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you obviously didn't play RE Survivor or RE Operation Raccon City

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People hate BF3 because of EA and Origin, hardcore Oblivion fans hate Skyrim because they think Skyrim is too simple, people hate Minecraft because of it's graphics and don't have guns/explosions

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PC version plz :)

And the rooster should include

from CAPCOM: MegaMan, Samanosuke, Nero, Asura
from MARVEL: Cyclops, Sentry, Cable, Thanos

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I liked the EC, it closed several plot holes of the original ending, it gives an extra ending (Refusal) for those who don't want to pick the original 3 choices and gives hope of a ME4.

Of course those who wanted the endings to be rewritten and Indocrination Theory followers will still be somewhat pissed.

For me, the EC did it's job.

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I see a great shitstorm for the next week

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that's the guy from GTA V

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CoD announces their DLC's way befor the game is released, BF3 did that too, ME3, etc.

All those games sold well, so either is a good business practice or people don't care about day 1 DLC

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@Braid,then explain to me how Dead Island has a GOTY Edition?

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Roses are red
Violets are blue
Omae wa mo

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if it is a fake, its extremely well made

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you didn't hear? the cool stuff now is hate every EA game out there.

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KOTOR 3 will probably never happen because Bioware said a million times that SWTOR = KOTOR 3, 4, 5, 6...etc

Now, BATTLEFRONT 3 is a must.

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Is either Battlefront 3 or Republic commando 2. KOTOR 3 will never happen as Bioware said million times that SWTOR = KOTOR 3, 4, 5...

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Steam, Y U NO release ARMA 2 Combined Operations with 50% discount? :(

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Either one of those happened:

-Blizzard got lazy and didn't think it would be any issues
-Blizzard underestimated D3 popularity and thought that hundreds of thousands( or even millions, who knows) wouldn't play on launch night

But hey is Blizzard , is not that uncommon for their games to have issues on launch day.

Vanilla WoW's launch,BC launch, WotLK launch, SC2 launch anyone?

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the developer isn't Bethesda, is Zenimax Online Studios

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Bethesda isnt developing, Zenimax Online Studios is.

And, i have mixed feelings about this.

TES being an MMO can't be a good thing unless it is a Sandbox.

Also, the engine will likely be the HeroEngine, the same one used on SWTOR, a crappy engine btw.

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i can't be the only one who thought the first SW:Force Unleashed as a decent game...
And yes we need Battlefront 3.

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Well, at least i'm pleased that they decided to continuing making Dante as the Son of Sparda. Now this game needs some Vergil :)

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No Diablo III love?? :/

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