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Sarcasm can be used to make an argument, in this case it is implying that the inclusion of women on the covers was some type of SJW move hence the hyperbole in their comments. The comments themselves were unnecessary yet here they are, they were brought up either way. Pre-emptive defence.

Most of the comments on this thread are passive aggression against the inclusion of women, they are bringing up Feminism as if it is the reason why women are on the covers. Why shouldn'... #4.1.3
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You guys are making an argument were there is none. #4.1.1
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You can have both, it's not like you have one person working in both areas. #1.3.1
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Small with pretty graphics will not make the game play terrible, the people responsible for game play are not responsible for the look of the game so having ugly graphics does not mean it's going to have good game play. #1.5
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Besides batman, they still are yet to fix MKX on PC, an update was promised and never came. #1.1
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I've spent too much money on that game. Mobile games are too addictive. #5.1.1
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I think platforms should be treated equal to the profit they generate, if PC has highest profit then they get more time applied to the next game in the series. The first three games were not buggy and they were equal on all platforms but how much profit did they generate on PC in proportion to the other platforms?

That said I agree with what every one has said, this game is a buggy mess on PC, a part of me regrets buying it, first it was MKX and now this, I don't mind por... #7.1.2
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@DeletedAcc Words like "equivalent" are too big for today's kids, in fact even for most of the adults, instead try using smaller words with lots of pictures for extra clarity. #1.2.3
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Betas are to be honest the full game with some bugs here and there, you are not entitled to it, no one is, if you are not happy with this either wait for the full game or avoid it. #5.1
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Lets be honest, most PC gamers don't have GPUs capable of the awesome graphics they hope for, they are just vocal. Why make a game that runs well on a Titan X when very few will have that, lower end cards are what most have so it's more like lowest common denominator, and PC gamers have the lowest.

I have a GTX 690 which was amazing at the time but now it's pretty average and will not offer me the experience I would hope for. #2.1
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Forbes feeling irrelevant and left out, no need for the bitter article though. #1
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@ZeroX9876 The people you are calling haters are probably bigger fans of the game than you, wanting improvements in the graphics does not mean they hate the game. People like you are the reason there is so much stagnation, you are a conformist, content with the same, you say it's fine now yet when it's Call of Duty you'll be the one on the other end complaining about the lack of improvements.

Bethesda is bigger than CDPR and has way more money yet a smaller team... #1.1.10
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Bethesda is not using their own Engine they are using some other third party engine. They don't have to make a new engine they can just use one of the really good existing ones, Unreal Engine 4, Cry Engine and even Unity will make their games look a whole lot better.

Good graphics will make the games more immersive, we know they can make great games and gameplay, now they just need to bring their tech up to date. #1.2.4
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Konami and Take Two rarely release games so I see why they are going mobile, they are not like EA and Activision who push out years games and produce good sales everytime. #6.2.1
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They didn't make Lost planet 1 or 2.

Edit: _-EDMIX-_ beat me to it. #3.2
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I like to think of it as buying a new car, you don't get all the extra/best features for free, you have to pay for them. I find it odd that gamers think they deserve DLC for free as it they are entitled to it. What you get when a game is released is what they decided to sell to you, it's their business and it's their way.

I know I'll get hate for this and I'm sorry to say, but I think most gamers are just delusional. #2.1.1
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I'm sure actors do get a little artistic license to add their own style to a scene, therefore he can pay homage to the game and sneak in a few subtle things. #2.1.1
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Rather than make a new one why not just use one of the awesome existing ones. Making a game engine from nothing is extremely costly. #1.2.1
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"I am sharing this now in honor of our next game having been accidentally “leaked” recently",

Took this quote from his instagram, if you looked at it. #10.1
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£70? There are alternate site where you can get it cheaper, got my premium addition for less that £34. This was for a steam code though don't know if you can find something similar on consoles. #1.1
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