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6 months? I thought it was supposed to be released during the holiday next year. That would be over a year from the release of the S. Am I missing something?

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Why the hell does anyone care? Does it actually matter? You will all play on the system you want. You are just arguing for the sake of arguing.

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Honestly...yes. I have no need for the Scorpio since I don't have the money to upgrade to a 4k TV that supports [email protected]@4:4:4. It's truly for the people with disposable income.

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That's what the Scorpio is. The slim is just that. A slim, sleeker design. Two different consoles.

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Not everybody plays on PC. I personally do, but I can see the merit in the visual upgrades for console gamers. A lot of people don't like spending a lot of money just to have "the best of the best"

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This is just the slim. Not the upgraded console. I'm no fanboy. I love both consoles.

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Why do you consider it the worst?

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I think it's possible. It is the month of E3 after all. That's usually the time both systems give out awesome free games.

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I'm not too sure about that. I like leaving the voices of the character to the imagination. Kinda feels like reading a book for me.

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I got banned out of nowhere. Never did the incursion or the dark zone. So that's my cue to give up on this dying game. It was fun while it lasted.

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Anybody else having trouble getting Castlevania to launch on Xbox One?

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Very well said.

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I don't understand the were just summarizing the article.

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Yes. Finally. Someone gets it.

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Chill. The bugs will be fixed. Don't take it too seriously.

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I assume they are going to start using the One controllers. I believe I saw an article about a wireless adapter for them. I'm getting a Steam Alpha and plan on using an Elite controller with that.

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What about the One's A button always sticking? I've gone through four One controllers in the past year. The A button always gives out. And no, I don't eat while gaming. I agree that the battery life on DS4 could be better, but other than that it's been perfect for me. They really did their homework on the feel of the controller.

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What in the actual fuck?

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Really? People are arguing over a commercial?

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Huh. It's actually fun? I've heard nothing but bad things. May have to check it out.

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