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rip dude, if it makes you feel any better i always give healers props when they doing good.

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The RE7 demo isn't even apart of the game, its a teaser so what does it prove lol

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Is this another where consumers/gamers are wrong, we have to be taught whats so great about xbox/windows by microsoft opinions lol

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Do people really want to use that windows 10 store that badly? lol and its only select games that'll be crossbuy. I'll believe it when i see all games are crossbuy. I really don't see big 3rd party devs even caring unless there is some deal between them and microsoft.

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Only Playoffs Matter...Even than LOL

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That is not true, The free WOW servers just got shutdown and it was free yet it was still shutdown

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I want to talk shit and get hits for my website so lets do this with popular games like game A and game B and use words like disappointment check and check.

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Cool story.... just like the sky is blue and water is wet lol

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Its been up since last year lol

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Way to be overly dramatic with that title gamingbolt, the TMZ of gaming hah

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They're aiming for the niche of a niche, even if it was $500 it still wouldn't sell much just because of the specs required. Only 1% of PC are even VR ready so most people need an upgrade while also plunking down $600+ just for oculus.

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Sony Too, happening since 2014 :lol

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Well...good luck with that lol

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PS4: 5/10 unexciting games - kotaku

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My vita library is much larger than my 3ds library so shrug to each their own

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that sort of statement was for a multi-games though and not just first release.

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