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@Linwelin, hardware sales are down because computers are becoming less of a house hold item. They use to be necessary to be able to go online, check your email, and surf the web. Now we have smart phones and tablets to do all those on.

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They've been focusing on Dota 2, that's why we haven't heard anything on other games

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PC Hardware sales have been going down

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I've always wanted a GOOD Batman Beyond game. His stealth in the show always made me think of Cyborg Ninja of MGS. And the huge open world city with flying cars would be really awesome if done right.

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Why is my friend selling me pants anyways? If we were that close of friends, I would expect him to hook them up to me for free. This article is retarded.

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Walking Dead is criminally overlooked and under appreciated? Are you serious? The game that won just about every award on the VGAs is under appreciated and overlooked? No, just no...

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I included it in the end

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It's always disappointing when an indie developer puts out a lack luster game with glitches. It's hard for them to recover after that.

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My site has no ads on it. And you obviously didn't even read the description, because it says that it's a debate. Debates means there are at least two opposing sides.

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MistaDonzie, did you even listen to the podcast? Let alone, read the description?

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I agree. It's 2012, this article SHOULDN'T make it to the front page at this point.

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I agree, it takes Sony and MS years to make smaller versions of their consoles, and they're still much larger than tablets.

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Other than the football game, these seem interesting.

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Thanks for the input. I should have edited out the pops from my guests. I'll try to keep better note while recording in the future to prevent that from happening as much.

As for being one-sided, I do agree with you that a back-and-forth dialog is more entertaining than two guys agreeing with each other. I usually rotate between 4 other people as my guest host, and sometimes bring in a special guest every once in a while. I usually set up notes, such as facts and number...

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I agree with you. When I seen Zombi U, I thought to myself that Dead Space has real time item management as well, cept on the same screen rather than a separate screen. As for Nintendo Land, I doubt it will have the same appeal that Wii Sporta had. Everyone knows what a sport is, and it was easy to pick up the controller and understand how to play. No one knows what a Nintendo Land is, and the mini games they shown aren't going to appeal to those extra demographics that the Wii picked up,...

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Billions of dollars saved up? You sure about that? Because they've been doing pay cuts. A company taking pay cuts doesn't sound like they have billions in reserve.

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I'm disappointed that Clang wont have a story until later on, I'm a fan of Snow Crash.

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Will the Wii U be able to pick up the same demographics that the Wii was able to pick up? Can Nintendo duplicate the success of their hardware sales in this evolving market?

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You still don't understand, the current ps3 slim isn't going to go down to $99, that's what a new model would be for. A smaller, more cost efficient model. Don't care about late adapters? Fine, this model isn't for you, just like the $99 ps2 slim wasn't for people who wanted the ps3. Just like how the PSOne wasn't for people who wanted the PS2. Just like how the Sega Genesis Model 3 wasn't for people who wanted Saturn/PS/N64. You get the point? There's more...

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The ps2 slim and the ps3 had nothing to do with each other. What's wrong with releasing a smaller, lower budget console for consumers who are late adapters? That's exactly what the ps2 slim was and I'm sure that's what this new ps3 model will be.

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