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Too damn right, so many people telling others how to play their game.

PS. What is up with people using these video players that have no volume control? #1.1.1
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If they announce what you get or even show some of it people will claim it was on the disc so mow devs tend to just say you'll get exapanssions and leave it there. #1.3.1
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Lets call it what it is...RACISM. Free the Krogans. #1.1
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I'm no grammar Nazi but seeing "should of and would of" so much hurts me even more than text speak or what ever slang people use. #1.2.4
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It's not like EA are the first to get hacked, nothing is completely safe, Even Sony and Msoft have their fair share in a list of hundreds of companies who have had the same happen to them. #2.1
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Isn't Kojima still in contract with Konami for another 2 months or so? If that the case then there is every chance that if more missions are released, they'll have his name on them. #6.1.1
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@yezz is that map up to scale? Something seems odd. #5.1.3
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I'm kind of disappointed with the lightsaber battles, the animations are just not as smooth as the shooting gameplay. The force unleashed had better lightsaber gameplay. #1.1
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Agreed, unless these guys are spies for other countries, got tons of child porn or have committed murders that they have documented in detail on their computers I don't really see what it is they worry about. Think of the number of online forms you've signed and gave your DOB, address, phone number etc The only thing that'll be found on your computer is your internet history. #1.10.1
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What kind of horrific crimes are people hiding on their PCs that they are so afraid of this privacy issue. At this point I have resigned myself to the knowledge that what ever the government of what ever forces out there might want to know about me, it's already out there and if I where to have something serious that I need to hide, I wouldn't document it on my computer. #1.11
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Rare as in you have never experienced this in real life? #1.2
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On topic, I love the idea that VR can also be used as a form of larger display and does not necessarily have to be game changing. Racing games with the ability to turn your head for a better view will be amazing. #7.1.1
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All the other things than it can do are really up to content creators, of course Sony has the advantage of their games and movies but I think once we start seeing what the big third party developers then some really good results may come out of this. #1.1
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Eagle vision now seems more like batvision. The assassins games have lost their original atmosphere and feel, it seems like all the elements that made this franchise good have been either reduced or replaced like the hidden blade no no longer has the impact it once had, the assassins once felt like a secret mysterious organisation and noe this, these guys are not even assassins. The story stopped making sense when Desmond was killed off spoiler bla bla #1.3
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ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa seriously I have killed someone #1.1
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I think it's to do with how much expectation there was in-terms of improvements to the game, the game maybe better but the differences maybe so small that they do not warrant a higher score the first uncharted as good as it was in naughtdog were to release uncharted for with looking and playing similar to uncharted 1 but slightly better I guarantee you the score would be lower, not to say its a bad game but you would think with all this next gen nonsense there would be so sort of improvem... #2.2
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@Jamaicangmr I disagree, Listening to David voice snake it sound too fabricated like one of those voices you hear in adverts, I like the voice cast Kojima chose for MGS 5 I think it is very fitting furthermore it wouldn't make much sense for all of these characters to be voiced by the same person even if they are clones I don't want to here the same guy voicing the characters as if it someone talking to them self in the mirror. #1.2.3
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I would like a remove the horn DLC. #1.1.10
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The free DLC in the witcher 3 does not really amount to anything it is small things that if it had never been included would still not change much if anything in the game, I feel like CD played the fans pretty good by giving them the perception that they are getting something worthwhile for free so that when the paid DLC eventually comes they are too blinded by their love and commitment.

The paid DLC howeever is what people should be talking about, because what they offered f... #1.2.5
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It's downloading, this is the longest I've had to wait, cannot wait till it finishes. #1.4.1
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