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A system seller to the max

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I smell a delay coming up for Titanfall.

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lol. Right on time.

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Take your time Nintendo. You can do no wrong in the eyes of your fans. I can already feel them trying to explain why the internet is overrated anyway.

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isn't your avatar from Animal Crossing?

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Probably not as many as you'd think. It's not like the XB1 is failing. It's selling a lot too, just not as much. If the Xb1 was failing like the Wii U then I think PS4 exclusivity would be more prominent.

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Well, unless MS writes you a fat check.

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Pretty sure the touchpad was originally suppose to be a touchscreen wasn't it? Sounds like the touchpad is more of an afterthought. I seriously doubt when they were talking to developers about the DS4 they were saying "we need a small pad that we can swipe with." Just my 2 cents.

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Unlike some people here, it is possible to love a system and yet not love everything about a system.

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An entire year... and all these games coming out within a couple weeks of each other. And then which ever one(s) don't meet the high standards set forth by hype, the publishers will wonder why sales are flatter than expected and then once again look to mobile gaming as the savior. Publishers are so stupid.

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One of my favorite games of 2011. And never did I feel like I needed to look down at my controller. My eyes never left the TV. That's immersion.

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because they've hit puberty.

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That's basically my problem with Telltale games. I LOVE traditional gaming. So what they make just hasn't really done much for me.

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I'm sure MS is writing a fat check right now to secure NML as an XB1 exclusive.

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...but how many trophies does he have?

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Yeah PS4 had a good run but PS3 has way more games. I'd say PS4 is done. /s

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were the other forza's not recreating real world cars?

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Are you talking about Killzone? The multiplayer is free for a bit I think. Not the full game, though.

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Remember when FULL games were $49 retail? No DLC, no new 'endings', no MT. *sigh*

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I'm still happy with FPS, but it's a shame with all the incredible looking armor you'll be picking up not to be able to see it in action more. With Halo, you knew what you looked like and it never changed. But with Destiny you're going to be upgrading and updating your armor and then...oh, there's my gun.

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