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Halo coming back to PC is the only announcement I'd really care about.

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The pricing is great, but it's hard to make a decision when you have a capable PC.

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I can see them allowing it for Rocket League, but that's about it.

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Well the whole reason consoles are still a thing is because the simplicity of them.

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I'll also probably give up on buying them as well. Why waste time buying a whole new mini PC every year, when I can self manage my own PC with handpicked parts every couple of years or so.

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I honestly expect it to come back to PC at this point.

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Keeping it short: No.

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Well, you know, that is how opinions work. You'll find a lot of people don't like it, and you'll find the same amount - if not more - like it. It doesn't have to stack up.

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lol secret sauce

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Terrible headline. Should of been "UFC Cover athlete revealed" with spoiler alerts.

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"I don't understand why people like different things than me"

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Well he wasn't going to say "He wore it to tease you guys for an announcement".. that isn't how you keep people guessing

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Thank goodness I didn't buy any of the classics on PS3.

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Kojima comes on stage and announces he is working with SCEJ on a new project with Guillermo del Toro #Believe

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I like the look of it, but the tabloid layout just does not look good. Use the current layout structure on it, and it'll be fine.

Edit: I'm using it as I type this.

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Pro Skater 4 or Underground definitely need to make it!

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I'm thankful for everything I have, and being able to make it thus far. I'm also thankful to be a live in such a time where video games, movies, music, and just about everything else is pretty great.

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I think he just doesn't want to port the game to Wii U is all.

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I'm enjoying it as well. I understand people are mad about price for the game itself and the expansion pack, but the game isn't always going to have the $60 dollar label. Wait for it to be price dropped, and then buy it?

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