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It's not fake, check the video comments. *meant to reply to you before posting an all new comment lol*

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It's not fake, check the video comments.

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oops, *Fixes the title*, there.

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They are raising the money so fast! They said the movie will scale with the budget we provide, at this rate I'm pretty sure they are going to be able to do anything with the movie.

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I just want a Level 5 HD collection.

Dark Cloud 2
Dragon Quest VIII
Rogue Galaxy

Maybe they could make that happen after Ninokuni?

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I want my Cole MacGrath skin!

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Look at how badass Tommy is...

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It's really well done, love it so far. I love how the PlayStation brand and community just keeps getting bigger and better.

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Wait, Wii came out with an awesome game? Finally! I'm excited! Took them long enough! It's just another Zelda? Good fucking god Nintendo... *Plays Heavy Rain*

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it has been rumoured, but this job listing makes it official. is the job listing old? if so I will take this down...

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First of all, thank you for the mature comment, I am just starting out so I obviously have a lot to learn.

To explain what that paragraph means I will say I was replying to the previous paragraph in which I was talking about all the different mini games and things to do in GTA IV, and how they were sometimes boring or didn't change how you play the game that much. RDR made these things more meaningful is what I meant.

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How bout you don't comment on things you don't understand, you don't know me or what my blog is about. I wasn't trying to be funny, I was OBVIOUSLY GUSHING about the game. If you don't like gushing articles, than don't read them. Find time for something else, unless this is all you do with your time, although I'm glad you found time to write these huge walls of comments towards me, good job, I feel special =)

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1.Only a couple paragraphs were used to describe the core elements, which was necessary in an article of this kind.

2.A trailer would not look like my article in video form.

3.I've seen articles 100 times worse on N4G, why are you complaining about mine.

4.your last sentence can't even be related to me or my article, it's like your talking about something else.

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