do this to a futuristic racing game than that is just sad this doesn't prove it's power whats so ever
the only way it can show it's full potential is through exclusives not by multiplatforms an they did this
with Forza Motorsport 7 already using a racing game to try and pull a wool in front of everyone's eyes making them believe an think that the XBox One X is all that p...

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Yeah no they didn't nice try though Microsoft are and or were the ones
that said that.

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As powerful as the XBox Scorpio is no way in hell will it be able to do
4k native at 60 fps depending how many polygons an visuals and not to mention
the action an whats happening on the screen at one time depending on the game
doesn't matter if Microsoft made the upgraded version of XBox One from the very
beginning it's pretty obvious six teraflops is not enough they should've went with nine

The CPU is no good neither it'...

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For a guy that doesn't like Final Fantasy XIII an the direction the franchise
is going he ruined the Movie he could've made the film the way it was supposed
to be like and should have put in the formula on what made Final Fantasy the way
it is in the movie. but instead we get a hypocrite.

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Yes I'm like so sure it's petty racism. I just hope you remember
this when they black wash a game based on European an Asian culture
oh wait a minute that's right they did it's called for Honor making a black viking
to appease a certain race and liberal idiots an I can name few and a whole lot more things
that was white an yellow like Uncle Buck, DC & Marvel Super heroes an Villains and non heroes
an villains, The Flash, Super ...

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face it buddy consoles have pretty much caught up to you're precious platform and it's going to get even worse for you PC gamers when PS5 comes out with better an more powerful specs and maybe get a upgrade just like they did with PS4

PS4 pro is cheaper an of course not to mention XBox One fans are comparing a next gen console that is not out yet to a console that's just and upgrade notice they don't compare XBox Scorpio & PS5 an People that thought they...

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This person and author or journalist is obvious an obliviously of course not to mention unbeknownst
that Sony is making and have blue prints an schematics. let us remember they are probably asking
and telling their first party developers an some second party, third party in a subtle way what they
want or need in the next generation PlayStation (PS5) how in the world can gamers and the gaming
media an journalist forget so quickly. since Microsoft was so kin...

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Americans are so close minded idiots well the ones that
are. an many of them are in here. the whole world and what
I mean by that is Eurasia, North Africa, Canada Latin America
Australia, New Zealand doesn't give a crap about blacks considering
they know how they behave naturally just take a good look at Haiti
and Sub Saharan Africa can anybody name me one nation that has
been governed by blacks successfully without any intervention ...

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It seems to me the GTX 980ti is mostly the one that has the better specs
except in the other and or few places that is not at it's best. an the other graphics card
is supposedly to be the one that is a monster a beast please, and the PC master morons
are drooling over something menial

and they say expensive PC's are a myth lol what a joke if you add up a CPU
like intel I7 not to mention two or three GPU's in SLI and exterior c...

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I can name a few if not quite of amount on what PC gamers
want especially when there PC Elitists from their trashy computer
like besides Bloodborne. Uncharted maybe God of War, Ratchet and Clank
Nioh, Persona 4, The Last Guardian, Gundam, JRPG's, well you get the gist face it
you guy's know PC is not the main place to play or the place to play at all
considering without Demon souls for PS3 Dark souls will an wouldn't exist

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How naive are you?, of course they can afford
a studio. you delusional fool, they've bought
studio's in the past an if they wanted Capcom
they will buy them out. not like Capcom cost a
billion dollars it amazes me how ignorant American gamers let alone foreign gamers are. like they think Sony cant afford even a studio let the professionals handle this, I would think Mr.Scott Rohdes or Shuhei Yoshida
and Kaz Hirai would know how much cash they&#...

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Not a surprise. I feel like in a nursery
where a whole bunch of whiners complainers
nit pickers cherry pickers, they never said
that they were going to put a price and or
charge the gamers for each of this multi part
stories, some of you if not quite a few of you
are just getting riled up or upset. which I can
understand since

Square Enix screwed up an or back stabbed Sony and
gamers a like before in the past, fo...

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Oh please even if they put the campaign an
all the content that this fool and all of you
who wanted it, well the ones did. he would still
give it either the same score or give it a 6/10 another complaining whining nit picking cherry picking game reviewer

but since this is EA and or Dice we're talking about I'll let this one pass since they did have a chance to put the campaign in the game but didn't considering this game was

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Hey moldybread Sony is not selling assets anymore
did you even read the whole thing or just the title
they just said they may and or could meaning maybe
or probably they never confirmed so nice try, you're
pretty much grasping at straws an scraping in the bottom
of the barrel

not to mention if you think Sony's PlayStation 4 is the
one making them the most profits then you're wrong other
wise prove it or shut ...

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Ok first of all Microsoft have been doing this to
Sony last gen with third party companies, an not to
mention Microsoft bought Gears of War that was going
to be on the PS4 sooner or later. and besides it's not
like Sony bought the whole Street Fighter franchise unlike
Microsoft did with Epics game.

and I know what some of you if not a lot of you are going
to say. what are you talking about Sony did this to with Sega, an Sega...

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Console gaming have been reigning supreme
for decades way longer then PC gaming and
I hate to break it to the PC elitist, but
PC gaming only has two advantages once
the next gen after this one comes around
what will you dimwits brag about, the only
thing you guys have as far as I'm concerned
is 4k resolution and that is not even main
stream yet, what happens when the next gen
PlayStation will have 11 tera flops of GPU...

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Gamertk421 and Ryan741,you do know that both of you are
being naive right?,Sony didn't buy them because they were
going under,they bought them to make their dreams into reality when it comes to games even,the developers within the company like Guerrilla Games and Naughty Dog and Media Molecule said it themselves.

so you guys are comparing a corporation like Sony buying out game companies that Sony saw that had talent within those game companies,to Microsof...

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As the current platform yes ghostface9 Nintendo is beating Sony with the WiiU,but the PlayStation brand as a whole outsold the Nintendo brand so technically its Sony land,but of course its both Sony and Nintendo land when it comes to both of them,anyway its seems like people in here haven't learned their lesson I mean seriously what doe's it take for people to comprehend that it doesn't matter what Microsoft throws at the Japanese gamers they'll just ignore or neglect or rejec...

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Haki I'm sorry to say this but you're an idiot you're saying Sony copied a lot from Nintendo what about the 3ds that was from a Sony employee,I think Nintendo is the one copying Sony and making it look like they innovate let alone revolutionize the gaming industry,knowing Nintendo probably sent a few spies in Sony's R&D lab just to take ideas from them like the 3ds.

And gamerfan0909 is another moron as well saying that piece

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