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Does the game have more content than beta? Is this really a question worth answering? Ofc it'll have more content, how much more it'll have is the real mystery.

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Ubisoft Massive is a Swedish video game studio based in Malmö, Sweden. The company is fully owned by Ubisoft since 2008.

Fully owned by ubisoft this is no different to Sony having it's own dev studios the game is made by Ubisoft. Massive is a part of a whole not an individual entity.

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For me it is the best gameplay wise, the story is somewhat lacking but I enjoyed the game enough to overlook that element of the game. At over 150hrs it is the most amount of time I have ever spent on an mgs game.

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Games were invented as a way of passing/wasting time so I'm not at all concerned with out one wastes their time. It is their life after all, some people consider playing the same multi-player maps over and over a huge waste of time while others disagree.

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If you want to quit you have to give them a notice with enough time yet when they decide to close down they just slap it on you right on the day. Reminds me of CGhub shutting down over night.

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That's the kind of self help that voids your warranty.

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That's why uncharted 4 is the last, dude is retiring for an office job.

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The beard be looking good on him :O

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I can see why it's been removed, some things should be earned.

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Runs ok on my PC, But I don't need to mention the specs to justify anything.

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The great war in Fallout 4 happened in 2077 so based purely on that, this game is going to be an atomic success...:)

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Just checked out the crowd funding page and looks like it will be a success, good on you to whom ever gave but he aint getting a dime from me. Hasn't he made enough profit from previous games to be self sustaining by now yet?

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Nathan drake is a thief that goes around killing people for selfish gain, so as far a morality goes I don't think it can get any worse. No one in uncharted is a saint so whether merc or one of Drake's friends they are all equal. The way I see it she and some other villains in uncharted are just a female version of Drake.

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Too damn right, so many people telling others how to play their game.

PS. What is up with people using these video players that have no volume control?

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If they announce what you get or even show some of it people will claim it was on the disc so mow devs tend to just say you'll get exapanssions and leave it there.

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Lets call it what it is...RACISM. Free the Krogans.

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I'm no grammar Nazi but seeing "should of and would of" so much hurts me even more than text speak or what ever slang people use.

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It's not like EA are the first to get hacked, nothing is completely safe, Even Sony and Msoft have their fair share in a list of hundreds of companies who have had the same happen to them.

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Isn't Kojima still in contract with Konami for another 2 months or so? If that the case then there is every chance that if more missions are released, they'll have his name on them.

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@yezz is that map up to scale? Something seems odd.

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