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@BATTOUSAI - Ubersampling is supersampling. If you're running at 1080p or 1440p, you can expect supersampling to be a severe performance cutter. It is highly unnecessary when gaming at resolutions above 1080p. #3.1.4
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@LAWSON - SLI 2GB 760s would be fine for 1440p depending on the game and settings. It may not be for Witcher 3, but it remains to be seen. I'm running SLI 2GB 670s and they have yet to give VRAM issues with anything, just bear in mind you cannot use both 1440p together with exotic forms of AA with 2GB VRAM (not that you really need to if you're running 1440p). #1.1.4
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SRPG. Strategy RPG. While I wouldn't call Fire Emblem a "Traditional JRPG", it is still a "Japanese SRPG" if we are to be pedantic. #2.1.1
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1. Red Barrels Games

2. Metal Gear Rising

3. Redesigned/reimagined Lara Croft

4. Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch

5. PS4 price announcement

6. Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch final three-stage boss fight

7. Fire Emblem Awakening

8. Aliens: Colonial Marines

9. Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch

10. Super Mario 3D World (local coop... #71
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Just a word of warning to anyone upgrading to an XL or otherwise performing a system transfer - make sure the eShop is up before initiating the system transfer, as an eShop connection is required at the end of the transfer to move over your game licenses to the new system. #3
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The PS4 version looks mostly at-par visually, but it is important to remember that it runs capped at 30fps to achieve such results ( ). By comparison, a GTX 670 can run the game at an average frame rate of 100 fps. In terms of minimum frame rate, it drops to around 45 when tons of things are hap... #12
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It is 'interesting' in the sense that Steam Machines are being offered with AMD hardware, yet the support isn't actually there yet with the OS. You can use a Radeon card on Linux by the way.

I have a 670 myself but I have used Radeon cards in the past. #7.1.1
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So at the VGX they "hinted" the two teams, ultimately saying "can't tell you" when asked if there were multiple teams. That definitely gets me pretty excited. I think the big slip up here was this for me:


Listen to when Geoff asks if we'd see any new Metroid. Sound... #1.3
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Interesting that AMD is not supported from the get-go but once support has been added, it seems like SteamOS will run just fine on any modern machine. Always great to see that. It'll be great once a few new Steam Machine SKUs roll out giving the consumer choice between Nvidia/Intel, AMD/AMD, AMD/Nvidia or Intel/AMD configurations.

The $500 Steam Machine is quite well-priced, and since it has a 270X in it I am guessing the AMD support will come in sooner than later. #7
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I read your article and don't agree with a good portion of what you're saying. Please read on.

"Mario has turned into much more than an annualized series."

This depends on what you're speaking of. The character being overused is not the same as a series with annual release - this inherent logical flaw is this association with 'Mario the character' and what Mario is as a series. Sure, you could make the claim that Mario shows up i... #6
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? Obviously this mission and the Deja Vu mission are not canon. #9.1
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I'm not certain I understand. If Miiverse was a selling point for the Wii U for you, um okay, but what should be setting the 3DS and Wii U apart for you is the fact that both consoles have different games... #5.1.3
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So you're aware, along with this merge you will finally be able to add your Wii U's Nintendo Network ID to your 3DS account, which consolidates your eShop accounts. So this is actually a great update for Wii U+3DS owners. #5.1
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You do realize that by doing this you wouldn't even be able to play 3D World? A handful of the levels utilise gamepad touch and microphone functionality as an integral gameplay component. #3.2
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If a mod is supported in Linux, it will work on the Steam Machine. #13.1
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Cyberpunk 2077 has a 2015 or later release date. Article seems to be strictly 2014 games based on the first line. #2.1
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I sort of agree with Fanboyssuck's sentiment. I feel as though this 'tired of Mario' statement usually spawns from those who actually haven't been playing any of the recent Mario games. I mean, what we're talking about here is the Mario series itself, not spin-offs - and there are only a small subset of games that are 3D and made by EAD. The last console Mario game like that was Galaxy 2 and that was three and a half years ago, and it is one of the most critically acclaime... #1.1.6
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Gumtrol, your comment gave me leprosy #4.1.1
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This shouldn't come as a surprise but
If you do not like Technical action games, you probably won't like Rising. It was not particularly designed with casual players in mind - which of course does not affect those who are more seasoned gamers.

The game is excellent for any fan of action games. It can be challenging on higher difficulties and the parry system is extremely fun and satisfying once your timing has become solid, which takes practice. Same goes for using Blade Mode in certain boss fights on higher... #6
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What is wrong with you guys?? I love this game's Katy Perry system #4.2
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