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How is this any difference to randomly killing people in GTA? murder is murder #1.1.2
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I think it's more like if you lock it for our platform then lock it for every platform attitude, in short Ubisoft brought this on themselves. #3.1
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Going in hard means, 900p for everyone woohoo to M$ Polices #1.1.17
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Who is Kyle Bosman, is he a developer? What credentials does he have that I should take his word. #1.2
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Parity, I blame Ubisoft...jk but still this is bad yet kinda funny #1.1.4
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Damn straight, but lets be honest, integrity and all those nice words are a fantasy. It's just too much to expect from money hungry journalists. #1.1.1
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'riskiessss', have not brought in the money they need and well...they kinda need money to stay alive. #3.1
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You know very well what has caused this mess, and it's not resolution. #6.1
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I don't know about you but I notice the difference so yes the pixel difference does matter. #3
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@Vegamyster Skyrim does not look good on consoles or PC the games just looks ugly, it would not be hard for them to make a current gen version look better than what they have right now on PC. I do have the PC version and unless you overload it with mods the game looks average at best.

Yes definitive means better and if a ps4/xbone version was made it would definitely be better than the previous gen that's pretty obvious. When you say better what do you mean because the t... #2.1.5
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Not a single Moba on that list LoL should be on there (No Dota please)
What about Batman AA, it has changed fighting systems in many games and is probably the 1st super hero game done right
Mass effect - It filled a gap in story telling that I felt was much needed.
Gears of War 1 - Dude bro nuff said
Assassin's Creed - It might have had issues of being repetitive but the game was definitely a revolution #1.1.10
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Do the developers who made these games from the ground up have some type of obligation to give you their games for free?

Was the hobbyist modder there when the developers where going through all the development plans, concepts and long hours of work for the duration of the production of Skyrim?

Have you ever had a job? If you did you wouldn't make such a stupid statement. What ever job you do maybe you should give it all for free like these guys that mod... #1.1.2
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So for a game to be definitive it can only be done on PC? Let me guess it's because teh grafix and resolution be higher on the mighty PC bla bla bla had no idea the master race was so shallow.

@Vegamyster It has no mod support so no it's no good enough, guess the majority of games ever released must suck because they don't have the same repetitive texture replacement mods. #2.1.3
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I like how people only trust sites such as IGN when they give niche games high scores and big name games poor scores. I'm sure if this was destiny getting a low score you'd be praising them. #6.5
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Yep I see this as being something big in the future is it all goes well, kinda like how the witcher started as pretty niche but now its big. #1.1
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You sir/madam are an idiot. #6.1
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@Dreamed There is nothing wrong with having a bit of intertextuality here and there. Referencing a game they used to make in no way does it take away from what they previously said. #1.2.2
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13 was a one button casual so nothing new #1.1.6
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You know Destiny is published by Activision right? I'm sure they could've easily paid some reviewers a little from the supposed 500 mil spend on the game. #1.3
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The delusion in this one is strong. Try to think objectively. First of all the scale of this project is HUGE it is very ambitious and a there is a lot to do. I think they are trying to do too much all at once and there are many irrelevant things that they are doing that just was time, money and resources.

The racing while it may be fun is a bit of a time wasting side project.

The FPS is great but seriously if it takes other companies to make just an FPS games... #3.2
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