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Probably limited rights to use predator means they can only do this as a short timed event.

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Those games did not have the budget or same size studios but even more to the point they actually got released.

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Written like a proper feminist piece

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Where in the article does it mention drugs? Don't make things up.

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Look at all the offended little men, guaranteed they are mostly white lonely males who are deluded and think the world is after them.

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Ubisoft had something good with this game but they ruined it by making it online only, I don't understand why even after rainbow six siege proved not to be a hit they still force us online only. The game-play and everything looks fine but I like to play my games while feeling relaxed and not under constant pressure to evade, wait for re-spawn and get killed constantly.

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It came late in the PS2 era so for me it got lost with the next gen consoles of that time being released however I look forward to playing this game remastered soon.

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I bought it and I think it will be my last Mass Effect game there is just no improvement if anything they are going backwards.

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RDR2 does not even have a date just a year so as long as it releases in 2017 there was no delay.

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That's because paedophilia is at a state level in Japan, approved by the government.

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Can't wait for the remastered version of the game, hopefully it will at least look like a game that was intended for PS4 not last gen.

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This console might actually be worth buying now for resell in the future with the unique selling point of being one of the greatest failing consoles which Ironically is a successor to the once greatest selling console of the previous gen.

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He's a thigh man, everyone's got their kinks.

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Does the game have more content than beta? Is this really a question worth answering? Ofc it'll have more content, how much more it'll have is the real mystery.

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Ubisoft Massive is a Swedish video game studio based in Malmö, Sweden. The company is fully owned by Ubisoft since 2008.

Fully owned by ubisoft this is no different to Sony having it's own dev studios the game is made by Ubisoft. Massive is a part of a whole not an individual entity.

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For me it is the best gameplay wise, the story is somewhat lacking but I enjoyed the game enough to overlook that element of the game. At over 150hrs it is the most amount of time I have ever spent on an mgs game.

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Games were invented as a way of passing/wasting time so I'm not at all concerned with out one wastes their time. It is their life after all, some people consider playing the same multi-player maps over and over a huge waste of time while others disagree.

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If you want to quit you have to give them a notice with enough time yet when they decide to close down they just slap it on you right on the day. Reminds me of CGhub shutting down over night.

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That's the kind of self help that voids your warranty.

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That's why uncharted 4 is the last, dude is retiring for an office job.

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