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I love correcting corrections. Since* #1.1.1
Not everyone cares about graphics. Some people like to just relax and have fun with the gameplay. Just pop the disc in and lay on the couch and relax. I'm a PC guy. But at least I respect other peoples decisions on what they want to play their games on. #2.1.8
How about everyone just plays whatever they want to play and not annoy the hell out of people with this endless debate? It's pointless. #16
Why does everyone feel the need to point out their "detective skills" #3.2.1
I never really thought about it like that. Good point. #3.1.1
And eventually, this would kill the game altogether. #4.1.1
If that happens then tons of players would be unable to play and you would have very little fun due to the lack of people for raids and such. Your league would be low on members. Lots of issues. #4.1
Well perhaps they have the misguided mentality that they must have the latest iteration of an IP ASAP. #1.1.1
Probably one of the most annoying comment sections I've seen in a while. #13
Lol. Asshole of the day. You win. #14.4
People still like it. That's what matters. Just because you don't find it funny doesn't mean it isn't to other people. #10
Wow, you win the douche award for the day. Congratulations. You must be proud. #2.4.1
The two games play entirely different. And it's all down to the gameplay each player likes. #1.1.1
The picture shows 973 mil. So that's how much it is. #4.2
Trolling successful #15
I love Lego games. #1
Fanboys will still defend the company's decision if that happens. #6
Very well thought out. I like it. #8.1
Nobody noticed "Bioshock 4 controller"? #5
I like it. It's an enjoyable game. It doesn't bother me what other people think about it. And it shouldn't bother everyone else. Everyone has their own taste in games. So what's the point in arguing about it? #16
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