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Konami and Take Two rarely release games so I see why they are going mobile, they are not like EA and Activision who push out years games and produce good sales everytime. #6.2.1
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They didn't make Lost planet 1 or 2.

Edit: _-EDMIX-_ beat me to it. #3.2
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I like to think of it as buying a new car, you don't get all the extra/best features for free, you have to pay for them. I find it odd that gamers think they deserve DLC for free as it they are entitled to it. What you get when a game is released is what they decided to sell to you, it's their business and it's their way.

I know I'll get hate for this and I'm sorry to say, but I think most gamers are just delusional. #2.1.1
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I'm sure actors do get a little artistic license to add their own style to a scene, therefore he can pay homage to the game and sneak in a few subtle things. #2.1.1
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Rather than make a new one why not just use one of the awesome existing ones. Making a game engine from nothing is extremely costly. #1.2.1
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"I am sharing this now in honor of our next game having been accidentally “leaked” recently",

Took this quote from his instagram, if you looked at it. #10.1
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£70? There are alternate site where you can get it cheaper, got my premium addition for less that £34. This was for a steam code though don't know if you can find something similar on consoles. #1.1
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@Nyxus Yeah, that just makes it harder. With the things happening at Konami I guess many people would like be believe it's a campaign of some kind. I've been trying to find some history on DR Sergio Canavero, like he is practically a phantom. #3.1.2
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Are you telling me scientists only live for work and no exercise whatsoever? I find the argument on his physic to be weak and honestly quite offensive as if to say if you are a scientist then you are some kind of weak shit. #2.1.2
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Obviously wont admit anything if it will ruin the viral campaign. The look the glasses the facial hair even the profession are all %100 on point and similar, that's one major coincidence. #3.1
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P.S. wish they would lover their prices though. #1.4.1
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Characters eat and never use the toilet
No one ages
No one gets fat

THIS is why I miss the good old day of Pacman and Tetris, when everything was realistic. #2.1.1
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Agreed there are many great games on the other platforms

Halo (Great game for me)
League of Lengends (I play this the most and probably some mobile games)

and many more but the main point is that it is Subjective and this whole COD hate thing is just from a vocal minority whole think their opinions are something special. #8.1.2
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@iSuperSaiyanGod The vita being dead it nothing like the Wii U, this is supposed to be Nintendo's flagship console, the home owner and it's not doing well. I doubt Sony was expecting to dominate the handheld market with the vita. #1.1.6
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He was asked a question and he answered it, I don't see what he did wrong. #7.1
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Having development problems is not uncommon, especially when attempting something new on an entirely different system. The game will release or at least I hope, unless something major happens, I can't see them throwing all that money away. #1.1.1
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That's like saying printed media is to blame for bad story in a digital book. Doubt last gen ruined anything that people actually complained about. #18.1
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Ironically size is one of if not THE reason I am not buying, when the slim comes I'll gladly get one but for now I'll wait, as shallow as it may seem, I do care about aesthetics. #1.9
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I like how this article is based on a job posting, the same type that you will find on pretty much every game studio that is currently hiring. This is pretty desperate surely there are other more worthwhile things to write about. #2
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You people act like Msoft and Sony are some type of impenetrable force, there only so much that you cant do against digital attack. Online sercurity will slow down a hacker but it wont stop them there is always a way in. #1.16
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