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Are you saying this is not an issue that should be addressed on the internet? Imagine two people in the early morning boarded a subway and sat next to each other. Both are still in their pajamas. One person points out to the other and says, 'You probably don't want to be in pajamas if you're on your way to work.' The other replies, 'How can you say that, when you're also in pajamas?' Now imagine that the sale of regular work clothes is upwards of $10,000, and those...

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Fez and Journey, woo! Soundshapes could have used a mention, but I suppose there's only so much space > v<

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Heh, sounds about right.

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As long as they're not damaged, then YES. Sorry, but I'm not rich ; v;.

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I'm pretty sure everyone's looking forward to AC3.

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I want to play it ; v; . Can anyone tell me if I should play Borderlands 1 first before playing this one?

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It's nice to see a zombie game actually take advantage of the genre and deliver a good story.

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Those are pretty amazing differences.

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Awesome~ I'm actually excited about the launch now~

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I...I want to play canvas curse now ; v; .

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Do you have a little time to let Homestuck into your life? *shuffles through Homestuck bible*

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Maybe their next DLC installment will have more combat... > _> ; .

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Pretty good analysis~

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Useful stuff!

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Eh, that score seems pretty high. Maybe 70 is the new average - _-

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I'm always a little wary of transformers games after getting so lost in a PS2 one (my little brother's game, but I was BORED and CURIOUS, okay?).

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I agreed with most of the games on the list, altho TP isn't exactly a Wii exclusive X3 .

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the more characters, the better~

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No, go ahead, I'm curious :) . I might feature it next week.

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One of the greatest? Yeah, I'd agree with that :) . The sound design was a big part of it, not just the artistic style that everyone focuses on. Nothing quite like starting a rain storm to those sound effects.

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